List of birds

Birds, fascinating and diverse, are categorized internationally through a complex and dynamic system that integrates various scientific disciplines. This classification is essential for understanding their evolutionary relationships and ecological roles. Here’s an overview of the process and key resources:

The Process of Bird Classification

  1. Taxonomic Classification: Birds fall under the Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, and Class Aves. This class is further divided into orders, families, genera, and species.
  2. Morphological Characteristics: Physical features like beak shape, wing structure, size, and plumage color play a crucial role in differentiating species.
  3. Genetic and Molecular Studies: Advances in molecular biology have allowed for DNA analysis, providing deeper insights into evolutionary relationships.
  4. Geographical Distribution and Habitat: The location and habitat of birds are significant factors in their categorization.
  5. Behavioral and Ecological Traits: Reproductive behavior, feeding habits, and other ecological aspects also influence classification.
  6. International Lists and Databases: Authoritative organizations maintain extensive databases, regularly updated with new scientific findings.

Key International Bird Classification Resources

  1. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN): Known for its Red List of Threatened Species, the IUCN provides critical data on bird species’ conservation status.
  2. BirdLife International: This global partnership organization focuses on bird conservation and habitat protection, offering extensive species data.
  3. American Ornithological Society (AOS): A leading ornithological organization, the AOS publishes significant research and maintains a comprehensive bird species checklist.
  4. Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Renowned for its research and education initiatives, the Cornell Lab offers extensive resources on bird identification and behavior.
  5. The British Ornithologists' Union (BOU): Focused on ornithological study, the BOU provides resources and publications on bird taxonomy and classification.

Global Reference Websites for Bird Classification

Here's a table summarizing 10 key international websites that are authoritative in the field of bird classification. These sites offer a wealth of information, including species databases, conservation status, and the latest ornithological research.

Website Focus/Contribution Description
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Conservation Status Provides the Red List, a comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of bird species globally.
BirdLife International Bird Conservation A global partnership organization focusing on the conservation and habitat protection of birds.
American Ornithological Society (AOS) Research and Education Publishes significant research in ornithology and maintains an authoritative checklist of bird species.
Cornell Lab of Ornithology Research and Bird Watching Offers extensive resources on bird identification, behavior, and conservation through research and citizen science.
The British Ornithologists' Union (BOU) Ornithological Study Focuses on the study of birds, offering resources and publications on bird taxonomy and classification.
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Bird Protection UK-based organization dedicated to bird conservation and habitat management.
Xeno-canto Bird Sounds Provides a comprehensive collection of bird vocalizations from around the world.
eBird Citizen Science Database A global database of bird sightings contributing to avian biodiversity science, managed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.
Avibase World Bird Database An extensive database of the world's bird species, providing information on taxonomy and distribution.
Australian Bird Study Association (ABSA) Australian Birds Focuses on the study and conservation of Australian birds, offering resources and research publications.

Each of these websites plays a pivotal role in the global understanding and conservation of birds, offering unique perspectives and resources to ornithologists, conservationists, and bird enthusiasts.


International bird classification is an evolving field that combines anatomy, genetics, ecology, and biogeography. It not only helps in understanding the myriad bird species on our planet but also plays a crucial role in their conservation and study. These authoritative sources provide invaluable information for researchers, bird watchers, and conservationists alike.

List of birds by common name

Abbott's babbler
Abbott's booby
Abbott's starling
Abd al-Kuri sparrow
Abdim's stork
Aberdare cisticola
Aberrant bush warbler
Abert's towhee
Abyssinian catbird
Abyssinian crimsonwing
Abyssinian ground hornbill
Abyssinian ground thrush
Abyssinian longclaw
Abyssinian owl
Abyssinian roller
Abyssinian scimitarbill
Abyssinian slaty flycatcher
Abyssinian thrush
Abyssinian waxbill
Abyssinian wheatear
Abyssinian white-eye
Abyssinian woodpecker
Acacia pied barbet
Acacia tit
Acadian flycatcher
Aceh bulbul
Acorn woodpecker
Acre antshrike
Acre tody-tyrant
Adamawa turtle dove
Adelaide's warbler
Adélie penguin
Admiralty cicadabird
Afep pigeon
Afghan babbler
Afghan snowfinch
African barred owlet
African black duck
African black swift
African blue flycatcher
African blue tit
African broadbill
African citril
African collared dove
African crake
African crimson-winged finch
African cuckoo
African cuckoo-hawk
African darter
African desert warbler
African dusky flycatcher
African dwarf kingfisher
African emerald cuckoo
African finfoot
African firefinch
African fish eagle
African golden oriole
African goshawk
African grass owl
African green pigeon
African grey flycatcher
African grey hornbill
African grey woodpecker
African harrier-hawk
African hawk-eagle
African hill babbler
African hobby
African hoopoe
African jacana
African marsh harrier
African olive pigeon
African openbill
African oystercatcher
African palm swift
African paradise flycatcher
African penguin
African piculet
African pied hornbill
African pied wagtail
African pipit
African pitta
African pygmy goose
African pygmy kingfisher
African rail
African red-eyed bulbul
African reed warbler
African river martin
African rock pipit
African sacred ibis
African scops owl
African shrike-flycatcher
African silverbill
African skimmer
African snipe
African spoonbill
African spotted creeper
African stonechat
African swamphen
African thrush
African wattled lapwing
African wood owl
African yellow warbler
Agami heron
Agile tit-tyrant
Aguiguan reed warbler
Agulhas long-billed lark
Ahanta spurfowl
Ainley's storm petrel
Akun eagle-owl
Alagoas antwren
Alagoas curassow
Alagoas foliage-gleaner
Alagoas tyrannulet
Alaotra grebe
Albertine owlet
Albertine sooty boubou
Albert's lyrebird
Aldabra brush warbler
Aldabra drongo
Aldabra fody
Aldabra white-eye
Alder flycatcher
Aleutian tern
Alexandrine parakeet
Algerian nuthatch
Allen's gallinule
Allen's hummingbird
Allpahuayo antbird
Alor boobook
Alor myzomela
Alpine accentor
Alpine chough
Alpine leaf warbler
Alpine pipit
Alpine swift
Alpine thrush
Alström's warbler
Alta Floresta antpitta
Altai accentor
Altai snowcock
Altamira oriole
Altamira yellowthroat
Amami thrush
Amami woodcock
Amani sunbird
Amazilia hummingbird
Amazon kingfisher
Amazonian antpitta
Amazonian antshrike
Amazonian barred woodcreeper
Amazonian black tyrant
Amazonian grosbeak
Amazonian inezia
Amazonian motmot
Amazonian pygmy owl
Amazonian royal flycatcher
Amazonian scrub flycatcher
Amazonian streaked antwren
Amazonian trogon
Amazonian umbrellabird
Ambon white-eye
Amboyna cuckoo-dove
Ameline swiftlet
American avocet
American barn owl
American bittern
American black duck
American black swift
American bushtit
American coot
American crow
American dipper
American dusky flycatcher
American flamingo
American golden plover
American goldfinch
American gray flycatcher
American herring gull
American kestrel
American oystercatcher
American purple gallinule
American pygmy kingfisher
American redstart
American robin
American three-toed woodpecker
American tree sparrow
American white ibis
American white pelican
American wigeon
American woodcock
American yellow warbler
Amethyst brown dove
Amethyst sunbird
Amethyst woodstar
Amethyst-throated mountaingem
Amethyst-throated sunangel
Ampay tapaculo
Amsterdam albatross
†Amsterdam wigeon
Amur falcon
Amur paradise flycatcher
Anambra waxbill
Ancash tapaculo
Anchieta's barbet
Anchieta's sunbird
Ancient antwren
Ancient murrelet
Andaman bulbul
Andaman coucal
Andaman crake
Andaman cuckoo-dove
Andaman cuckooshrike
Andaman drongo
Andaman flowerpecker
Andaman green pigeon
Andaman hawk-owl
Andaman masked owl
Andaman nightjar
Andaman scops owl
Andaman serpent eagle
Andaman shama
Andaman teal
Andaman treepie
Andaman wood pigeon
Andaman woodpecker
Andean avocet
Andean cock-of-the-rock
Andean condor
Andean coot
Andean duck
Andean emerald
Andean flamingo
Andean flicker
Andean goose
Andean guan
Andean gull
Andean hillstar
Andean ibis
Andean laniisoma
Andean lapwing
Andean motmot
Andean negrito
Andean parakeet
Andean potoo
Andean pygmy owl
Andean siskin
Andean slaty thrush
Andean solitaire
Andean swallow
Andean swift
Andean teal
Andean tinamou
Andean tit-spinetail
Angolan batis
Angolan cave chat
Angolan lark
Angolan slaty flycatcher
Angolan swallow
Angolan waxbill
Anjouan brush warbler
Anjouan scops owl
Anjouan sunbird
Ankober serin
Annam prinia
Anna's hummingbird
Annobón paradise flycatcher
Annobón white-eye
Ansorge's greenbul
Antarctic petrel
Antarctic prion
Antarctic shag
Antarctic tern
Anteater chat
Ant-eating chat
Anthony's nightjar
Antillean crested hummingbird
Antillean euphonia
Antillean mango
Antillean nighthawk
Antillean palm swift
Antillean piculet
Antillean siskin
Antioquia bristle tyrant
Antioquia brushfinch
Antioquia wren
Antipodean albatross
Antipodes parakeet
Apical flycatcher
Aplomado falcon
Apo myna
Apo sunbird
Apolinar's wren
Apolo cotinga
Appert's tetraka
Apricot-breasted sunbird
Apurímac brushfinch
Apurímac spinetail
Aquatic warbler
Arabian accentor
Arabian babbler
Arabian bustard
Arabian golden sparrow
Arabian golden-winged grosbeak
Arabian partridge
Arabian scops owl
Arabian serin
Arabian warbler
Arabian waxbill
Arabian wheatear
Arabian woodpecker
Arafura fantail
Arafura shrikethrush
Araripe manakin
Araucaria tit-spinetail
Archbold's bowerbird
Archbold's newtonia
Archbold's nightjar
Archbold's owlet-nightjar
Archer's buzzard
Archer's ground robin
Archer's lark
Arctic redpoll
Arctic tern
Arctic warbler
Arfak astrapia
Arfak catbird
Arfak honeyeater
Aripuana antwren
Arizona woodpecker
Armenian gull
Arnot's chat
Arrowhead piculet
Arrowhead warbler
Arrow-marked babbler
Ascension crake
Ascension frigatebird
Ascension night heron
Ashambu laughingthrush
Ash-breasted antbird
Ash-breasted sierra finch
Ash-breasted tit-tyrant
Ash-browed spinetail
Ash-colored cuckoo
Ash-colored tapaculo
Ash's lark
Ash-throated antwren
Ash-throated casiornis
Ash-throated crake
Ash-throated flycatcher
Ash-throated gnateater
Ash-winged antwren
Ashy bulbul
Ashy cisticola
Ashy drongo
Ashy flowerpecker
Ashy flycatcher
Ashy minivet
Ashy myzomela
Ashy prinia
Ashy robin
Ashy starling
Ashy storm petrel
Ashy tailorbird
Ashy thrush
Ashy tit
Ashy wood pigeon
Ashy woodpecker
Ashy woodswallow
Ashy-bellied white-eye
Ashy-breasted flycatcher
Ashy-crowned sparrow-lark
Ashy-faced owl
Ashy-fronted bulbul
Ashy-headed babbler
Ashy-headed goose
Ashy-headed green pigeon
Ashy-headed greenlet
Ashy-headed laughingthrush
Ashy-headed tyrannulet
Ashy-throated bush tanager
Ashy-throated parrotbill
Ashy-throated warbler
Asian barred owlet
Asian brown flycatcher
Asian crimson-winged finch
Asian desert warbler
Asian dowitcher
Asian emerald cuckoo
Asian fairy-bluebird
Asian glossy starling
Asian golden weaver
Asian house martin
Asian koel
Asian openbill
Asian palm swift
Asian red-eyed bulbul
Asian rosy finch
Asian short-toed lark
Asian stubtail
Asir magpie
Assam laughingthrush
Atherton scrubwren
Athi short-toed lark
Atitlán grebe
Atiu swiftlet
Atlantic canary
Atlantic petrel
Atlantic puffin
Atlantic royal flycatcher
Atlantic yellow-nosed albatross
Atlas pied flycatcher
Atoll fruit dove
Atoll starling
Auckland rail
Auckland shag
Auckland teal
Audouin's gull
Audubon's oriole
Audubon's shearwater
Audubon's warbler
Augur buzzard
Austen's brown hornbill
Austral blackbird
Austral canastero
Austral negrito
Austral parakeet
Austral pygmy owl
Austral rail
Austral thrush
Australasian bittern
Australasian darter
Australasian figbird
Australasian gannet
Australasian grebe
Australasian pipit
Australasian shoveler
Australasian swamphen
Australian boobook
Australian brushturkey
Australian bustard
Australian crake
Australian golden whistler
Australian hobby
Australian king parrot
Australian logrunner
Australian magpie
Australian masked owl
Australian owlet-nightjar
Australian painted-snipe
Australian pelican
Australian pied cormorant
Australian pratincole
Australian raven
Australian reed warbler
Australian ringneck
Australian shelduck
Australian swiftlet
Australian tern
Australian white ibis
Australian wood duck
Ayacucho thistletail
Ayeyarwady bulbul
Ayres's hawk-eagle
Azara's spinetail
Azores bullfinch
Aztec rail
Aztec thrush
Azuero dove
Azure dollarbird
Azure gallinule
Azure jay
Azure kingfisher
Azure tit
Azure-breasted pitta
Azure-crested flycatcher
Azure-crowned hummingbird
Azure-hooded jay
Azure-naped jay
Azure-rumped tanager
Azure-shouldered tanager
Azure-winged magpie


Babbling starling
Bachman's sparrow
Bachman's warbler
Baer's pochard
Baglafecht weaver
Bagobo babbler
Bahama mockingbird
Bahama oriole
Bahama swallow
Bahama warbler
Bahama woodstar
Bahama yellowthroat
Bahia antwren
Bahia spinetail
Bahia tapaculo
Bahia tyrannulet
Bahian mouse-colored tapaculo
Baikal bush warbler
Baikal teal
Baillon's crake
Baird's flycatcher
Baird's junco
Baird's sandpiper
Baird's sparrow
Baird's trogon
Baja pygmy owl
Bald eagle
Bald parrot
Balearic shearwater
Balearic warbler
Bali myna
Baliem whistler
Balsas screech owl
Baltimore oriole
Bamboo antshrike
Bamboo foliage-gleaner
Bamboo warbler
Bamboo woodpecker
Bamenda apalis
Bananal antbird
Banasura laughingthrush
Banda myzomela
Band-backed wren
Band-bellied crake
Band-bellied owl
Banded antbird
Banded barbet
Banded bay cuckoo
Banded broadbill
Banded cotinga
Banded fruit dove
Banded green sunbird
Banded ground cuckoo
Banded honeyeater
Banded kestrel
Banded kingfisher
Banded lapwing
Banded martin
Banded parisoma
Banded prinia
Banded quail
Banded stilt
Banded wattle-eye
Banded whiteface
Banded woodpecker
Banded wren
Banded yellow robin
Band-rumped storm petrel
Band-rumped swift
Band-tailed antbird
Band-tailed antshrike
Band-tailed antwren
Band-tailed barbthroat
Band-tailed earthcreeper
Band-tailed fruiteater
Band-tailed guan
Band-tailed hornero
Band-tailed manakin
Band-tailed nighthawk
Band-tailed oropendola
Band-tailed pigeon
Band-tailed seedeater
Band-tailed sierra finch
Band-winged nightjar
Banggai crow
Banggai fruit dove
Banggai jungle flycatcher
Bangwa forest warbler
Bank cormorant
Bank myna
Bannerman's shearwater
Bannerman's sunbird
Bannerman's turaco
Bannerman's weaver
Barau's petrel
Bar-backed partridge
Barbados bullfinch
Barbary partridge
Bar-bellied cuckooshrike
Bar-bellied pitta
Bar-bellied woodcreeper
Bar-bellied woodpecker
Bar-breasted firefinch
Bar-breasted honeyeater
Bar-breasted piculet
Barbuda warbler
Bar-crested antshrike
Bare-cheeked babbler
Bare-cheeked trogon
Bare-crowned antbird
Bare-eyed antbird
Bare-eyed myna
Bare-eyed pigeon
Bare-eyed rail
Bare-eyed thrush
Bare-eyed white-eye
Bare-faced bulbul
Bare-faced curassow
Bare-faced go-away-bird
Bare-faced ground dove
Bare-faced ibis
Bare-headed laughingthrush
Bare-legged owl
Bare-legged swiftlet
Bare-necked fruitcrow
Bare-necked umbrellabird
Bare-shanked screech owl
Bare-throated bellbird
Bare-throated tiger heron
Bare-throated whistler
Bar-headed goose
Barka indigobird
Barking imperial pigeon
Barking owl
Barlow's lark
Barn swallow
Barnacle goose
Barolo shearwater
Barratt's warbler
Barred antshrike
Barred antthrush
Barred becard
Barred buttonquail
Barred cuckoo-dove
Barred cuckooshrike
Barred dove
Barred eagle-owl
Barred forest falcon
Barred fruiteater
Barred hawk
Barred honey buzzard
Barred honeyeater
Barred laughingthrush
Barred long-tailed cuckoo
Barred owl
Barred owlet-nightjar
Barred parakeet
Barred puffbird
Barred rail
Barred tinamou
Barred warbler
Barred wren-warbler
Barrow's goldeneye
Bar-shouldered dove
Bar-tailed cuckoo-dove
Bar-tailed godwit
Bar-tailed lark
Bar-tailed treecreeper
Bar-tailed trogon
Bar-throated apalis
Bar-throated minla
Bartlett's tinamou
Barusan cuckoo-dove
Bar-winged flycatcher-shrike
Bar-winged oriole
Bar-winged prinia
Bar-winged rail
Bar-winged weaver
Bar-winged wood wren
Bar-winged wren-babbler
Basra reed warbler
Bassian thrush
Bat falcon
Bat hawk
Bates's nightjar
Bates's paradise flycatcher
Bates's sunbird
Bates's swift
Bates's weaver
Baudin's black cockatoo
Baudo guan
Baudó oropendola
Baumann's olive greenbul
Bay antpitta
Bay coucal
Bay hornero
Bay woodpecker
Bay wren
Baya weaver
Bay-backed shrike
Bay-breasted cuckoo
Bay-breasted warbler
Bay-capped wren-spinetail
Bay-chested warbling finch
Bay-crowned brushfinch
Bay-headed tanager
Bay-ringed tyrannulet
Bay-vented cotinga
Beach kingfisher
Beach stone-curlew
Bearded barbet
Bearded bellbird
Bearded guan
Bearded mountaineer
Bearded reedling
Bearded screech owl
Bearded scrub robin
Bearded tachuri
Bearded vulture
Bearded wood partridge
Bearded woodpecker
Beaudouin's snake eagle
Beautiful firetail
Beautiful fruit dove
Beautiful jay
Beautiful nuthatch
Beautiful sheartail
Beautiful sibia
Beautiful sunbird
Beautiful treerunner
Beautiful woodpecker
Beck's petrel
Bedford's paradise flycatcher
Bee hummingbird
Beesley's lark
Beijing babbler
Belcher's gull
Belding's yellowthroat
Belford's melidectes
Bell miner
Bell's sparrow
Bell's vireo
Belted flycatcher
Belted kingfisher
Bendire's thrasher
Bengal bush lark
Bengal florican
Benguela long-billed lark
Benguet bush warbler
Bennett's woodpecker
Berlepsch's canastero
Berlepsch's tinamou
†Bermuda flicker
†Bermuda hawk
Bermuda night heron
Bermuda petrel
Bermuda saw-whet owl
†Bermuda towhee
Bernier's teal
Bernier's vanga
Berthelot's pipit
Bertoni's antbird
Bertram's weaver
Berylline hummingbird
Beryl-spangled tanager
Bewick's wren
Bhutan laughingthrush
Biak black flycatcher
Biak coucal
Biak gerygone
Biak leaf warbler
Biak lorikeet
Biak monarch
Biak paradise kingfisher
Biak scops owl
Biak scrubfowl
Biak whistler
Biak white-eye
Bianchi's warbler
Bicknell's thrush
Bicol ground warbler
Bicolored antbird
Bicolored antpitta
Bicolored antvireo
Bicolored conebill
Bicolored flowerpecker
Bicolored hawk
Bicolored scrubwren
Bicolored wren
Biddulph's ground jay
Bimaculated lark
Biscutate swift
†Bishop's oo
Bismarck black myzomela
Bismarck crow
Bismarck fantail
Bismarck hanging parrot
Bismarck kingfisher
Bismarck pitta
Bismarck whistler
Bismarck white-eye
Black antbird
Black antshrike
Black baza
Black bee-eater
Black berrypecker
Black bishop
Black bittern
Black boubou
Black bulbul
Black bushbird
Black butcherbird
Black caracara
Black catbird
Black cicadabird
Black coucal
Black crake
Black crowned crane
Black cuckoo
Black cuckoo-dove
Black cuckooshrike
Black curassow
Black currawong
Black drongo
Black dwarf hornbill
Black eagle
Black falcon
Black fantail
Black flowerpiercer
Black francolin
Black grasswren
Black grouse
Black guan
Black guillemot
Black guineafowl
Black harrier
Black hawk-eagle
Black heron
Black honey buzzard
Black honeyeater
Black hornbill
Black imperial pigeon
Black inca
Black jacobin
Black kite
Black lark
Black laughingthrush
Black lory
Black magpie
†Black mamo
Black manakin
Black mannikin
Black metaltail
Black monarch
Black noddy
Black nunbird
Black oriole
Black oropendola
Black oystercatcher
Black partridge
Black petrel
Black phoebe
Black pitohui
Black rail
Black redstart
Black robin
Black rosy finch
Black saw-wing
Black scimitarbill
Black scoter
Black scrub robin
Black shama
Black sicklebill
Black siskin
Black sittella
Black skimmer
Black solitaire
Black sparrowhawk
Black spinetail
Black stilt
Black stork
Black storm petrel
Black sunbird
Black swan
Black tern
Black thicket fantail
Black thrush
Black tinamou
Black turnstone
Black vulture
Black wheatear
Black woodpecker
Black-and-buff woodpecker
Black-and-chestnut eagle
Black-and-chestnut warbling finch
Black-and-cinnamon fantail
Black-and-crimson oriole
Black-and-gold cotinga
Black-and-gold tanager
Black-and-orange flycatcher
Black-and-red broadbill
Black-and-rufous swallow
Black-and-rufous warbling finch
Black-and-tawny seedeater
Black-and-white antbird
Black-and-white becard
Black-and-white bulbul
Black-and-white hawk-eagle
Black-and-white mannikin
Black-and-white monjita
Black-and-white owl
Black-and-white seedeater
Black-and-white shrike-flycatcher
Black-and-white tanager
Black-and-white tody-flycatcher
Black-and-white triller
Black-and-white warbler
Black-and-white-casqued hornbill
Black-and-yellow broadbill
Black-and-yellow grosbeak
Black-and-yellow phainoptila
Black-and-yellow tanager
Black-backed antshrike
Black-backed barbet
Black-backed bittern
Black-backed bush tanager
Black-backed butcherbird
Black-backed cisticola
Black-backed forktail
Black-backed grosbeak
Black-backed oriole
Black-backed puffback
Black-backed swamphen
Black-backed tanager
Black-backed thornbill
Black-backed thrush
Black-backed tody-flycatcher
Black-backed water tyrant
Black-backed woodpecker
Black-banded barbet
Black-banded crake
Black-banded flycatcher
Black-banded fruit dove
Black-banded owl
Black-banded woodcreeper
Black-bellied antwren
Black-bellied bustard
Black-bellied cuckoo
Black-bellied cuckooshrike
Black-bellied firefinch
Black-bellied gnateater
Black-bellied hummingbird
Black-bellied malkoha
Black-bellied myzomela
Black-bellied sandgrouse
Black-bellied seedcracker
Black-bellied seedeater
Black-bellied starling
Black-bellied storm petrel
Black-bellied sunbird
Black-bellied tern
Black-bellied thorntail
Black-bellied whistling duck
Black-bellied wren
Black-belted flowerpecker
Black-bibbed cicadabird
Black-bibbed monarch
Black-bibbed tit
Black-billed amazon
Black-billed barbet
Black-billed brushturkey
Black-billed capercaillie
Black-billed coucal
Black-billed cuckoo
Black-billed flycatcher
Black-billed gull
Black-billed koel
Black-billed magpie
Black-billed mountain toucan
Black-billed nightingale-thrush
Black-billed peppershrike
Black-billed scythebill
Black-billed seed finch
Black-billed shrike-tyrant
Black-billed sicklebill
Black-billed streamertail
Black-billed thrush
Black-billed treehunter
Black-billed turaco
Black-billed weaver
Black-billed wood dove
Black-billed wood hoopoe
Black-bodied woodpecker
Black-breasted barbet
Black-breasted boatbill
Black-breasted buttonquail
Black-breasted buzzard
Black-breasted hillstar
Black-breasted mannikin
Black-breasted myzomela
Black-breasted parrotbill
Black-breasted puffbird
Black-breasted puffleg
Black-breasted thrush
Black-breasted weaver
Black-breasted wood quail
Black-browed albatross
Black-browed babbler
Black-browed barbet
Black-browed bushtit
Black-browed fulvetta
Black-browed greenbul
Black-browed reed warbler
Black-browed triller
Blackburnian warbler
Blackcap babbler
Blackcap illadopsis
Black-capped antwren
Black-capped apalis
Black-capped babbler
Black-capped becard
Black-capped bulbul
Black-capped catbird
Black-capped chickadee
Black-capped donacobius
Black-capped flycatcher
Black-capped foliage-gleaner
Black-capped gnatcatcher
Black-capped hemispingus
Black-capped kingfisher
Black-capped lory
Black-capped paradise kingfisher
Black-capped parakeet
Black-capped petrel
Black-capped piprites
Black-capped pygmy tyrant
Black-capped screech owl
Black-capped siskin
Black-capped social weaver
Black-capped sparrow
Black-capped speirops
Black-capped swallow
Black-capped tanager
Black-capped tinamou
Black-capped tyrannulet
Black-capped vireo
Black-capped warbling finch
Black-capped white-eye
Black-capped woodland warbler
Black-casqued hornbill
Black-cheeked ant tanager
Black-cheeked gnateater
Black-cheeked lovebird
Black-cheeked warbler
Black-cheeked waxbill
Black-cheeked woodpecker
Black-chested buzzard-eagle
Black-chested fruiteater
Black-chested jay
Black-chested mountain tanager
Black-chested prinia
Black-chested snake eagle
Black-chested sparrow
Black-chested tyrant
Black-chinned antbird
Black-chinned babbler
Black-chinned fruit dove
Black-chinned honeyeater
Black-chinned hummingbird
Black-chinned monarch
Black-chinned mountain tanager
Black-chinned robin
Black-chinned siskin
Black-chinned sparrow
Black-chinned weaver
Black-chinned whistler
Black-chinned yuhina
Black-collared apalis
Black-collared barbet
Black-collared bulbul
Black-collared hawk
Black-collared jay
Black-collared lovebird
Black-collared starling
Black-collared swallow
Black-cowled oriole
Black-cowled saltator
Black-crested antshrike
Black-crested bulbul
Black-crested coquette
Black-crested finch
Black-crested titmouse
Black-crested tit-tyrant
Black-crested warbler
Black-crowned antpitta
Black-crowned antshrike
Black-crowned babbler
Black-crowned barwing
Black-crowned fulvetta
Black-crowned monjita
Black-crowned night heron
Black-crowned pitta
Black-crowned sparrow-lark
Black-crowned tanager
Black-crowned tchagra
Black-crowned tityra
Black-crowned waxbill
Black-crowned white-eye
Black-dotted piculet
Black-eared catbird
Black-eared cuckoo
Black-eared fairy
Black-eared ground thrush
Black-eared hemispingus
Black-eared miner
Black-eared oriole
Black-eared seedeater
Black-eared shrike-babbler
Black-eared sparrow-lark
Black-eared warbler
Black-eared wood quail
Black-faced antbird
Black-faced antthrush
Black-faced babbler
Black-faced bunting
Black-faced canary
Black-faced cormorant
Black-faced cotinga
Black-faced coucal
Black-faced cuckooshrike
Black-faced dacnis
Black-faced firefinch
Black-faced friarbird
Black-faced grassquit
Black-faced grosbeak
Black-faced hawk
Black-faced ibis
Black-faced laughingthrush
Black-faced monarch
Black-faced munia
Black-faced pitta
Black-faced prinia
Black-faced rufous warbler
Black-faced sandgrouse
Black-faced sheathbill
Black-faced solitaire
Black-faced spoonbill
Black-faced tanager
Black-faced warbler
Black-faced waxbill
Black-faced woodswallow
Black-footed albatross
Black-fronted brushfinch
Black-fronted bushshrike
Black-fronted dotterel
Black-fronted flowerpecker
Black-fronted ground tyrant
Black-fronted nunbird
Black-fronted parakeet
Black-fronted piping guan
Black-fronted spurfowl
Black-fronted tern
Black-fronted tyrannulet
Black-fronted white-eye
Black-fronted wood quail
Black-girdled barbet
Black-goggled tanager
Black-headed antbird
Black-headed antthrush
Black-headed apalis
Black-headed bee-eater
Black-headed berryeater
Black-headed brushfinch
Black-headed bulbul
Black-headed bunting
Black-headed canary
Black-headed cuckooshrike
Black-headed duck
Black-headed gonolek
Black-headed greenfinch
Black-headed grosbeak
Black-headed gull
Black-headed hemispingus
Black-headed heron
Black-headed honeyeater
Black-headed ibis
Black-headed jay
Black-headed lapwing
Black-headed myzomela
Black-headed nightingale-thrush
Black-headed oriole
Black-headed parrot
Black-headed parrotbill
Black-headed penduline tit
Black-headed rufous warbler
Black-headed saltator
Black-headed shrike-babbler
Black-headed sibia
Black-headed siskin
Black-headed tailorbird
Black-headed tanager
Black-headed tody-flycatcher
Black-headed trogon
Black-headed waxbill
Black-headed weaver
Black-headed whistler
Black-headed woodpecker
Black-hooded antshrike
Black-hooded antwren
Black-hooded coucal
Black-hooded laughingthrush
Black-hooded oriole
Black-hooded sierra finch
Black-hooded sunbeam
Black-hooded thrush
Blackish antbird
Blackish chat-tyrant
Blackish cinclodes
Blackish cuckooshrike
Blackish nightjar
Blackish oystercatcher
Blackish pewee
Blackish rail
Blackish tapaculo
Blackish-blue seedeater
Blackish-grey antshrike
Blackish-headed spinetail
Black-legged dacnis
Black-legged kittiwake
Black-legged parrot
Black-legged seriema
Black-lored babbler
Black-lored cisticola
Black-lored parrot
Black-lored waxbill
Black-lored yellowthroat
Black-mantled goshawk
Black-masked finch
Black-naped fruit dove
Black-naped monarch
Black-naped oriole
Black-naped tern
Black-necked aracari
Black-necked crane
Black-necked eremomela
Black-necked grebe
Black-necked red cotinga
Black-necked stilt
Black-necked stork
Black-necked swan
Black-necked wattle-eye
Black-necked weaver
Black-necked woodpecker
Black-necklaced honeyeater
Black-necklaced scimitar babbler
Black-nest swiftlet
Blackpoll warbler
Black-polled yellowthroat
Black-ringed white-eye
Black-rumped buttonquail
Black-rumped flameback
Black-rumped magpie
Black-rumped waxbill
Black-shouldered cicadabird
Black-shouldered kite
Black-shouldered nightjar
Black-sided flowerpecker
Black-sided robin
Blacksmith lapwing
Blacksmith thrush
Black-spectacled brushfinch
Black-spotted barbet
Black-spotted bare-eye
Black-streaked puffbird
Black-streaked scimitar babbler
Black-striped sparrow
Black-striped woodcreeper
Black-tailed antbird
Black-tailed cisticola
Black-tailed crake
Black-tailed gnatcatcher
Black-tailed godwit
Black-tailed gull
Black-tailed leaftosser
Black-tailed monarch
Black-tailed myiobius
Black-tailed nativehen
Black-tailed tityra
Black-tailed trainbearer
Black-tailed treecreeper
Black-tailed trogon
Black-thighed falconet
Black-thighed grosbeak
Black-thighed puffleg
Black-throated accentor
Black-throated antbird
Black-throated antshrike
Black-throated apalis
Black-throated babbler
Black-throated barbet
Black-throated blue warbler
Black-throated brilliant
Black-throated bushtit
Black-throated canary
Black-throated coucal
Black-throated euphonia
Black-throated finch
Black-throated flowerpiercer
Black-throated gray warbler
Black-throated green warbler
Black-throated grosbeak
Black-throated hermit
Black-throated honeyeater
Black-throated huet-huet
Black-throated jay
Black-throated laughingthrush
Black-throated loon
Black-throated magpie-jay
Black-throated mango
Black-throated munia
Black-throated parrotbill
Black-throated prinia
Black-throated robin
Black-throated saltator
Black-throated shrikebill
Black-throated shrike-tanager
Black-throated sparrow
Black-throated spinetail
Black-throated sunbird
Black-throated thistletail
Black-throated thrush
Black-throated tody-tyrant
Black-throated toucanet
Black-throated trogon
Black-throated wattle-eye
Black-throated whipbird
Black-throated wren
Black-throated wren-babbler
Black-tipped cotinga
Black-tipped monarch
Black-vented oriole
Black-vented shearwater
Black-whiskered vireo
Black-winged cuckooshrike
Black-winged flycatcher-shrike
Black-winged ground dove
Black-winged kite
Black-winged lapwing
Black-winged lory
Black-winged lovebird
Black-winged monarch
Black-winged oriole
Black-winged parrot
Black-winged petrel
Black-winged pratincole
Black-winged red bishop
Black-winged saltator
Black-winged snowfinch
Black-winged starling
Black-winged stilt
Blakiston's fish owl
Blanford's lark
Blanford's rosefinch
Blanford's snowfinch
Blaze-winged parakeet
Blond-crested woodpecker
Blood pheasant
Blood-breasted flowerpecker
Blood-colored woodpecker
Blood-eared parakeet
Blossom-headed parakeet
Blue bird-of-paradise
Blue bunting
Blue cotinga
Blue coua
Blue crane
Blue cuckooshrike
Blue dacnis
Blue duck
Blue eared pheasant
Blue finch
Blue grosbeak
Blue ground dove
Blue jay
Blue jewel-babbler
Blue korhaan
Blue lorikeet
Blue malkoha
Blue manakin
Blue mockingbird
Blue Mountain vireo
Blue noddy
Blue nuthatch
Blue paradise flycatcher
Blue petrel
Blue pitta
Blue quail
Blue rock thrush
Blue swallow
Blue vanga
Blue waxbill
Blue whistling thrush
Blue-and-black tanager
Blue-and-gold tanager
Blue-and-white flycatcher
Blue-and-white kingfisher
Blue-and-white mockingbird
Blue-and-white swallow
Blue-and-yellow macaw
Blue-and-yellow tanager
Blue-backed conebill
Blue-backed manakin
Blue-backed parrot
Blue-backed tanager
Blue-banded kingfisher
Blue-banded pitta
Blue-banded toucanet
Blue-bearded bee-eater
Blue-bearded helmetcrest
Blue-bellied parrot
Blue-bellied roller
Blue-billed black tyrant
Blue-billed curassow
Blue-billed duck
Blue-billed malimbe
Blue-billed teal
Blue-black grassquit
Blue-black grosbeak
Blue-black kingfisher
Blue-breasted bee-eater
Blue-breasted blue flycatcher
Blue-breasted fairywren
Blue-breasted kingfisher
Blue-browed tanager
Blue-capped cordon-bleu
Blue-capped fruit dove
Blue-capped ifrit
Blue-capped motmot
Blue-capped puffleg
Blue-capped redstart
Blue-capped rock thrush
Blue-capped tanager
Blue-cheeked amazon
Blue-cheeked bee-eater
Blue-cheeked flowerpecker
Blue-chested hummingbird
Blue-chinned sapphire
Blue-collared parrot
Blue-crowned chlorophonia
Blue-crowned hanging parrot
Blue-crowned laughingthrush
Blue-crowned lorikeet
Blue-crowned manakin
Blue-crowned parakeet
Blue-crowned racket-tail
Blue-crowned trogon
Blue-eared barbet
Blue-eared kingfisher
Blue-eared lory
Blue-eyed cockatoo
Blue-eyed ground dove
Blue-faced honeyeater
Blue-faced malkoha
Blue-faced parrotfinch
Blue-faced rail
Blue-footed booby
Blue-fronted blue flycatcher
Blue-fronted lancebill
Blue-fronted lorikeet
Blue-fronted parrotlet
Blue-fronted redstart
Blue-fronted robin
Blue-gray gnatcatcher
Blue-gray tanager
Blue-headed bee-eater
Blue-headed coucal
Blue-headed crested flycatcher
Blue-headed fantail
Blue-headed hummingbird
Blue-headed macaw
Blue-headed parrot
Blue-headed pitta
Blue-headed quail-dove
Blue-headed racket-tail
Blue-headed sapphire
Blue-headed sunbird
Blue-headed vireo
Blue-headed wood dove
Blue-lored antbird
Blue-mantled crested flycatcher
Blue-mantled thornbill
Blue-masked leafbird
Blue-moustached bee-eater
Blue-naped chlorophonia
Blue-naped mousebird
Blue-naped parrot
Blue-naped pitta
Blue-necked jacamar
Blue-necked tanager
Blue-rumped manakin
Blue-rumped parrot
Blue-rumped pitta
Blue-shouldered robin-chat
Blue-spotted wood dove
Blue-streaked lory
Blue-tailed bee-eater
Blue-tailed emerald
Blue-tailed hummingbird
Blue-throated barbet
Blue-throated bee-eater
Blue-throated blue flycatcher
Blue-throated brown sunbird
Blue-throated hillstar
Blue-throated macaw
Blue-throated motmot
Blue-throated mountaingem
Blue-throated piping guan
Blue-throated roller
Blue-throated sapphire
Blue-throated starfrontlet
Blue-throated toucanet
Blue-tufted starthroat
Blue-vented hummingbird
Blue-wattled bulbul
Blue-whiskered tanager
Blue-winged goose
Blue-winged kookaburra
Blue-winged laughingthrush
Blue-winged leafbird
Blue-winged macaw
Blue-winged minla
Blue-winged mountain tanager
Blue-winged parakeet
Blue-winged parrot
Blue-winged parrotlet
Blue-winged pitta
Blue-winged racket-tail
Blue-winged teal
Blue-winged warbler
Bluish flowerpiercer
Bluish-fronted jacamar
Bluish-slate antshrike
Blunt-winged warbler
Blyth's frogmouth
Blyth's hawk-eagle
Blyth's hornbill
Blyth's kingfisher
Blyth's leaf warbler
Blyth's paradise flycatcher
Blyth's pipit
Blyth's reed warbler
Blyth's rosefinch
Blyth's shrike-babbler
Blyth's swift
Blyth's tragopan
Boat-billed flycatcher
Boat-billed heron
Boat-billed tody-tyrant
Boat-tailed grackle
Bob-tailed weaver
Bocage's akalat
Bocage's bushshrike
Bocage's sunbird
Bocage's weaver
Bogotá rail
Bohemian waxwing
Böhm's bee-eater
Böhm's flycatcher
Böhm's spinetail
Bohol sunbird
Bold-striped tit-babbler
Bolivian blackbird
Bolivian brushfinch
Bolivian earthcreeper
Bolivian recurvebill
Bolivian slaty antshrike
Bolivian spinetail
Bolivian tyrannulet
Bolivian warbling finch
Bolivian white-crowned tapaculo
Bolle's pigeon
Bonaparte's gull
Bonaparte's nightjar
Bonaparte's parakeet
Bonelli's eagle
Bonin greenfinch
†Bonin grosbeak
Bonin petrel
†Bonin thrush
Bonin white-eye
Bonin wood pigeon
Booted eagle
Booted warbler
Boran cisticola
Boreal chickadee
Boreal owl
Bornean banded pitta
Bornean barbet
Bornean blue flycatcher
Bornean bristlehead
Bornean bulbul
Bornean forktail
Bornean frogmouth
Bornean green magpie
Bornean ground cuckoo
Bornean leafbird
Bornean peacock-pheasant
Bornean spiderhunter
Bornean stubtail
Bornean swiftlet
Bornean treepie
Bornean whistler
Bornean whistling thrush
Bornean wren-babbler
Botha's lark
Botteri's sparrow
Boucard's wren
Bougainville bush warbler
Bougainville crow
Bougainville honeyeater
Bougainville monarch
Bougainville thicketbird
Bougainville whistler
Boulder chat
Bounty shag
Bourke's parrot
Bower's shrikethrush
Boyd's shearwater
Boyer's cuckooshrike
Brace's emerald
Bradfield's hornbill
Bradfield's swift
Brahminy kite
Brahminy starling
Bran-colored flycatcher
Brandt's cormorant
Brandt's mountain finch
Brasília tapaculo
Brass's friarbird
Brassy-breasted tanager
Braun's bushshrike
Brazilian laniisoma
Brazilian merganser
Brazilian ruby
Brazilian tanager
Brazilian teal
Brazilian tinamou
Brazza's martin
Brehm's tiger parrot
Brewer's blackbird
Brewer's sparrow
Bridled honeyeater
Bridled quail-dove
Bridled sparrow
Bridled tern
Bridled titmouse
Bridled white-eye
Bright-rumped attila
Bright-rumped yellow finch
Brigida's woodcreeper
Brimstone canary
Bristle-crowned starling
Bristled grassbird
Bristle-nosed barbet
Bristle-thighed curlew
Broad-billed fairywren
Broad-billed flycatcher
Broad-billed hummingbird
Broad-billed motmot
Broad-billed parrot
Broad-billed prion
Broad-billed roller
Broad-billed sandpiper
Broad-billed tody
Broad-billed warbler
Broad-ringed white-eye
Broad-tailed grassbird
Broad-tailed hummingbird
Broad-tailed paradise whydah
Broad-tipped hermit
Broad-winged hawk
Bronze ground dove
Bronze mannikin
Bronze parotia
Bronze-brown cowbird
Bronzed cowbird
Bronzed drongo
Bronze-green euphonia
Bronze-olive pygmy tyrant
Bronze-tailed comet
Bronze-tailed peacock-pheasant
Bronze-tailed plumeleteer
Bronze-tailed starling
Bronze-tailed thornbill
Bronze-winged courser
Bronze-winged duck
Bronze-winged jacana
Bronze-winged parrot
Bronze-winged woodpecker
Bronzy hermit
Bronzy inca
Bronzy jacamar
Bronzy sunbird
Brooks's leaf warbler
Brown accentor
Brown babbler
Brown barbet
Brown booby
Brown bullfinch
Brown bush warbler
Brown cacholote
Brown crake
Brown creeper
Brown cuckoo-dove
Brown dipper
Brown eared pheasant
Brown emutail
Brown falcon
Brown fantail
Brown firefinch
Brown fish owl
Brown fulvetta
Brown gerygone
Brown goshawk
Brown hawk-owl
Brown honeyeater
Brown illadopsis
Brown inca
Brown jacamar
Brown jay
Brown lory
Brown mesite
Brown nightjar
Brown noddy
Brown nunlet
Brown oriole
Brown parisoma
Brown parrotbill
Brown pelican
Brown quail
Brown rock chat
Brown scrub robin
Brown shrike
Brown sicklebill
Brown skua
Brown snake eagle
Brown songlark
Brown tanager
Brown teal
Brown thornbill
Brown thrasher
Brown tinamou
Brown tit-babbler
Brown treecreeper
Brown trembler
Brown twinspot
Brown violetear
Brown wood owl
Brown wood rail
Brown woodland warbler
Brown-and-yellow marshbird
Brown-backed chat-tyrant
Brown-backed flowerpecker
Brown-backed honeybird
Brown-backed honeyeater
Brown-backed mockingbird
Brown-backed needletail
Brown-backed parrotlet
Brown-backed scrub robin
Brown-backed solitaire
Brown-backed whistler
Brown-backed woodpecker
Brown-banded antpitta
Brown-banded puffbird
Brown-banded rail
Brown-bellied stipplethroat
Brown-bellied swallow
Brown-billed scythebill
Brown-breasted bamboo tyrant
Brown-breasted barbet
Brown-breasted bulbul
Brown-breasted flycatcher
Brown-breasted gerygone
Brown-capped babbler
Brown-capped fantail
Brown-capped laughingthrush
Brown-capped pygmy woodpecker
Brown-capped rosy finch
Brown-capped tit-spinetail
Brown-capped tyrannulet
Brown-capped vireo
Brown-capped weaver
Brown-capped whitestart
Brown-cheeked bulbul
Brown-cheeked fulvetta
Brown-cheeked hornbill
Brown-cheeked laughingthrush
Brown-cheeked rail
Brown-chested alethe
Brown-chested barbet
Brown-chested jungle flycatcher
Brown-chested lapwing
Brown-chested martin
Brown-crested flycatcher
Brown-crowned tchagra
Brown-eared bulbul
Brown-eared woodpecker
Brown-flanked bush warbler
Brown-flanked tanager
Brown-fronted woodpecker
Brown-headed apalis
Brown-headed barbet
Brown-headed cowbird
Brown-headed crow
Brown-headed greenlet
Brown-headed gull
Brown-headed honeyeater
Brown-headed jewel-babbler
Brown-headed nuthatch
Brown-headed paradise kingfisher
brown-headed parrot
Brown-headed thrush
Brown-hooded gull
Brown-hooded kingfisher
Brown-hooded parrot
Brownish elaenia
Brownish twistwing
Brownish-headed antbird
Brown-mandibled aracari
Brown-necked parrot
Brown-necked raven
Brown-rumped bunting
Brown-rumped foliage-gleaner
Brown-rumped seedeater
Brown-rumped tapaculo
Brown-streaked flycatcher
Brown-tailed rock chat
Brown-throated barbet
Brown-throated fulvetta
Brown-throated martin
Brown-throated parakeet
Brown-throated sunbird
Brown-throated wattle-eye
Brown-winged kingfisher
Brown-winged parrotbill
Brown-winged schiffornis
Brown-winged starling
Brown-winged whistling thrush
Bruce's green pigeon
Brush bronzewing
Brush cuckoo
Brushland tinamou
Bryan's shearwater
Bubbling cisticola
Buckley's forest falcon
Buff-banded rail
Buff-banded thicketbird
Buff-banded tyrannulet
Buff-barred warbler
Buff-bellied hermit
Buff-bellied hummingbird
Buff-bellied mannikin
Buff-bellied monarch
Buff-bellied pipit
Buff-bellied puffbird
Buff-bellied tanager
Buff-bellied warbler
Buff-breasted babbler
Buff-breasted buttonquail
Buff-breasted earthcreeper
Buff-breasted flycatcher
Buff-breasted mountain tanager
Buff-breasted paradise kingfisher
Buff-breasted sabrewing
Buff-breasted sandpiper
Buff-breasted tody-tyrant
Buff-breasted wren
Buff-bridled Inca finch
Buff-browed chachalaca
Buff-browed foliage-gleaner
Buff-cheeked greenlet
Buff-cheeked tody-flycatcher
Buff-chested babbler
Buff-collared nightjar
Buff-crested bustard
Buff-faced pygmy parrot
Buff-faced scrubwren
Buff-fronted foliage-gleaner
Buff-fronted owl
Buff-fronted quail-dove
Buff-headed coucal
Buff-necked ibis
Buff-necked woodpecker
Buff-rumped thornbill
Buff-rumped warbler
Buff-rumped woodpecker
Buff-sided robin
Buff-spotted flameback
Buff-spotted flufftail
Buff-spotted woodpecker
Buff-streaked chat
Buff-tailed coronet
Buff-tailed sicklebill
Buff-thighed puffleg
Buff-throated apalis
Buff-throated foliage-gleaner
Buff-throated purpletuft
Buff-throated saltator
Buff-throated sunbird
Buff-throated tody-tyrant
Buff-throated warbler
Buff-throated warbling finch
Buff-throated woodcreeper
Buff-vented bulbul
Buff-winged cinclodes
Buff-winged starfrontlet
Buffy fish owl
Buffy helmetcrest
Buffy hummingbird
Buffy laughingthrush
Buffy pipit
Buffy tuftedcheek
Buffy-crowned wood partridge
Buffy-fronted seedeater
Bugun liocichla
Bukidnon woodcock
Buller's albatross
Buller's shearwater
Bull-headed shrike
Bullock's oriole
Bulwer's petrel
Bulwer's pheasant
Bumblebee hummingbird
Bundok flycatcher
Burchell's coucal
Burchell's courser
Burchell's sandgrouse
Burchell's starling
Burmese bush lark
Burmese bushtit
Burmese nuthatch
Burmese prinia
Burmese shrike
Burmese yuhina
Burnished-buff tanager
Burnt-necked eremomela
Burrowing owl
Burrowing parrot
Buru boobook
Buru bush warbler
Buru cuckooshrike
Buru dwarf kingfisher
Buru golden bulbul
Buru green pigeon
Buru honeyeater
Buru mountain pigeon
Buru racket-tail
Buru thrush
Buru white-eye
Bush blackcap
Bush stone-curlew
Bushveld pipit
Bushy-crested hornbill
Bushy-crested jay
Butterfly coquette
Buzzing flowerpecker


Caatinga antwren
Caatinga cacholote
Caatinga parakeet
Caatinga puffbird
Cabanis's bunting
Cabanis's greenbul
Cabanis's ground sparrow
Cabanis's seedeater
Cabanis's spinetail
Cabanis's wren
Cabot's tern
Cabot's tragopan
Cachar bulbul
Cachar wedge-billed babbler
Cackling goose
Cactus canastero
Cactus wren
Caica parrot
Calandra lark
Calayan rail
California condor
California gnatcatcher
California gull
California quail
California scrub jay
California thrasher
California towhee
Calliope hummingbird
Cambodian laughingthrush
Cambodian tailorbird
Cameroon greenbul
Cameroon indigobird
Cameroon olive greenbul
Cameroon olive pigeon
Cameroon sunbird
Camiguin hanging parrot
Camiguin hawk-owl
Campbell albatross
Campbell shag
Campbell teal
Campbell's fairywren
Campina thrush
Campo flicker
Campo miner
Campo troupial
Canada goose
Canada jay
Canada warbler
Canary flyrobin
Canary Islands chiffchaff
Canary Islands oystercatcher
Canary Islands stonechat
Canary white-eye
Canebrake groundcreeper
Canebrake wren
Canivet's emerald
Canyon canastero
Canyon towhee
Canyon wren
Cape Barren goose
Cape batis
Cape bulbul
Cape bunting
Cape canary
Cape clapper lark
Cape cormorant
Cape crow
Cape eagle-owl
Cape gannet
Cape grassbird
Cape long-billed lark
Cape longclaw
Cape May warbler
Cape parrot
Cape penduline tit
Cape petrel
Cape robin-chat
Cape rock thrush
Cape rockjumper
Cape shoveler
Cape siskin
Cape sparrow
Cape spurfowl
Cape starling
Cape sugarbird
Cape teal
Cape Verde buzzard
Cape Verde shearwater
Cape Verde storm petrel
Cape Verde swift
Cape Verde warbler
Cape vulture
Cape wagtail
Cape weaver
Cape white-eye
Capped conebill
Capped heron
Capped wheatear
Capped white-eye
Capuchin babbler
Caquetá seedeater
Caracas brushfinch
Caracas tapaculo
Carbonated sierra finch
Cardinal lory
Cardinal myzomela
Cardinal quelea
Cardinal woodpecker
Carib grackle
Caribbean dove
Caribbean elaenia
Caribbean hornero
Caribbean martin
Carmelite sunbird
Carmiol's tanager
Carnaby's black cockatoo
Carola's parotia
Carolina chickadee
Carolina parakeet
Carolina wren
Carolinian reed warbler
Carpentarian grasswren
Carp's tit
Carrion crow
Carrizal seedeater
Carruthers's cisticola
Carunculated caracara
Carunculated fruit dove
Caspian gull
Caspian plover
Caspian snowcock
Caspian tern
Caspian tit
Casqued oropendola
Cassia crossbill
Cassin's auklet
Cassin's finch
Cassin's flycatcher
Cassin's hawk-eagle
Cassin's honeybird
Cassin's kingbird
Cassin's malimbe
Cassin's sparrow
Cassin's spinetail
Cassin's vireo
Castelnau's antshrike
Cattle tyrant
Cauca guan
Caucasian grouse
Caucasian snowcock
Caura antbird
Cave swallow
Cave swiftlet
Cayenne jay
Cayenne nightjar
Ceará gnateater
Ceara woodcreeper
Cebu flowerpecker
Cebu hawk-owl
Cedar waxwing
Celestial monarch
Central American pygmy owl
Cerulean cuckooshrike
Cerulean kingfisher
Cerulean paradise flycatcher
Cerulean warbler
Cerulean-capped manakin
Cetti's warbler
Chabert vanga
Chaco chachalaca
Chaco eagle
Chaco earthcreeper
Chaco owl
Chaco puffbird
Chad firefinch
Chalk-browed mockingbird
Changeable hawk-eagle
Channel-billed cuckoo
Channel-billed toucan
Chapada flycatcher
Chapin's apalis
Chapin's babbler
Chapin's flycatcher
Chaplin's barbet
Chapman's antshrike
Chapman's bristle tyrant
Chapman's swift
Charlotte's bulbul
Charming hummingbird
Chat flycatcher
Chatham albatross
Chatham bellbird
Chatham fernbird
Chatham gerygone
Chatham oystercatcher
Chatham parakeet
Chatham petrel
Chatham pigeon
Chatham rail
Chatham shag
Chatham snipe
Chattering cisticola
Chattering gnatwren
Chattering kingfisher
Chattering lory
Checkered woodpecker
Checker-throated stipplethroat
Checker-throated woodpecker
Cheer pheasant
Cherrie's antwren
Cherry-throated tanager
Chestnut antpitta
Chestnut bulbul
Chestnut bunting
Chestnut forest rail
Chestnut munia
Chestnut piculet
Chestnut quail-thrush
Chestnut rail
Chestnut seedeater
Chestnut sparrow
Chestnut teal
Chestnut thrush
Chestnut wattle-eye
Chestnut weaver
Chestnut wood quail
Chestnut woodpecker
Chestnut-backed antbird
Chestnut-backed antshrike
Chestnut-backed buttonquail
Chestnut-backed chickadee
Chestnut-backed jewel-babbler
Chestnut-backed laughingthrush
Chestnut-backed owlet
Chestnut-backed scimitar babbler
Chestnut-backed sparrow-lark
Chestnut-backed sparrow-weaver
Chestnut-backed tanager
Chestnut-backed thornbird
Chestnut-backed thrush
Chestnut-banded plover
Chestnut-bellied cotinga
Chestnut-bellied cuckoo
Chestnut-bellied euphonia
Chestnut-bellied fantail
Chestnut-bellied flowerpiercer
Chestnut-bellied guan
Chestnut-bellied hummingbird
Chestnut-bellied imperial pigeon
Chestnut-bellied malkoha
Chestnut-bellied monarch
Chestnut-bellied mountain tanager
Chestnut-bellied nuthatch
Chestnut-bellied partridge
Chestnut-bellied rock thrush
Chestnut-bellied sandgrouse
Chestnut-bellied seed finch
Chestnut-bellied seedeater
Chestnut-bellied starling
Chestnut-bellied thrush
Chestnut-bellied tit
Chestnut-belted gnateater
Chestnut-breasted chlorophonia
Chestnut-breasted coronet
Chestnut-breasted cuckoo
Chestnut-breasted malkoha
Chestnut-breasted mannikin
Chestnut-breasted mountain finch
Chestnut-breasted nigrita
Chestnut-breasted partridge
Chestnut-breasted quail-thrush
Chestnut-breasted whiteface
Chestnut-breasted wren
Chestnut-capped babbler
Chestnut-capped blackbird
Chestnut-capped brushfinch
Chestnut-capped flycatcher
Chestnut-capped laughingthrush
Chestnut-capped piha
Chestnut-capped puffbird
Chestnut-capped thrush
Chestnut-cheeked starling
Chestnut-collared longspur
Chestnut-collared swallow
Chestnut-collared swift
Chestnut-colored woodpecker
Chestnut-crested antbird
Chestnut-crested cotinga
Chestnut-crested yuhina
Chestnut-crowned antpitta
Chestnut-crowned babbler
Chestnut-crowned becard
Chestnut-crowned bush warbler
Chestnut-crowned foliage-gleaner
Chestnut-crowned gnateater
Chestnut-crowned laughingthrush
Chestnut-crowned sparrow-weaver
Chestnut-crowned warbler
Chestnut-eared aracari
Chestnut-eared bunting
Chestnut-eared laughingthrush
Chestnut-faced babbler
Chestnut-flanked sparrowhawk
Chestnut-flanked white-eye
Chestnut-fronted helmetshrike
Chestnut-fronted macaw
Chestnut-headed bee-eater
Chestnut-headed chachalaca
Chestnut-headed crake
Chestnut-headed flufftail
Chestnut-headed nunlet
Chestnut-headed oropendola
Chestnut-headed partridge
Chestnut-headed sparrow-lark
Chestnut-headed tanager
Chestnut-headed tesia
Chestnut-hooded laughingthrush
Chestnut-naped antpitta
Chestnut-naped forktail
Chestnut-naped spurfowl
Chestnut-necklaced partridge
Chestnut-quilled rock pigeon
Chestnut-rumped babbler
Chestnut-rumped heathwren
Chestnut-rumped thornbill
Chestnut-rumped woodcreeper
Chestnut-shouldered antwren
Chestnut-shouldered goshawk
Chestnut-sided shrike-vireo
Chestnut-sided warbler
Chestnut-tailed starling
Chestnut-throated apalis
Chestnut-throated flycatcher
Chestnut-throated huet-huet
Chestnut-throated seedeater
Chestnut-throated spinetail
Chestnut-tipped toucanet
Chestnut-vented conebill
Chestnut-vented nuthatch
Chestnut-vented warbler
Chestnut-winged babbler
Chestnut-winged chachalaca
Chestnut-winged cinclodes
Chestnut-winged cuckoo
Chestnut-winged foliage-gleaner
Chestnut-winged hookbill
Chestnut-winged starling
Chico's tyrannulet
Chiguanco thrush
Chihuahuan raven
Chilean elaenia
Chilean flamingo
Chilean flicker
Chilean hawk
Chilean mockingbird
Chilean pigeon
Chilean seaside cinclodes
Chilean skua
Chilean swallow
Chilean tinamou
Chilean woodstar
Chiloé wigeon
Chimango caracara
Chiming wedgebill
Chimney swift
Chin Hills wren-babbler
Chinchipe spinetail
Chinese babax
Chinese bamboo partridge
Chinese barbet
Chinese beautiful rosefinch
Chinese blackbird
Chinese blue flycatcher
Chinese bush warbler
Chinese crested tern
Chinese cupwing
Chinese egret
Chinese francolin
Chinese fulvetta
Chinese grassbird
Chinese grey shrike
Chinese grosbeak
Chinese grouse
Chinese hwamei
Chinese leaf warbler
Chinese monal
Chinese nuthatch
Chinese penduline tit
Chinese pond heron
Chinese rubythroat
Chinese shortwing
Chinese sparrowhawk
Chinese thrush
Chinese white-browed rosefinch
Chinspot batis
Chinstrap penguin
Chipping sparrow
Chiribiquete emerald
Chirinda apalis
Chiriqui foliage-gleaner
Chiriqui quail-dove
Chiriqui yellowthroat
Chirping cisticola
Chirruping wedgebill
Chivi vireo
Choco brushfinch
Chocó poorwill
Chocó screech owl
Chocó tapaculo
Choco tinamou
Choco toucan
Chocó trogon
Choco tyrannulet
Chocó vireo
Choco warbler
Chocó woodpecker
Chocolate boobook
Chocolate-backed kingfisher
Chocolate-vented tyrant
Choiseul pigeon
Chopi blackbird
Chorister robin-chat
Chotoy spinetail
Christmas boobook
Christmas frigatebird
Christmas imperial pigeon
Christmas Island swiftlet
†Christmas sandpiper
Christmas shearwater
Christmas white-eye
Chubb's cisticola
Chubut steamer duck
Chucao tapaculo
Chukar partridge
Churring cisticola
Chusquea tapaculo
Chuuk monarch
Cinderella waxbill
Cinereous antshrike
Cinereous becard
Cinereous bulbul
Cinereous bunting
Cinereous conebill
Cinereous finch
Cinereous ground tyrant
Cinereous harrier
Cinereous mourner
Cinereous owl
Cinereous tinamou
Cinereous tit
Cinereous tyrant
Cinereous vulture
Cinereous warbling finch
Cinereous-breasted spinetail
Cinnabar boobook
Cinnamon attila
Cinnamon becard
Cinnamon bittern
Cinnamon bracken warbler
Cinnamon flycatcher
Cinnamon ground dove
Cinnamon hummingbird
Cinnamon ibon
Cinnamon neopipo
Cinnamon quail-thrush
Cinnamon screech owl
Cinnamon tanager
Cinnamon teal
Cinnamon warbling finch
Cinnamon weaver
Cinnamon woodpecker
Cinnamon-banded kingfisher
Cinnamon-bellied flowerpiercer
Cinnamon-bellied ground tyrant
Cinnamon-bellied imperial pigeon
Cinnamon-breasted bunting
Cinnamon-breasted tit
Cinnamon-breasted tody-tyrant
Cinnamon-breasted warbler
Cinnamon-breasted whistler
Cinnamon-browed melidectes
Cinnamon-chested bee-eater
Cinnamon-chested flycatcher
Cinnamon-crested spadebill
Cinnamon-faced tyrannulet
Cinnamon-headed green pigeon
Cinnamon-rumped foliage-gleaner
Cinnamon-rumped seedeater
Cinnamon-rumped trogon
Cinnamon-sided hummingbird
Cinnamon-tailed fantail
Cinnamon-tailed sparrow
Cinnamon-throated hermit
Cinnamon-throated woodcreeper
Cinnamon-vented piha
Cipo canastero
Cirl bunting
Citreoline trogon
Citril finch
Citrine canary-flycatcher
Citrine lorikeet
Citrine wagtail
Citrine warbler
Citrine white-eye
Citron-bellied attila
Citron-headed yellow finch
Citron-throated toucan
Clamorous reed warbler
Clapper rail
Clapperton's spurfowl
Claret-breasted fruit dove
Clarión wren
Clarke's weaver
Clark's grebe
Clark's nutcracker
Claudia's leaf warbler
Clay-colored sparrow
Clay-colored thrush
Clicking shrike-babbler
Cliff flycatcher
Cliff parakeet
Cliff swallow
Cloud cisticola
Cloud-forest pygmy owl
Cloud-forest screech owl
Cloven-feathered dove
Club-winged manakin
Coal tit
Coal-crested finch
Coastal cisticola
Coastal miner
Cobalt-winged parakeet
Cobb's wren
Cocha antshrike
Cochabamba mountain finch
Cockerell's fantail
Cock-tailed tyrant
Cocoa thrush
Cocoa woodcreeper
Cocoi heron
Coconut lorikeet
Cocos cuckoo
Cocos finch
Cocos flycatcher
Coiba spinetail
Colima pygmy owl
Colima warbler
Collared antshrike
Collared aracari
Collared babbler
Collared brushturkey
Collared bush robin
Collared crescentchest
Collared crow
Collared falconet
Collared finchbill
Collared flycatcher
Collared forest falcon
Collared gnatwren
Collared grosbeak
Collared imperial pigeon
Collared inca
Collared kingfisher
Collared lark
Collared laughingthrush
Collared lory
Collared myna
Collared nightjar
Collared owlet
Collared palm thrush
Collared petrel
Collared plover
Collared pratincole
Collared puffbird
Collared scops owl
Collared sparrowhawk
Collared sunbird
Collared towhee
Collared treepie
Collared trogon
Collared warbling finch
Collared whitestart
Colombian chachalaca
Colombian crake
Colombian grebe
Colombian mountain grackle
Colorful puffleg
Comb duck
Comb-crested jacana
Common babbler
Common black hawk
Common blackbird
Common bronzewing
Common bulbul
Common bush tanager
Common buttonquail
Common buzzard
Common cactus finch
Common chaffinch
Common chiffchaff
Common cicadabird
Common crane
Common cuckoo
Common diuca finch
Common diving petrel
Common eider
Common emerald dove
Common firecrest
Common flameback
Common gallinule
Common goldeneye
Common grackle
Common grasshopper warbler
Common green magpie
Common greenshank
Common ground dove
Common gull
Common hawk-cuckoo
Common hill myna
Common house martin
Common iora
Common jery
Common kestrel
Common kingfisher
Common linnet
Common loon
Common merganser
Common miner
Common moorhen
Common murre
Common myna
Common newtonia
Common nighthawk
Common nightingale
Common ostrich
Common paradise kingfisher
Common pheasant
Common pochard
Common poorwill
Common potoo
Common quail
Common raven
Common redpoll
Common redshank
Common redstart
Common reed bunting
Common ringed plover
Common rock thrush
Common rosefinch
Common sandpiper
Common scale-backed antbird
Common scimitarbill
Common scoter
Common shelduck
Common smoky honeyeater
Common snipe
Common square-tailed drongo
Common starling
Common sunbird-asity
Common swift
Common tailorbird
Common tern
Common tody-flycatcher
Common waxbill
Common whitethroat
Common wood pigeon
Common woodshrike
Common yellowthroat
Comoros blue pigeon
Comoros cuckooshrike
Comoros fody
Comoros green pigeon
Comoros olive pigeon
Comoros thrush
Compact weaver
Cone-billed tanager
Congo bay owl
Congo martin
Congo moor chat
Congo peafowl
Congo serpent eagle
Congo sunbird
Connecticut warbler
Cook reed warbler
Cook's petrel
Cook's swift
Cooper's hawk
Coopmans's elaenia
Coopmans's tyrannulet
Copper pheasant
Copper seedeater
Copper sunbird
Copperback quail-thrush
Copper-rumped hummingbird
Coppersmith barbet
Copper-tailed starling
Copper-throated sunbird
Coppery emerald
Coppery metaltail
Coppery-bellied puffleg
Coppery-chested jacamar
Coppery-headed emerald
Coppery-tailed coucal
Coquerel's coua
Coqui francolin
Coral-billed ground cuckoo
Coral-billed scimitar babbler
Coraya wren
Cordillera Azul antbird
Cordillera ground warbler
Cordilleran canastero
Cordilleran flycatcher
Cordilleran parakeet
Córdoba cinclodes
Corn bunting
Corn crake
Coroneted fruit dove
Correndera pipit
Corsican finch
Corsican nuthatch
Cory's shearwater
Coscoroba swan
Costa Rican brushfinch
Costa Rican pygmy owl
Costa Rican swift
Costa's hummingbird
Cotton pygmy goose
Couch's kingbird
Cozumel emerald
Cozumel thrasher
Cozumel vireo
Crag chilia
Crane hawk
Craveri's murrelet
Cream-backed woodpecker
Cream-breasted fruit dove
Cream-browed white-eye
Cream-colored courser
Cream-colored woodpecker
Cream-eyed bulbul
Cream-striped bulbul
Cream-throated white-eye
Cream-vented bulbul
Cream-winged cinclodes
Creamy-bellied antwren
Creamy-bellied gnatcatcher
Creamy-bellied thrush
Creamy-crested spinetail
Creamy-rumped miner
Crescent honeyeater
Crescent-chested babbler
Crescent-chested puffbird
Crescent-chested warbler
Crescent-faced antpitta
Crested ant tanager
Crested auklet
Crested barbet
Crested becard
Crested bellbird
Crested berrypecker
Crested black tyrant
Crested bobwhite
Crested bunting
Crested caracara
Crested coua
Crested cuckoo-dove
Crested doradito
Crested drongo
Crested duck
Crested eagle
Crested finchbill
Crested fireback
Crested francolin
Crested gallito
Crested goshawk
Crested guan
Crested guineafowl
Crested honey buzzard
Crested hornero
Crested ibis
Crested jay
Crested kingfisher
Crested lark
Crested malimbe
Crested myna
Crested oropendola
Crested owl
Crested partridge
Crested pigeon
Crested quail-dove
Crested quetzal
Crested satinbird
Crested serpent eagle
Crested shelduck
Crested shriketit
Crested spinetail
Crested tit-warbler
Crested treeswift
Crested white-eye
Crestless curassow
Crestless fireback
Cretzschmar's bunting
Cricket warbler
Crimson chat
Crimson finch
Crimson fruitcrow
Crimson rosella
Crimson seedcracker
Crimson shining parrot
Crimson sunbird
Crimson topaz
Crimson-backed flameback
Crimson-backed sunbird
Crimson-backed tanager
Crimson-bellied parakeet
Crimson-bellied woodpecker
Crimson-breasted finch
Crimson-breasted flowerpecker
Crimson-breasted shrike
Crimson-breasted woodpecker
Crimson-browed finch
Crimson-collared grosbeak
Crimson-collared tanager
Crimson-crested woodpecker
Crimson-crowned flowerpecker
Crimson-crowned fruit dove
Crimson-fronted barbet
Crimson-fronted cardinal
Crimson-headed partridge
Crimson-hooded manakin
Crimson-hooded myzomela
Crimson-mantled woodpecker
Crimson-rumped myzomela
Crimson-rumped toucanet
Crimson-rumped waxbill
Crimson-winged woodpecker
Crinkle-collared manucode
Crissal thrasher
Croaking cisticola
Croaking ground dove
Crossley's ground thrush
Crossley's vanga
Crow honeyeater
Crow-billed drongo
Crowned chat-tyrant
Crowned cormorant
Crowned eagle
Crowned hornbill
Crowned lapwing
Crowned sandgrouse
Crowned slaty flycatcher
Crowned woodnymph
Crozet shag
Cryptic antthrush
Cryptic flycatcher
Cryptic forest falcon
Cryptic honeyeater
Cryptic treehunter
Cryptic warbler
Cuban amazon
Cuban black hawk
Cuban blackbird
Cuban bullfinch
Cuban crow
Cuban emerald
Cuban gnatcatcher
Cuban grassquit
Cuban green woodpecker
Cuban kite
Cuban macaw
Cuban martin
Cuban nightjar
Cuban oriole
Cuban palm crow
Cuban parakeet
Cuban pewee
Cuban pygmy owl
Cuban solitaire
Cuban tody
Cuban trogon
Cuban vireo
Cuckoo roller
Cundinamarca antpitta
Curl-crested aracari
Curl-crested jay
Curl-crested manucode
Curlew sandpiper
Curve-billed reedhaunter
Curve-billed scythebill
Curve-billed thrasher
Curve-billed tinamou
Curve-winged sabrewing
Cut-throat finch
Cuzco brushfinch
Cyprus scops owl
Cyprus warbler
Cyprus wheatear
Dagua thrush
Dalat bush warbler
Dalat shrike-babbler
Dalmatian pelican
Damar flycatcher
Damara red-billed hornbill
Damara tern
Dambo cisticola
Darjeeling woodpecker
Dark batis
Dark chanting goshawk
Dark hawk-cuckoo
Dark pewee
Dark-backed imperial pigeon
Dark-backed sibia
Dark-backed weaver
Dark-backed wood quail
Dark-bellied cinclodes
Dark-billed cuckoo
Dark-breasted rosefinch
Dark-breasted spinetail
Dark-capped bulbul
Dark-eared myza
Dark-eyed junco
Dark-eyed white-eye
Dark-faced ground tyrant
Dark-fronted babbler
Dark-necked tailorbird
Dark-rumped rosefinch
Dark-rumped swift
Dark-sided flycatcher
Dark-sided thrush
Dark-throated oriole
Dark-throated seedeater
Dark-winged canastero
Dark-winged miner
Dark-winged trumpeter
D'Arnaud's barbet
Dartford warbler
Darwin's flycatcher
Darwin's nothura
Darwin's rhea
Daurian jackdaw
Daurian partridge
Daurian redstart
Daurian starling
David's fulvetta
Davison's leaf warbler
De Filippi's petrel
Dead Sea sparrow
Deignan's prinia
Delalande's coua
Delta Amacuro softtail
Demoiselle crane
Denham's bustard
Des Murs's wiretail
Desert cisticola
Desert finch
Desert lark
Desert owl
Desert sparrow
Desert wheatear
Desert whitethroat
Desertas petrel
Diademed amazon
Diademed sandpiper-plover
Diademed tanager
Diademed tapaculo
Diamantina tapaculo
Diamond dove
Diamond firetail
Diard's trogon
Dickinson's kestrel
Diederik cuckoo
Dieffenbach's rail
Dimorphic dwarf kingfisher
Dimorphic egret
Dimorphic fantail
Dinelli's doradito
Dja River scrub warbler
Djibouti spurfowl
Dodson's bulbul
Doherty's bushshrike
Dohrn's warbler
Dolphin gull
Donaldson Smith's nightjar
Donaldson Smith's sparrow-weaver
D'Orbigny's chat-tyrant
Doria's goshawk
Dorst's cisticola
Dot-backed antbird
Dot-eared coquette
Dot-fronted woodpecker
Dotted tanager
Dot-winged antwren
Dot-winged crake
Double-banded courser
Double-banded greytail
Double-banded plover
Double-banded pygmy tyrant
Double-banded sandgrouse
Double-barred finch
Double-collared crescentchest
Double-collared seedeater
Double-crested cormorant
Doubleday's hummingbird
Double-eyed fig parrot
Double-spurred spurfowl
Double-striped thick-knee
Double-toothed barbet
Double-toothed kite
Downy woodpecker
Drab hemispingus
Drab myzomela
Drab seedeater
Drab swiftlet
Drab water tyrant
Drab whistler
Drab-breasted bamboo tyrant
Drakensberg prinia
Drakensberg rockjumper
Drakensberg siskin
Drongo fantail
Dubois's seedeater
Duchess lorikeet
Dugand's antwren
Duida grass finch
Duida woodcreeper
Dulit frogmouth
Dull-blue flycatcher
Dull-coloured grassquit
Dull-mantled antbird
Dune lark
Dunn's lark
Dupont's lark
Dusky antbird
Dusky babbler
Dusky broadbill
Dusky bush tanager
Dusky crag martin
Dusky crested flycatcher
Dusky crimsonwing
Dusky eagle-owl
Dusky friarbird
Dusky fulvetta
Dusky gerygone
Dusky grasswren
Dusky grouse
Dusky hummingbird
Dusky indigobird
Dusky lark
Dusky leaftosser
Dusky long-tailed cuckoo
Dusky lory
Dusky megapode
Dusky moorhen
Dusky munia
Dusky myzomela
Dusky nightjar
Dusky parrot
Dusky pigeon
Dusky piha
Dusky purpletuft
Dusky robin
Dusky spinetail
Dusky starfrontlet
Dusky sunbird
Dusky tapaculo
Dusky tetraka
Dusky thrush
Dusky tit
Dusky turtle dove
Dusky twinspot
Dusky warbler
Dusky white-eye
Dusky woodswallow
Dusky-backed jacamar
Dusky-billed parrotlet
Dusky-blue flycatcher
Dusky-brown oriole
Dusky-capped flycatcher
Dusky-capped greenlet
Dusky-chested flycatcher
Dusky-faced tanager
Dusky-green oropendola
Dusky-headed brushfinch
Dusky-headed parakeet
Dusky-legged guan
Dusky-tailed antbird
Dusky-tailed canastero
Dusky-tailed flatbill
Dusky-throated antshrike
Dusky-throated hermit
Dwarf bittern
Dwarf cassowary
Dwarf cuckoo
Dwarf fruit dove
Dwarf honeyguide
Dwarf jay
Dwarf koel
Dwarf longbill
Dwarf sparrowhawk
Dwarf tinamou
Dwarf tyrant-manakin
Dwarf vireo
Dybowski's twinspot


Eared dove
Eared pitta
Eared poorwill
Eared pygmy tyrant
Eared quetzal
East Amazonian fire-eye
East Andean antbird
East Brazilian chachalaca
East Brazilian pygmy owl
East coast akalat
East Coast boubou
Eastern alpine mannikin
Eastern barn owl
Eastern bearded greenbul
Eastern black-eared wheatear
Eastern black-headed batis
Eastern bluebird
Eastern bluebonnet
Eastern Bonelli's warbler
Eastern bristlebird
Eastern bronze-naped pigeon
Eastern buzzard
Eastern cattle egret
Eastern chanting goshawk
Eastern chat-tanager
Eastern clapper lark
Eastern crowned warbler
Eastern double-collared sunbird
Eastern golden weaver
Eastern grass owl
Eastern grey woodpecker
Eastern ground parrot
Eastern imperial eagle
Eastern jungle crow
Eastern kingbird
Eastern long-billed lark
Eastern marsh harrier
Eastern meadowlark
Eastern miombo sunbird
Eastern nicator
Eastern olivaceous warbler
Eastern Orphean warbler
Eastern osprey
Eastern parotia
Eastern phoebe
Eastern plantain-eater
Eastern rock nuthatch
Eastern rosella
Eastern screech owl
Eastern spinebill
Eastern spot-billed duck
Eastern striolated puffbird
Eastern subalpine warbler
Eastern towhee
Eastern violet-backed sunbird
Eastern wattled cuckooshrike
Eastern whipbird
Eastern whip-poor-will
Eastern wood pewee
Eastern woodhaunter
Eastern yellow robin
Eastern yellow wagtail
Eastern yellow-billed hornbill
Eaton's pintail
Echo parakeet
Eclectus parrot
Ecuadorian cacique
Ecuadorian ground dove
Ecuadorian hillstar
Ecuadorian piculet
Ecuadorian piedtail
Ecuadorian rail
Ecuadorian seedeater
Ecuadorian thrush
Ecuadorian trogon
Ecuadorian tyrannulet
Edible-nest swiftlet
Edwards's fig parrot
Edwards's pheasant
Egyptian goose
Egyptian nightjar
Egyptian plover
Egyptian vulture
Eiao monarch
El Oro parakeet
El Oro tapaculo
Elegant crescentchest
Elegant crested tinamou
Elegant euphonia
Elegant honeyeater
Elegant imperial pigeon
Elegant parrot
Elegant pitta
Elegant quail
Elegant sunbird
Elegant tern
Elegant tit
Elegant trogon
Elegant woodcreeper
Eleonora's falcon
Elf owl
Elfin woods warbler
Elliot's laughingthrush
Elliot's pheasant
Elliot's storm petrel
Elliot's woodpecker
Elusive antpitta
Emei leaf warbler
Emei Shan liocichla
Emerald starling
Emerald tanager
Emerald toucanet
Emerald-bellied puffleg
Emerald-chinned hummingbird
Emerald-spotted wood dove
Emin's shrike
Emperor bird-of-paradise
Emperor fairywren
Emperor goose
Emperor penguin
Empress brilliant
Enggano cuckoo-dove
Enggano hill myna
Enggano scops owl
Enggano thrush
Epaulet oriole
Equatorial akalat
Equatorial greytail
Erckel's spurfowl
Erect-crested penguin
Eskimo curlew
Esmeraldas antbird
Esmeraldas woodstar
Española cactus finch
Ethiopian boubou
Ethiopian cisticola
Ethiopian oriole
Ethiopian siskin
Ethiopian swallow
Euler's flycatcher
Eungella honeyeater
Eurasian bittern
Eurasian blackcap
Eurasian blue tit
Eurasian bullfinch
Eurasian collared dove
Eurasian coot
Eurasian crag martin
Eurasian curlew
Eurasian dotterel
Eurasian eagle-owl
Eurasian golden oriole
Eurasian hobby
Eurasian hoopoe
Eurasian jay
Eurasian magpie
Eurasian nuthatch
Eurasian oystercatcher
Eurasian penduline tit
Eurasian pygmy owl
Eurasian reed warbler
Eurasian rock pipit
Eurasian scops owl
Eurasian siskin
Eurasian skylark
Eurasian sparrowhawk
Eurasian spoonbill
Eurasian stone-curlew
Eurasian teal
Eurasian three-toed woodpecker
Eurasian tree sparrow
Eurasian treecreeper
Eurasian whimbrel
Eurasian wigeon
Eurasian woodcock
Eurasian wren
Eurasian wryneck
European bee-eater
European crested tit
European golden plover
European goldfinch
European green woodpecker
European greenfinch
European herring gull
European honey buzzard
European nightjar
European pied flycatcher
European robin
European roller
European serin
European shag
European stonechat
European storm petrel
European turtle dove
Evening grosbeak
Everett's scops owl
Everett's thrush
Everett's white-eye
Evergreen forest warbler
Eversmann's redstart
Exclamatory paradise whydah
Eyebrowed jungle flycatcher
Eyebrowed thrush
Eyebrowed wren-babbler
Eye-ringed flatbill
Eye-ringed thistletail
Eye-ringed tody-tyrant
Eyrean grasswren
Fairy flycatcher
Fairy gerygone
Fairy lorikeet
Fairy martin
Fairy penguin
Fairy pitta
Fairy prion
Fairy tern
Falcated duck
Falcated wren-babbler
Falkenstein's greenbul
Falkland steamer duck
Familiar chat
Fan-tailed berrypecker
Fan-tailed cuckoo
Fan-tailed gerygone
Fan-tailed grassbird
Fan-tailed raven
Fan-tailed warbler
Fan-tailed widowbird
Fanti drongo
Fanti saw-wing
Far Eastern curlew
Fasciated antshrike
Fasciated tiger heron
Fasciated wren
Fatu Hiva monarch
Fawn-breasted bowerbird
Fawn-breasted brilliant
Fawn-breasted tanager
Fawn-breasted thrush
Fawn-breasted waxbill
Fawn-breasted whistler
Fawn-breasted wren
Fawn-coloured lark
Fearful owl
Fea's petrel
Feline owlet-nightjar
Fernandina's flicker
Fernando Po batis
Fernando Po speirops
Fernando Po swift
Ferruginous antbird
Ferruginous babbler
Ferruginous duck
Ferruginous flycatcher
Ferruginous hawk
Ferruginous partridge
Ferruginous pygmy owl
Ferruginous-backed antbird
Festive amazon
Festive coquette
Field sparrow
Fiery minivet
Fiery topaz
Fiery-billed aracari
Fiery-breasted bushshrike
Fiery-browed starling
Fiery-capped manakin
Fiery-necked nightjar
Fiery-shouldered parakeet
Fiery-tailed awlbill
Fiery-throated fruiteater
Fiery-throated hummingbird
Fiery-throated metaltail
Fiji bush warbler
Fiji goshawk
Fiji parrotfinch
Fiji petrel
Fiji shrikebill
Fiji wattled honeyeater
Fiji whistler
Fiji white-eye
Fiji woodswallow
Fine-banded woodpecker
Fine-barred piculet
Fine-spotted woodpecker
Finn's weaver
Finsch's bulbul
Finsch's euphonia
Finsch's francolin
Finsch's imperial pigeon
Finsch's parakeet
Finsch's pygmy parrot
Finsch's rufous thrush
Finsch's wheatear
Fiordland penguin
Fire-bellied woodpecker
Fire-breasted flowerpecker
Fire-capped tit
Fire-crested alethe
Fire-eyed diucon
Fire-fronted bishop
Fire-maned bowerbird
Fire-tailed myzornis
Fire-tailed sunbird
Fire-tufted barbet
Fiscal flycatcher
Fischer's greenbul
Fischer's lovebird
Fischer's sparrow-lark
Fischer's starling
Fischer's turaco
Fish crow
Five-colored barbet
Five-colored munia
Five-striped sparrow
Flame bowerbird
Flame robin
Flame-breasted flowerpecker
Flame-breasted fruit dove
Flame-breasted sunbird
Flame-colored tanager
Flame-crested manakin
Flame-crested tanager
Flame-crowned flowerpecker
Flame-eared honeyeater
Flame-faced tanager
Flame-fronted barbet
Flame-rumped tanager
Flame-templed babbler
Flame-throated bulbul
Flame-throated sunangel
Flame-throated warbler
Flame-winged parakeet
Flaming sunbird
Flammulated bamboo tyrant
Flammulated flycatcher
Flammulated owl
Flammulated treehunter
Flappet lark
Flat-billed kingfisher
Flat-billed vireo
Flavescent bulbul
Flavescent flycatcher
Flavescent warbler
Flesh-footed shearwater
Flightless cormorant
Flock bronzewing
Floreana mockingbird
Flores crow
Flores green pigeon
Flores hawk-eagle
Flores monarch
Flores scops owl
Flores Sea cuckoo-dove
Florida scrub jay
Fluffy-backed tit-babbler
Flutist wren
Fluttering shearwater
Fly River grassbird
Flying steamer duck
Foothill elaenia
Foothill schiffornis
Foothill screech owl
Foothill stipplethroat
Forbes's blackbird
Forbes's forest rail
Forbes's mannikin
Forbes's plover
Forbes-Watson's swift
Forest batis
Forest bittern
Forest buzzard
Forest canary
Forest double-collared sunbird
Forest elaenia
Forest fody
Forest honeyeater
Forest kingfisher
Forest owlet
Forest penduline tit
Forest raven
Forest robin
Forest rock thrush
Forest scrub robin
Forest swallow
Forest thrush
Forest wagtail
Forest white-eye
Forest wood hoopoe
Fork-tailed drongo
Fork-tailed drongo-cuckoo
Fork-tailed flycatcher
Fork-tailed storm petrel
Fork-tailed sunbird
Fork-tailed tody-tyrant
Fork-tailed woodnymph
Forster's tern
Forty-spotted pardalote
Four-banded sandgrouse
Foveaux shag
Fox kestrel
Fox sparrow
Fox's weaver
Foxy cisticola
Foxy lark
Frances's sparrowhawk
Franklin's gull
Fraser's eagle-owl
Fraser's forest flycatcher
Fraser's rufous thrush
Fraser's sunbird
Freckle-breasted thornbird
Freckle-breasted woodpecker
Freckled duck
Freckled nightjar
Friedmann's lark
Friendly bush warbler
Friendly fantail
Frilled coquette
Frilled monarch
Frill-necked monarch
Fringe-backed fire-eye
Fuegian snipe
Fuegian steamer duck
Fuertes's parrot
Fujian niltava
Fülleborn's boubou
Fülleborn's longclaw
Fulmar prion
Fulvous antshrike
Fulvous babbler
Fulvous owl
Fulvous parrotbill
Fulvous shrike-tanager
Fulvous whistling duck
Fulvous wren
Fulvous-breasted flatbill
Fulvous-breasted woodpecker
Fulvous-chested jungle flycatcher
Fulvous-chinned nunlet
Fulvous-crested tanager
Fulvous-headed brushfinch
Fulvous-headed tanager
Fulvous-vented euphonia
Furtive flycatcher
Fuscous flycatcher
Fuscous honeyeater
Fynbos buttonquail
Gabar goshawk
Gabela akalat
Gabela bushshrike
Gabela helmetshrike
Gabon batis
Gabon coucal
Gabon woodpecker
Galapagos crake
Galápagos dove
Galapagos flycatcher
Galapagos hawk
Galápagos martin
Galápagos mockingbird
Galapagos penguin
Galápagos petrel
Galápagos shearwater
Gambaga flycatcher
Gambel's quail
Gang-gang cockatoo
Gansu leaf warbler
Garden emerald
Garden warbler
Garnet pitta
Garnet robin
Garnet-throated hummingbird
Garrett's reed warbler
Gartered trogon
Geelvink pygmy parrot
Genovesa cactus finch
Genovesa ground finch
Gentoo penguin
Geoffroy's daggerbill
Germain's peacock-pheasant
Germain's swiftlet
Giant antpitta
Giant antshrike
Giant babax
Giant conebill
Giant coot
Giant coua
Giant cowbird
Giant honeyeater
Giant hummingbird
Giant ibis
Giant kingbird
Giant kingfisher
Giant laughingthrush
Giant nuthatch
Giant pitta
Giant scops owl
Giant snipe
Giant sunbird
Giant swiftlet
Giant weaver
Giant white-eye
Giant wood rail
Giant wren
Gila woodpecker
Gilbert's honeyeater
Gilbert's whistler
Gilded barbet
Gilded flicker
Gilded sapphire
Gillett's lark
Gilliard's honeyeater
Gilt-edged tanager
Gizo white-eye
Glaucous gull
Glaucous macaw
Glaucous tanager
Glaucous-blue grosbeak
Glaucous-winged gull
Glistening-green tanager
Glittering kingfisher
Glittering-bellied emerald
Glittering-throated emerald
Glossy antshrike
Glossy black cockatoo
Glossy flowerpiercer
Glossy ibis
Glossy swiftlet
Glossy-backed becard
Glossy-backed drongo
Glossy-black thrush
Glossy-mantled manucode
Glowing puffleg
Glow-throated hummingbird
Godlewski's bunting
Goeldi's antbird
Gola malimbe
Golden babbler
Golden bowerbird
Golden bush robin
Golden cuckooshrike
Golden eagle
Golden fruit dove
Golden greenbul
Golden grosbeak
Golden masked owl
Golden monarch
Golden myna
Golden nightjar
Golden palm weaver
Golden parakeet
Golden parrotbill
Golden pheasant
Golden pipit
Golden swallow
Golden tanager
Golden vireo
Golden white-eye
Golden-backed bishop
Golden-backed mountain tanager
Golden-backed weaver
Golden-backed whistler
Golden-bellied flycatcher
Golden-bellied flyrobin
Golden-bellied gerygone
Golden-bellied starfrontlet
Golden-bellied warbler
Golden-bellied white-eye
Golden-billed saltator
Golden-breasted bunting
Golden-breasted fruiteater
Golden-breasted fulvetta
Golden-breasted puffleg
Golden-breasted starling
Golden-browed chat-tyrant
Golden-browed chlorophonia
Golden-browed warbler
Golden-capped parakeet
Golden-cheeked warbler
Golden-cheeked woodpecker
Golden-chested tanager
Golden-chevroned tanager
Golden-collared honeycreeper
Golden-collared macaw
Golden-collared manakin
Golden-collared tanager
Golden-collared toucanet
Golden-collared woodpecker
Golden-crested myna
Golden-crowned babbler
Golden-crowned emerald
Golden-crowned flycatcher
Golden-crowned kinglet
Golden-crowned manakin
Golden-crowned spadebill
Golden-crowned sparrow
Golden-crowned tanager
Golden-crowned warbler
Golden-eared tanager
Golden-eyed flowerpiercer
Golden-faced tyrannulet
Golden-fronted bowerbird
Golden-fronted fulvetta
Golden-fronted greenlet
Golden-fronted leafbird
Golden-fronted whitestart
Golden-fronted woodpecker
Golden-green woodpecker
Golden-headed cisticola
Golden-headed manakin
Golden-headed quetzal
Golden-hooded tanager
Golden-mantled racket-tail
Golden-naped barbet
Golden-naped finch
Golden-naped tanager
Golden-naped weaver
Golden-naped woodpecker
Golden-olive woodpecker
Golden-plumed parakeet
Golden-rumped euphonia
Golden-rumped flowerpecker
Golden-shouldered parrot
Golden-sided euphonia
Golden-spangled piculet
Golden-spotted ground dove
Golden-tailed parrotlet
Golden-tailed sapphire
Golden-tailed woodpecker
Golden-throated barbet
Golden-tufted mountain grackle
Golden-whiskered barbet
Golden-winged cacique
Golden-winged laughingthrush
Golden-winged manakin
Golden-winged parakeet
Golden-winged sparrow
Golden-winged sunbird
Golden-winged tody-flycatcher
Golden-winged warbler
Goldie's bird-of-paradise
Goldie's lorikeet
Goldman's warbler
Gold-ringed tanager
Goliath coucal
Goliath heron
Goliath imperial pigeon
Gorgeous bushshrike
Gorgeted puffleg
Gorgeted sunangel
Gorgeted wood quail
Gorgeted woodstar
Gosling's apalis
Gosling's bunting
Gough finch
Gough moorhen
Gouldian finch
Gould's emerald
Gould's frogmouth
Gould's jewelfront
Gould's nightingale-thrush
Gould's petrel
Gould's shortwing
Gould's toucanet
Graceful honeyeater
Graceful pitta
Graceful prinia
Grace's warbler
Gran Canaria blue chaffinch
†Grand Cayman thrush
Grand Comoro brush warbler
Grand Comoro bulbul
Grand Comoro drongo
Grand rhabdornis
Grant's bluebill
Grant's wood hoopoe
Grass wren
Grass-green tanager
Grasshopper buzzard
Grasshopper sparrow
Grassland sparrow
Grassland yellow finch
Grauer's broadbill
Grauer's cuckooshrike
Grauer's swamp warbler
Grauer's warbler
Grayish baywing
Gray-barred wren
Gray catbird
Gray hawk
Gray kingbird
Gray thrasher
Gray vireo
Gray-crowned rosy finch
Gray-headed kite
Gray-lined hawk
Gray's grasshopper warbler
Gray's lark
Gray-throated warbling finch
Great antpitta
Great antshrike
Great argus
Great auk
Great barbet
Great black hawk
Great black-backed gull
Great blue heron
Great blue turaco
Great bowerbird
Great bustard
Great cormorant
Great crested flycatcher
Great crested grebe
Great cuckoo-dove
Great curassow
Great dusky swift
Great eared nightjar
Great egret
Great elaenia
Great frigatebird
Great grebe
Great green macaw
Great grey owl
Great grey shrike
Great hanging parrot
Great hornbill
Great horned owl
Great Inca finch
Great Indian bustard
Great iora
Great jacamar
Great kiskadee
Great knot
Great lizard cuckoo
Great myna
Great Nicobar serpent eagle
Great parrotbill
Great potoo
Great reed warbler
Great rosefinch
Great rufous woodcreeper
Great sapphirewing
Great shearwater
Great shortwing
Great shrike-tyrant
Great skua
Great slaty woodpecker
Great snipe
Great sparrow
Great spinetail
Great spotted cuckoo
Great spotted kiwi
Great spotted woodpecker
Great stone-curlew
Great swallow-tailed swift
Great thrush
Great tinamou
Great tit
Great white pelican
Great woodswallow
Great xenops
Great-billed hermit
Great-billed heron
Great-billed kingfisher
Great-billed mannikin
Great-billed parrot
Great-billed seed finch
Greater adjutant
†Greater ʻamakihi
Greater ani
Greater Antillean bullfinch
Greater Antillean elaenia
Greater Antillean grackle
Greater bird-of-paradise
Greater blue-eared starling
Greater coucal
Greater crested tern
Greater double-collared sunbird
Greater flameback
Greater flamingo
Greater flowerpiercer
Greater green leafbird
Greater ground robin
Greater honeyguide
Greater hoopoe-lark
Greater kestrel
†Greater koa finch
Greater lophorina
Greater melampitta
Greater necklaced laughingthrush
Greater painted-snipe
Greater pewee
Greater prairie chicken
Greater racket-tailed drongo
Greater rhea
Greater roadrunner
Greater sage-grouse
Greater sand plover
Greater scaup
Greater scythebill
Greater short-toed lark
Greater sooty owl
Greater spotted eagle
Greater striped swallow
Greater swamp warbler
Greater thornbird
Greater vasa parrot
Greater wagtail-tyrant
Greater white-fronted goose
Greater yellow finch
Greater yellow-headed vulture
Greater yellowlegs
Greater yellownape
Great-tailed grackle
Great-winged petrel
Green aracari
Green avadavat
Green-backed twinspot
Green barbet
Green bee-eater
Green broadbill
Green catbird
Green cochoa
Green crombec
Green figbird
Green hermit
Green heron
Green honeycreeper
Green hylia
Green ibis
Green imperial pigeon
Green iora
Green jay
Green jery
Green junglefowl
Green kingfisher
Green longtail
Green malkoha
Green manakin
Green mango
Green oriole
Green oropendola
Green parakeet
Green peafowl
Green pheasant
Green pygmy goose
Green racket-tail
Green rosella
Green sandpiper
Green shrike-babbler
Green shrike-vireo
Green thorntail
Green tinkerbird
Green warbler
Green warbler-finch
Green white-eye
Green wood hoopoe
Green-and-black fruiteater
Green-and-gold tanager
Green-and-rufous kingfisher
Green-and-white hummingbird
Green-backed becard
Green-backed camaroptera
Green-backed eremomela
Green-backed firecrown
Green-backed flycatcher
Green-backed gerygone
Green-backed hillstar
Green-backed honeybird
Green-backed honeyeater
Green-backed kingfisher
Green-backed robin
Green-backed sparrow
Green-backed tit
Green-backed trogon
Green-backed whistler
Green-backed white-eye
Green-backed woodpecker
Green-barred woodpecker
Green-bearded helmetcrest
Green-bellied hummingbird
Green-billed coucal
Green-billed malkoha
Green-billed toucan
Green-breasted bushshrike
Green-breasted mango
Green-breasted mountaingem
Green-breasted pitta
Green-capped eremomela
Green-capped tanager
Green-cheeked parakeet
Green-chinned euphonia
Green-crowned brilliant
Green-crowned plovercrest
Green-crowned warbler
Green-eared barbet
Green-faced parrotfinch
Green-fronted hummingbird
Green-fronted lancebill
Green-headed hillstar
Green-headed oriole
Green-headed sunbird
Green-headed tanager
Greenish elaenia
Greenish puffleg
Greenish schiffornis
Greenish tyrannulet
Greenish warbler
Greenish yellow finch
Green-legged partridge
Green-naped tanager
Green-rumped parrotlet
Green-striped brushfinch
Green-tailed bristlebill
Green-tailed emerald
Green-tailed goldenthroat
Green-tailed jacamar
Green-tailed sunbird
Green-tailed towhee
Green-tailed trainbearer
Green-tailed warbler
Green-throated carib
Green-throated mango
Green-throated mountaingem
Green-throated sunbird
Green-winged pytilia
Green-winged saltator
Green-winged teal
Grenada dove
Grenada flycatcher
Grey antbird
Grey antwren
Grey apalis
Grey bunting
Grey bush chat
Grey butcherbird
Grey crested tit
Grey crow
Grey crowned crane
Grey cuckooshrike
Grey currawong
Grey elaenia
Grey emutail
Grey falcon
Grey fantail
Grey francolin
Grey friarbird
Grey gerygone
Grey go-away-bird
Grey goshawk
Grey grasswren
Grey ground thrush
Grey gull
Grey heron
Grey honeyeater
Grey hypocolius
Grey imperial pigeon
Grey junglefowl
Grey kestrel
Grey laughingthrush
Grey longbill
Grey monjita
Grey nightjar
Grey noddy
Grey parrot
Grey partridge
Grey peacock-pheasant
Grey penduline tit
Grey petrel
Grey pileated finch
Grey plover
Grey pratincole
Grey seedeater
Grey shrikethrush
Grey sibia
Grey silky-flycatcher
Grey sunbird
Grey teal
Grey thornbill
Grey tinamou
Grey tit
Grey tit-flycatcher
Grey treepie
Grey trembler
Grey wagtail
Grey warbler-finch
Grey waxbill
Grey whistler
Grey wren
Grey wren-warbler
Grey-and-buff woodpecker
Grey-and-gold tanager
Grey-and-gold warbler
Grey-and-white tyrannulet
Grey-backed camaroptera
Grey-backed cisticola
Grey-backed fiscal
Grey-backed hawk
Grey-backed shrike
Grey-backed sparrow-lark
Grey-backed storm petrel
Grey-backed tachuri
Grey-backed tailorbird
Grey-backed thrush
Grey-banded mannikin
Grey-bellied antbird
Grey-bellied bulbul
Grey-bellied comet
Grey-bellied cuckoo
Grey-bellied flowerpiercer
Grey-bellied hawk
Grey-bellied shrike-tyrant
Grey-bellied spinetail
Grey-bellied tesia
Grey-bellied wren-babbler
Grey-breasted babbler
Grey-breasted crake
Grey-breasted flycatcher
Grey-breasted martin
Grey-breasted mountain toucan
Grey-breasted parakeet
Grey-breasted partridge
Grey-breasted prinia
Grey-breasted sabrewing
Grey-breasted seedsnipe
Grey-breasted spiderhunter
Grey-breasted spurfowl
Grey-breasted wood wren
Grey-breasted woodpecker
Grey-browed brushfinch
Grey-brown white-eye
Grey-capped cicadabird
Grey-capped cuckoo
Grey-capped flycatcher
Grey-capped greenfinch
Grey-capped hemispingus
Grey-capped pygmy woodpecker
Grey-capped social weaver
Grey-capped tyrannulet
Grey-capped warbler
Grey-cheeked bulbul
Grey-cheeked fulvetta
Grey-cheeked green pigeon
Grey-cheeked nunlet
Grey-cheeked parakeet
Grey-cheeked thrush
Grey-cheeked tit-babbler
Grey-cheeked warbler
Grey-chested babbler
Grey-chested dove
Grey-chested greenlet
Grey-chested jungle flycatcher
Grey-chinned hermit
Grey-chinned minivet
Grey-chinned sunbird
Grey-collared becard
Grey-collared oriole
Grey-cowled wood rail
Grey-crested cacholote
Grey-crested finch
Grey-crested helmetshrike
Grey-crowned babbler
Grey-crowned crocias
Grey-crowned flatbill
Grey-crowned mannikin
Grey-crowned prinia
Grey-crowned tanager
Grey-crowned tetraka
Grey-crowned warbler
Grey-crowned woodpecker
Grey-crowned yellowthroat
Grey-eared brushfinch
Grey-eared honeyeater
Grey-eyed bulbul
Grey-eyed greenlet
Grey-faced buzzard
Grey-faced petrel
Grey-faced tit-babbler
Grey-flanked cinclodes
Grey-fronted dove
Grey-fronted green pigeon
Grey-fronted honeyeater
Grey-fronted quail-dove
Grey-green fruit dove
Grey-green scrubwren
Grey-headed albatross
Grey-headed antbird
Grey-headed babbler
Grey-headed batis
Grey-headed bristlebill
Grey-headed broadbill
Grey-headed bulbul
Grey-headed bullfinch
Grey-headed bushshrike
Grey-headed canary-flycatcher
Grey-headed chachalaca
Grey-headed chickadee
Grey-headed cuckooshrike
Grey-headed dove
Grey-headed fish eagle
Grey-headed fruit dove
Grey-headed goshawk
Grey-headed greenbul
Grey-headed gull
Grey-headed honeyeater
Grey-headed imperial pigeon
Grey-headed kingfisher
Grey-headed lapwing
Grey-headed lovebird
Grey-headed mannikin
Grey-headed nigrita
Grey-headed oliveback
Grey-headed parakeet
Grey-headed parrotbill
Grey-headed piprites
Grey-headed robin
Grey-headed silverbill
Grey-headed spinetail
Grey-headed sunbird
Grey-headed swamphen
Grey-headed tanager
Grey-headed warbler
Grey-headed woodpecker
Grey-hooded attila
Grey-hooded bush tanager
Grey-hooded flycatcher
Grey-hooded fulvetta
Grey-hooded parakeet
Grey-hooded parrotbill
Grey-hooded sierra finch
Grey-hooded sunbird
Grey-hooded warbler
Grey-hooded white-eye
Greyish eagle-owl
Greyish miner
Greyish mourner
Greyish piculet
Greyish saltator
Greylag goose
Grey-legged tinamou
Grey-mantled wren
Grey-naped antpitta
Grey-necked bunting
Grey-necked rockfowl
Grey-olive greenbul
Grey-rumped swallow
Grey-rumped swift
Grey-rumped swiftlet
Grey-rumped treeswift
Grey-sided bush warbler
Grey-sided flowerpecker
Grey-sided laughingthrush
Grey-sided scimitar babbler
Grey-sided thrush
Grey-streaked flycatcher
Grey-streaked honeyeater
Grey-striped spurfowl
Grey-tailed mountaingem
Grey-tailed piha
Grey-tailed tattler
Grey-throated babbler
Grey-throated barbet
Grey-throated chat
Grey-throated leaftosser
Grey-throated martin
Grey-throated rail
Grey-throated sunbird
Grey-throated tit-flycatcher
Grey-throated warbler
Grey-throated white-eye
Grey-winged blackbird
Grey-winged cotinga
Grey-winged francolin
Grey-winged Inca finch
Grey-winged robin-chat
Grey-winged trumpeter
Griffon vulture
Grimwood's longclaw
Groove-billed ani
Groove-billed toucanet
Grosbeak starling
Ground cuckooshrike
Ground tit
Ground woodpecker
Groundscraper thrush
Growling riflebird
Guadalcanal dwarf kingfisher
Guadalcanal honeyeater
Guadalcanal thrush
†Guadalupe caracara
Guadalupe junco
Guadalupe murrelet
Guadalupe storm petrel
Guadeloupe woodpecker
Guaiquinima whitestart
Guam flycatcher
Guam kingfisher
Guam rail
Guanay cormorant
Guatemalan pygmy owl
Guatemalan tyrannulet
Guayaquil woodpecker
Guianan cock-of-the-rock
Guianan gnatcatcher
Guianan puffbird
Guianan red cotinga
Guianan schiffornis
Guianan streaked antwren
Guianan toucanet
Guianan trogon
Guianan tyrannulet
Guianan warbling antbird
Guianan woodcreeper
Guinea turaco
Guira cuckoo
Guira tanager
Güldenstädt's redstart
Gull-billed tern
Gundlach's hawk
Gunnison grouse
Gurney's eagle
Gurney's pitta
Gurney's sugarbird
Guttulate foliage-gleaner
Hadada ibis
Hainan blue flycatcher
Hainan leaf warbler
Hainan partridge
Hainan peacock-pheasant
Hair-crested drongo
Hairy woodpecker
Hairy-backed bulbul
Hairy-breasted barbet
Hairy-crested antbird
Half-collared kingfisher
Half-collared sparrow
Hall's babbler
Halmahera boobook
Halmahera cuckooshrike
Halmahera flowerpecker
Halmahera paradise-crow
Halmahera swiftlet
Hammond's flycatcher
Handsome flycatcher
Handsome fruiteater
Handsome spurfowl
Handsome sunbird
Hangnest tody-tyrant
Happy wren
Harlequin antbird
Harlequin duck
Harlequin quail
Harpy eagle
Harris's hawk
Harris's sparrow
Hartert's camaroptera
Hartert's leaf warbler
Hartlaub's babbler
Hartlaub's bustard
Hartlaub's duck
Hartlaub's gull
Hartlaub's spurfowl
Hartlaub's turaco
Harwood's spurfowl
Hauxwell's thrush
Hawaiʻi ʻakepa
Hawaiʻi ʻamakihi
Hawaiʻi creeper
Hawaiʻi ʻelepaio
†Hawaii mamo
†Hawaiʻi ʻōʻō
Hawaiian coot
Hawaiian crow
Hawaiian duck
Hawaiian hawk
Hawaiian petrel
Hawaiian rail
Hawkins's rail
Hazel grouse
Hazel-fronted pygmy tyrant
Heard Island shag
Heart-spotted woodpecker
Heermann's gull
Heinroth's shearwater
Hellmayr's pipit
Helmet vanga
Helmeted curassow
Helmeted friarbird
Helmeted guineafowl
Helmeted hornbill
Helmeted manakin
Helmeted myna
Helmeted pygmy tyrant
Helmeted woodpecker
Hemprich's hornbill
Hen harrier
Henderson crake
Henderson fruit dove
Henderson petrel
Henderson reed warbler
Henderson's ground jay
Henna-capped foliage-gleaner
Henna-hooded foliage-gleaner
Henslow's sparrow
Henst's goshawk
Hepatic tanager
Herald petrel
Herero chat
Hermit thrush
Hermit warbler
Hermit wood wren
Heuglin's bustard
Heuglin's masked weaver
Heuglin's spurfowl
Heuglin's wheatear
Heuglin's white-eye
Highland elaenia
Highland guan
Highland rush warbler
Highland tinamou
Hildebrandt's spurfowl
Hildebrandt's starling
Hill blue flycatcher
Hill partridge
Hill pigeon
Hill prinia
Hill swallow
Himalayan beautiful rosefinch
Himalayan black-lored tit
Himalayan bluetail
Himalayan bulbul
Himalayan buzzard
Himalayan cuckoo
Himalayan cutia
Himalayan flameback
Himalayan monal
Himalayan owl
Himalayan prinia
Himalayan quail
Himalayan rubythroat
Himalayan shortwing
Himalayan shrike-babbler
Himalayan snowcock
Himalayan swiftlet
Himalayan thrush
Himalayan vulture
Himalayan white-browed rosefinch
Himalayan woodpecker
Hinde's babbler
Hispaniolan amazon
Hispaniolan crossbill
Hispaniolan emerald
Hispaniolan lizard cuckoo
Hispaniolan nightjar
Hispaniolan oriole
Hispaniolan palm crow
Hispaniolan parakeet
Hispaniolan pewee
Hispaniolan spindalis
Hispaniolan trogon
Hispaniolan woodpecker
Hoary puffleg
Hoary-headed grebe
Hoary-throated barwing
Hoary-throated spinetail
Hodgson's frogmouth
Hodgson's hawk-cuckoo
Hodgson's redstart
Hodgson's treecreeper
Hoffmann's woodpecker
Hoffmanns's woodcreeper
Hofmann's sunbird
Holub's golden weaver
Hombron's kingfisher
Honduran emerald
Honeyguide greenbul
Hood mockingbird
Hooded antpitta
Hooded berryeater
Hooded butcherbird
Hooded crane
Hooded crow
Hooded cuckooshrike
Hooded dotterel
Hooded gnateater
Hooded grebe
Hooded grosbeak
Hooded mannikin
Hooded merganser
Hooded monarch
Hooded mountain tanager
Hooded mountain toucan
Hooded oriole
Hooded parrot
Hooded pitohui
Hooded pitta
Hooded robin
Hooded siskin
Hooded tanager
Hooded tinamou
Hooded treepie
Hooded visorbearer
Hooded vulture
Hooded warbler
Hooded wheatear
Hooded whistler
Hooded yellowthroat
Hook-billed bulbul
Hook-billed hermit
Hook-billed kingfisher
Hook-billed kite
Hook-billed vanga
†Hoopoe starling
Hornbill friarbird
Hornby's storm petrel
Horned coot
Horned curassow
Horned grebe
Horned guan
Horned lark
Horned parakeet
Horned puffin
Horned screamer
Horned sungem
Horsfield's babbler
Horsfield's bronze cuckoo
Horsfield's bush lark
Horus swift
Hose's broadbill
Hose's partridge
Houbara bustard
House bunting
House crow
House finch
House sparrow
House swift
House wren
Huallaga tanager
Huayco tinamou
Hudsonian godwit
Hudsonian whimbrel
Hudson's black tyrant
Hudson's canastero
Huet's fulvetta
Humaita antbird
Humblot's flycatcher
Humblot's heron
Humblot's sunbird
Humboldt penguin
Humboldt's sapphire
Hume's bush warbler
Hume's hawk-owl
Hume's leaf warbler
Hume's short-toed lark
Hume's treecreeper
Hume's wheatear
Hume's white-eye
Hume's whitethroat
Hunstein's mannikin
Hunter's cisticola
Hunter's sunbird
Huon astrapia
Huon catbird
Huon melidectes
Hutton's shearwater
Hutton's vireo
Hyacinth macaw
Hyacinth visorbearer
Iago sparrow
Ibadan malimbe
Ibera seedeater
Iberian chiffchaff
Iberian green woodpecker
Iberian grey shrike
Iberian magpie
Iceland gull
Icterine greenbul
Icterine warbler
Ihering's antwren
Ijima's leaf warbler
Imeri warbling antbird
Imitator goshawk
Imperial amazon
Imperial shag
Imperial snipe
Imperial woodpecker
Inaccessible Island finch
Inaccessible Island rail
Inagua woodstar
Inambari gnatcatcher
Inambari woodcreeper
Inca dove
Inca flycatcher
Inca jay
Inca tern
Inca wren
Indian blackbird
Indian black-lored tit
Indian blue robin
Indian bush lark
Indian cormorant
Indian courser
Indian cuckoo
Indian eagle-owl
Indian golden oriole
Indian grassbird
Indian grey hornbill
Indian jungle crow
Indian nightjar
Indian nuthatch
Indian paradise flycatcher
Indian peafowl
Indian pitta
Indian pond heron
Indian robin
Indian roller
Indian scimitar babbler
Indian scops owl
Indian silverbill
Indian skimmer
Indian spot-billed duck
Indian spotted creeper
Indian spotted eagle
Indian stone-curlew
Indian swiftlet
Indian vulture
Indian white-eye
Indian yellow-nosed albatross
Indigo bunting
Indigo flowerpiercer
Indigo flycatcher
Indigo-banded kingfisher
Indigo-capped hummingbird
Indochinese barbet
Indochinese blue flycatcher
Indochinese bush lark
Indochinese cuckooshrike
Indochinese fulvetta
Indochinese green magpie
Indochinese roller
Indochinese yuhina
Indonesian honeyeater
Inland dotterel
Inland thornbill
Intermediate egret
Invisible rail
Iphis monarch
Iquitos gnatcatcher
Iraq babbler
Iringa akalat
Iriomote tit
Iris lorikeet
Isabela oriole
Isabelline bush-hen
Isabelline shrike
Isabelline wheatear
Island bronze-naped pigeon
Island imperial pigeon
Island leaf warbler
Island monarch
Island scrub jay
Island swiftlet
Island thrush
Island whistler
Islet kingfisher
Isthmian wren
Italian sparrow
Itatiaia spinetail
Itombwe flycatcher
Ituri batis
Ivory gull
Ivory-backed woodswallow
Ivory-billed aracari
Ivory-billed coucal
Ivory-billed woodcreeper
Ivory-billed woodpecker
Ivory-breasted pitta
Izu thrush
Jack snipe
Jackal buzzard
Jackson's hornbill
Jackson's spurfowl
Jackson's widowbird
Jacky winter
Jacobin cuckoo
Jalca tapaculo
Jamaican becard
Jamaican blackbird
Jamaican crow
Jamaican elaenia
Jamaican euphonia
Jamaican lizard cuckoo
Jamaican mango
Jamaican oriole
Jamaican owl
Jamaican petrel
Jamaican pewee
Jamaican poorwill
Jamaican spindalis
Jamaican tody
Jamaican vireo
Jamaican woodpecker
Jambandu indigobird
Jambu fruit dove
Jameson's antpecker
Jameson's firefinch
Jameson's snipe
Jameson's wattle-eye
James's flamingo
Jandaya parakeet
Jankowski's bunting
Japanese accentor
Japanese bush warbler
Japanese cormorant
Japanese green woodpecker
Japanese grosbeak
Japanese leaf warbler
Japanese murrelet
Japanese night heron
Japanese paradise flycatcher
Japanese pygmy woodpecker
Japanese quail
Japanese reed bunting
Japanese robin
Japanese scops owl
Japanese sparrowhawk
Japanese thrush
Japanese tit
Japanese wagtail
Japanese waxwing
Japanese wood pigeon
Java sparrow
Javan banded pitta
Javan blue flycatcher
Javan bush warbler
Javan cochoa
Javan cuckooshrike
Javan flameback
Javan frogmouth
Javan fulvetta
Javan green magpie
Javan hawk-eagle
Javan kingfisher
Javan lapwing
Javan munia
Javan myna
Javan owlet
Javan plover
Javan pond heron
Javan scops owl
Javan sunbird
Javan tesia
Javan trogon
Javan whistling thrush
Javan white-eye
Javan woodcock
Jelski's black tyrant
Jelski's chat-tyrant
Jerdon's babbler
Jerdon's baza
Jerdon's bush chat
Jerdon's bush lark
Jerdon's courser
Jerdon's leafbird
Jerdon's minivet
Jerdon's nightjar
Jet antbird
Jet manakin
Jobi manucode
Jocotoco antpitta
Johanna's sunbird
Johannes's tody-tyrant
Jonquil parrot
Jos Plateau indigobird
Josephine's lorikeet
Jouanin's petrel
Joyful greenbul
Juan Fernández firecrown
Juan Fernández petrel
Juan Fernández tit-tyrant
Juba weaver
Jungle babbler
Jungle bush quail
Jungle myna
Jungle nightjar
Jungle owlet
Jungle prinia
Junín canastero
Junin grebe
Junin tapaculo
Juniper titmouse
Kabobo apalis
Kadavu fantail
Kadavu honeyeater
Kaempfer's tody-tyrant
Kaempfer's woodpecker
Kai cicadabird
Kakamega greenbul
Kalahari scrub robin
Kalij pheasant
Kalinowski's chat-tyrant
Kalkadoon grasswren
Kamchatka leaf warbler
Kandt's waxbill
Karamoja apalis
Karoo chat
Karoo eremomela
Karoo korhaan
Karoo lark
Karoo long-billed lark
Karoo prinia
Karoo scrub robin
Karoo thrush
Karthala scops owl
Karthala white-eye
Kashmir flycatcher
Kashmir nuthatch
Katanga masked weaver
†Kauaʻi ʻakialoa
Kauaʻi ʻamakihi
Kauaʻi ʻelepaio
Kauaʻi nukupuʻu
†Kauaʻi ʻōʻō
Kawall's amazon
Keel-billed motmot
Keel-billed toucan
Kelp goose
Kelp gull
Kemp's longbill
Kenrick's starling
Kentish plover
Kentucky warbler
Kenya sparrow
Kerguelen petrel
Kerguelen shag
Kerguelen tern
Kermadec petrel
Kessler's thrush
Key West quail-dove
Kikuyu white-eye
Kilombero weaver
Kimberley honeyeater
King bird-of-paradise
King eider
King of Saxony bird-of-paradise
King penguin
King quail
King rail
King vulture
Kinglet calyptura
Kinglet manakin
Kipengere seedeater
Kirk's white-eye
Kirtland's warbler
Kittlitz's murrelet
Kittlitz's plover
Klaas's cuckoo
Klages's antbird
Klages's antwren
Kloss's leaf warbler
Knobbed hornbill
Knob-billed duck
Knob-billed fruit dove
Knysna turaco
Knysna warbler
Knysna woodpecker
Koepcke's hermit
Koepcke's screech owl
Kofiau monarch
Kofiau paradise kingfisher
Koklass pheasant
Kolombangara leaf warbler
Kolombangara monarch
Kolombangara white-eye
†Kona grosbeak
Kordofan lark
Kordofan sparrow
Kori bustard
Kosrae crake
Kosrae fruit dove
†Kosrae starling
Kosrae white-eye
Kozlov's accentor
Kretschmer's longbill
Krüper's nuthatch
Kuhl's lorikeet
Kungwe apalis
Kurdish wheatear
Kurrichane thrush
La Sagra's flycatcher
La Selle thrush
†Labrador duck
Laced woodpecker
Lacrimose mountain tanager
Ladder-backed woodpecker
Ladder-tailed nightjar
Lady Amherst's pheasant
Lafresnaye's piculet
Lafresnaye's vanga
Lagden's bushshrike
Laggar falcon
Lake duck
†Lānaʻi hookbill
Lanceolated monklet
Lanceolated warbler
Lance-tailed manakin
Landana firefinch
Lanner falcon
Lapland longspur
Lappet-faced vulture
Large blue flycatcher
Large cuckooshrike
Large elaenia
Large fig parrot
Large frogmouth
Large green pigeon
Large grey babbler
Large ground finch
Large hawk-cuckoo
Large Lifou white-eye
Large niltava
Large scimitar babbler
Large scrubwren
Large tree finch
Large woodshrike
Large wren-babbler
Large-billed antwren
Large-billed crow
Large-billed gerygone
Large-billed lark
Large-billed leaf warbler
Large-billed parrotlet
Large-billed reed warbler
Large-billed scrubwren
Large-billed seed finch
Large-billed tern
Large-footed finch
Large-footed tapaculo
Large-headed flatbill
Large-spotted nutcracker
Large-tailed antshrike
Large-tailed nightjar
Lark bunting
Lark sparrow
Lark-like brushrunner
Lark-like bunting
Latham's francolin
Latham's snipe
Lattice-tailed trogon
Laughing dove
Laughing falcon
Laughing gull
Laughing kookaburra
Laughing owl
Laura's woodland warbler
Laurel pigeon
Lava gull
Lava heron
Lavender waxbill
Lawes's parotia
Lawrence's goldfinch
Lawrence's thrush
Layard's parakeet
Layard's warbler
Layard's woodcreeper
Laysan albatross
Laysan duck
Laysan finch
†Laysan honeycreeper
Laysan rail
Lazuli bunting
Lazuli kingfisher
Lazuline sabrewing
Lazy cisticola
Leach's storm petrel
Leaden antwren
Leaden flycatcher
Leaden honeyeater
Leaf lorikeet
Lear's macaw
Least auklet
Least bittern
Least flycatcher
Least grebe
Least honeyguide
Least nighthawk
Least poorwill
Least sandpiper
Least seedsnipe
Least storm petrel
Least tern
LeConte's sparrow
LeConte's thrasher
Legge's flowerpecker
Legge's hawk-eagle
Lemon dove
Lemon-bellied crombec
Lemon-bellied flyrobin
Lemon-bellied white-eye
Lemon-breasted canary
Lemon-browed flycatcher
Lemon-chested greenlet
Lemon-rumped tanager
Lemon-rumped warbler
Lemon-spectacled tanager
Lemon-throated barbet
Lemon-throated leaf warbler
Lesser adjutant
†Lesser ʻakialoa
Lesser Antillean bullfinch
Lesser Antillean flycatcher
Lesser Antillean pewee
Lesser Antillean saltator
Lesser Antillean swift
Lesser Antillean tanager
Lesser bird-of-paradise
Lesser black-backed gull
Lesser blue-eared starling
Lesser coucal
Lesser crested tern
Lesser cuckoo
Lesser cuckooshrike
Lesser elaenia
Lesser fish eagle
Lesser flamingo
Lesser florican
Lesser frigatebird
Lesser goldfinch
Lesser grass finch
Lesser green leafbird
Lesser greenlet
Lesser grey shrike
Lesser ground cuckoo
Lesser ground robin
Lesser honeyguide
Lesser hoopoe-lark
Lesser horned owl
Lesser hornero
Lesser jacana
Lesser kestrel
Lesser kiskadee
†Lesser koa finch
Lesser masked weaver
Lesser melampitta
Lesser moorhen
Lesser necklaced laughingthrush
Lesser nighthawk
Lesser noddy
Lesser nothura
Lesser prairie chicken
Lesser racket-tailed drongo
Lesser redpoll
Lesser roadrunner
Lesser sand plover
Lesser scaup
Lesser seedcracker
Lesser short-toed lark
Lesser shortwing
Lesser shrike-tyrant
Lesser sooty owl
Lesser spotted eagle
Lesser spotted woodpecker
Lesser striped swallow
Lesser superb bird-of-paradise
Lesser swallow-tailed swift
Lesser swamp warbler
Lesser vasa parrot
Lesser violetear
Lesser wagtail-tyrant
Lesser whistling duck
Lesser white-fronted goose
Lesser whitethroat
Lesser woodcreeper
Lesser yellow-headed vulture
Lesser yellowlegs
Lesser yellownape
Lesson's motmot
Lesson's seedeater
Letitia's thorntail
Lettered aracari
Letter-winged kite
Levaillant's cisticola
Levaillant's cuckoo
Levaillant's woodpecker
Levant sparrowhawk
Lewin's honeyeater
Lewin's rail
Lewis's woodpecker
Lichtenstein's sandgrouse
Lidth's jay
Light-crowned spinetail
Light-mantled albatross
Light-vented bulbul
Lilac kingfisher
Lilac-breasted roller
Lilac-crowned amazon
Lilac-crowned fruit dove
Lilac-tailed parrotlet
Lilian's lovebird
Limestone leaf warbler
Limestone wren-babbler
Lina's sunbird
Lincoln's sparrow
Lineated barbet
Lineated foliage-gleaner
Lineated woodpecker
Line-cheeked spinetail
Lined antshrike
Lined forest falcon
Lined quail-dove
Lined seedeater
Line-fronted canastero
Lita woodpecker
Little auk
Little bee-eater
Little bittern
Little black cormorant
Little blue heron
Little bronze cuckoo
Little brown bustard
Little bunting
Little bustard
Little buttonquail
Little chachalaca
Little corella
Little cormorant
Little crake
Little crow
Little cuckoo
Little cuckoo-dove
Little curlew
Little eagle
Little egret
Little forktail
Little friarbird
Little grassbird
Little grebe
Little green pigeon
Little green sunbird
Little green woodpecker
Little greenbul
Little grey flycatcher
Little grey greenbul
Little grey woodpecker
Little ground tyrant
Little gull
Little hermit
Little Inca finch
Little kingfisher
Little lorikeet
Little minivet
Little nightjar
Little owl
Little paradise kingfisher
Little penguin
Little pied cormorant
Little pied flycatcher
Little raven
Little ringed plover
Little rock thrush
Little rush warbler
Little shearwater
Little slaty flycatcher
Little sparrowhawk
Little spiderhunter
Little spotted kiwi
Little stint
Little Sumba hawk-owl
Little swift
Little tern
Little thornbird
Little tinamou
Little wattlebird
Little weaver
Little wood rail
Little woodpecker
Little woodstar
Little woodswallow
Little yellow flycatcher
Littoral rock thrush
Livingstone's flycatcher
Livingstone's turaco
Lizard buzzard
Loango weaver
Locust finch
Loggerhead kingbird
Loggerhead shrike
Loja tyrannulet
Lompobattang flycatcher
Long-bearded honeyeater
Long-billed bernieria
Long-billed bush warbler
Long-billed corella
Long-billed crombec
Long-billed crow
Long-billed cuckoo
Long-billed curlew
Long-billed dowitcher
Long-billed forest warbler
Long-billed hermit
Long-billed honeyeater
Long-billed murrelet
Long-billed partridge
Long-billed pipit
Long-billed plover
Long-billed spiderhunter
Long-billed starthroat
Long-billed thrasher
Long-billed thrush
Long-billed white-eye
Long-billed woodcreeper
Long-billed wren
Long-billed wren-babbler
Long-crested eagle
Long-crested myna
Long-crested pygmy tyrant
Long-eared owl
Long-legged buzzard
Long-legged pipit
Long-legged thicketbird
Long-tailed broadbill
Long-tailed bush warbler
Long-tailed cinclodes
Long-tailed cisticola
Long-tailed duck
Long-tailed fantail
Long-tailed finch
Long-tailed fiscal
Long-tailed glossy starling
Long-tailed ground dove
Long-tailed ground roller
Long-tailed hawk
Long-tailed hermit
Long-tailed honey buzzard
Long-tailed jaeger
Long-tailed manakin
Long-tailed meadowlark
Long-tailed minivet
Long-tailed mockingbird
Long-tailed myna
Long-tailed nightjar
Long-tailed paradigalla
Long-tailed paradise whydah
Long-tailed parakeet
Long-tailed potoo
Long-tailed reed finch
Long-tailed rosefinch
Long-tailed sabrewing
Long-tailed shrike
Long-tailed sibia
Long-tailed silky-flycatcher
Long-tailed starling
Long-tailed sylph
Long-tailed tapaculo
Long-tailed thrush
Long-tailed tit
Long-tailed triller
Long-tailed tyrant
Long-tailed widowbird
Long-tailed wood partridge
Long-tailed woodcreeper
Long-tailed woodnymph
Long-toed lapwing
Long-toed stint
Long-trained nightjar
Long-tufted screech owl
Longuemare's sunangel
Long-wattled umbrellabird
Long-whiskered owlet
Long-winged antwren
Long-winged harrier
Lord Derby's parakeet
Lord Howe gerygone
Lord Howe parakeet
Lord Howe woodhen
Lorentz's whistler
Loria's satinbird
Loten's sunbird
Louisiade flowerpecker
Louisiade pitta
Louisiade whistler
Louisiade white-eye
Louisiana waterthrush
Lovely cotinga
Lovely fairywren
Lovely sunbird
Loveridge's sunbird
Lowland akalat
Lowland masked apalis
Lowland peltops
Lowland sooty boubou
Lowland tiny greenbul
Lowland white-eye
Luapula cisticola
Lucifer sheartail
Lucy's warbler
Ludwig's bustard
Ludwig's double-collared sunbird
Lufira masked weaver
Lühder's bushshrike
Lulu's tody-flycatcher
Lunulated antbird
Luzon bleeding-heart
Luzon flameback
Luzon hawk-owl
Luzon hornbill
Luzon scops owl
Luzon striped babbler
Luzon sunbird
Luzon water redstart
Lyall's wren
Lynes's cisticola
Lyre-tailed honeyguide
Lyre-tailed nightjar
Macaroni penguin
Maccoa duck
MacGillivray's warbler
MacGregor's bowerbird
MacGregor's honeyeater
Mackinlay's cuckoo-dove
Mackinnon's shrike
Macleay's honeyeater
Macquarie parakeet
Macquarie shag
MacQueen's bustard
Madagascan blue pigeon
Madagascan buttonquail
Madagascan cisticola
Madagascan cuckoo
Madagascan cuckooshrike
Madagascan fish eagle
Madagascan flufftail
Madagascan grebe
Madagascan green pigeon
Madagascan harrier-hawk
Madagascan hoopoe
Madagascan ibis
Madagascan jacana
Madagascan lark
Madagascan magpie-robin
Madagascan mannikin
Madagascan nightjar
Madagascan owl
Madagascan partridge
Madagascan plover
Madagascan pochard
Madagascan pratincole
Madagascan pygmy kingfisher
Madagascan rail
Madagascan sandgrouse
Madagascan serpent eagle
Madagascan snipe
Madagascan sparrowhawk
Madagascan spinetail
Madagascan starling
Madagascan stonechat
Madagascan swamp warbler
Madagascan wagtail
Madagascan wood rail
Madagascan yellowbrow
Madagascar buzzard
Madagascar cuckoo-hawk
Madarasz's tiger parrot
Madeira firecrest
Magdalena antbird
Magdalena tapaculo
Magellanic diving petrel
Magellanic oystercatcher
Magellanic penguin
Magellanic plover
Magellanic snipe
Magellanic tapaculo
Magellanic woodpecker
Magenta petrel
Magenta-throated woodstar
Maghreb lark
Maghreb magpie
Maghreb owl
Magnificent bird-of-paradise
Magnificent frigatebird
Magnificent riflebird
Magnificent sunbird
Magnolia warbler
Magpie goose
Magpie mannikin
Magpie shrike
Magpie starling
Magpie tanager
Maguari stork
Major Mitchell's cockatoo
Makatea fruit dove
Makira cicadabird
Makira dwarf kingfisher
Makira fantail
Makira flycatcher
Makira honeyeater
Makira leaf warbler
Makira starling
Makira thrush
Makira woodhen
Malabar barbet
Malabar grey hornbill
Malabar lark
Malabar pied hornbill
Malabar starling
Malabar trogon
Malabar whistling thrush
Malabar woodshrike
Malachite kingfisher
Malachite sunbird
Malagasy black swift
Malagasy brush warbler
Malagasy bulbul
Malagasy coucal
Malagasy green sunbird
Malagasy harrier
Malagasy kestrel
Malagasy kingfisher
Malagasy palm swift
Malagasy paradise flycatcher
Malagasy pond heron
Malagasy sacred ibis
Malagasy turtle dove
Malagasy white-eye
Malaita dwarf kingfisher
Malaita fantail
Malaita white-eye
Malayan banded pitta
Malayan laughingthrush
Malayan night heron
Malayan peacock-pheasant
Malayan whistling thrush
Malaysian blue flycatcher
Malaysian crested argus
Malaysian eared nightjar
Malaysian hawk-cuckoo
Malaysian honeyguide
Malaysian partridge
Malaysian pied fantail
Malaysian plover
Malherbe's parakeet
Mali firefinch
Malindi pipit
Mallee emu-wren
Mamberamo shrikethrush
Manchurian bush warbler
Manchurian reed warbler
Mandarin duck
Maned owl
Mangareva kingfisher
Mangareva reed warbler
Mangrove blue flycatcher
Mangrove cuckoo
Mangrove fantail
Mangrove finch
Mangrove gerygone
Mangrove golden whistler
Mangrove honeyeater
Mangrove hummingbird
Mangrove kingfisher
Mangrove pitta
Mangrove rail
Mangrove robin
Mangrove sunbird
Mangrove swallow
Mangrove vireo
Mangrove warbler
Mangrove whistler
Manicoré warbling antbird
Manipur bush quail
Manipur fulvetta
Mantanani scops owl
Mantled hawk
Manu antbird
Manu parrotlet
Manus boobook
Manus cuckooshrike
Manus dwarf kingfisher
Manus fantail
Manus friarbird
Manus masked owl
Manus monarch
Manx shearwater
Many-banded aracari
Many-colored bushshrike
Many-colored Chaco finch
Many-colored fruit dove
Many-colored rush tyrant
Many-spotted hummingbird
Many-striped canastero
Maquis canastero
Marabou stork
Maracaibo tody-flycatcher
Marail guan
Marañón crescentchest
Maranon pigeon
Marañón spinetail
Marañón thrush
Marbled duck
Marbled frogmouth
Marbled godwit
Marbled honeyeater
Marbled murrelet
Marbled wood quail
Marbled wren-babbler
Marble-faced bristle tyrant
Marcapata spinetail
Margaret's batis
Mariana crow
Mariana fruit dove
Mariana kingfisher
Mariana swiftlet
†Marianne white-eye
Marico flycatcher
Marico sunbird
Marigold lorikeet
Markham's storm petrel
Marmora's warbler
Maroon oriole
Maroon shining parrot
Maroon woodpecker
Maroon-backed accentor
Maroon-backed whistler
Maroon-bellied parakeet
Maroon-belted chat-tyrant
Maroon-breasted philentoma
Maroon-chested ground dove
Maroon-fronted parrot
Maroon-naped sunbird
Maroon-tailed parakeet
Marquesan ground dove
Marquesan imperial pigeon
Marquesan kingfisher
Marquesan monarch
Marquesan swiftlet
Marsh antwren
Marsh babbler
Marsh grassbird
Marsh owl
Marsh sandpiper
Marsh seedeater
Marsh tapaculo
Marsh tchagra
Marsh tit
Marsh warbler
Marsh widowbird
Marsh wren
Marshall's iora
Martens's warbler
Martial eagle
Martinique oriole
Marvellous spatuletail
Masafuera rayadito
Mascarene coot
Mascarene grey parakeet
Mascarene martin
Mascarene paradise flycatcher
†Mascarene parrot
Mascarene petrel
Mascarene swiftlet
Mascarene teal
Masked antpitta
Masked booby
Masked bowerbird
Masked cardinal
Masked crimson tanager
Masked duck
Masked finch
Masked finfoot
Masked flowerpiercer
Masked fruiteater
Masked gnatcatcher
Masked lapwing
Masked lark
Masked laughingthrush
Masked mountain tanager
Masked saltator
Masked shining parrot
Masked shrike
Masked tanager
Masked tityra
Masked trogon
Masked water tyrant
Masked woodswallow
Masked yellowthroat
Matinan blue flycatcher
Mato Grosso antbird
Mato Grosso swift
Matsudaira's storm petrel
Maui ʻakepa
Maui ʻalauahio
Maui nukupuʻu
Maui parrotbill
†Maui Nui ʻakialoa
†Mauke starling
Maupiti monarch
Mauritius blue pigeon
Mauritius bulbul
Mauritius cuckooshrike
Mauritius fody
Mauritius grey white-eye
Mauritius kestrel
Mauritius night heron
Mauritius olive white-eye
Mauritius owl
Mauritius sheldgoose
Maxwell's black weaver
Mayan antthrush
Mayotte drongo
Mayotte scops owl
Mayotte sunbird
Mayotte white-eye
Mayr's forest rail
Mayr's honeyeater
Mayr's swiftlet
Mbulu white-eye
McConnell's flycatcher
McConnell's spinetail
McGregor's cuckooshrike
McKay's bunting
Meadow bunting
Meadow pipit
Mediterranean flycatcher
Mediterranean gull
Medium ground finch
Medium tree finch
Meek's lorikeet
Meek's pygmy parrot
Mees's nightjar
Mees's white-eye
Mekong wagtail
Melancholy woodpecker
Melanesian flycatcher
Melanesian kingfisher
Melanesian megapode
Melanesian thicketbird
Melanesian whistler
Meller's duck
Melodious babbler
Melodious blackbird
Melodious lark
Melodious warbler
Menetries's warbler
Mentawai scops owl
Merida brushfinch
Mérida flowerpiercer
Mérida sunangel
Mérida tapaculo
Mérida wren
Metallic pigeon
Metallic starling
Metallic-green tanager
Metallic-winged sunbird
Meves's starling
Mewing kingfisher
Mexican cacique
Mexican chickadee
Mexican duck
Mexican hermit
Mexican jay
Mexican parrotlet
Mexican sheartail
Mexican violetear
Mexican whip-poor-will
Mexican woodnymph
Meyer's friarbird
Meyer's goshawk
Meyer's parrot
Micronesian imperial pigeon
Micronesian megapode
Micronesian myzomela
Micronesian starling
Middendorff's grasshopper warbler
Middle American screech owl
Middle spotted woodpecker
Midget flowerpecker
Mid-mountain berrypecker
Mikado pheasant
Military macaw
Milky stork
Mimic honeyeater
Minahassa masked owl
Minas Gerais tyrannulet
Mindanao bleeding-heart
Mindanao blue fantail
Mindanao brown dove
Mindanao hawk-owl
Mindanao hornbill
Mindanao lorikeet
Mindanao miniature babbler
Mindanao pygmy babbler
Mindanao racket-tail
Mindanao scops owl
Mindanao white-eye
Mindoro bleeding-heart
Mindoro bulbul
Mindoro hawk-owl
Mindoro hornbill
Mindoro imperial pigeon
Mindoro racket-tail
Mindoro scops owl
Minute hermit
Miombo blue-eared starling
Miombo pied barbet
Miombo rock thrush
Miombo scrub robin
Miombo tit
Miombo wren-warbler
Mishana tyrannulet
Mississippi kite
Mistle thrush
Mistletoe tyrannulet
Mitred parakeet
Mocking cliff chat
Modest tiger parrot
Moheli brush warbler
Moheli bulbul
Moheli scops owl
Moltoni's warbler
Moluccan cuckoo
Moluccan cuckooshrike
Moluccan drongo-cuckoo
Moluccan dwarf kingfisher
Moluccan flycatcher
Moluccan goshawk
Moluccan hanging parrot
Moluccan king parrot
Moluccan masked owl
Moluccan megapode
Moluccan monarch
Moluccan owlet-nightjar
Moluccan scops owl
Moluccan starling
Moluccan woodcock
Mombasa woodpecker
Mongolian finch
Mongolian lark
Mongolian short-toed lark
Monk parakeet
Monotonous lark
Montagu's harrier
Montane foliage-gleaner
Montane nightjar
Montane racket-tail
Montane tiny greenbul
Montane widowbird
Montane woodcreeper
Monte yellow finch
Monteiro's bushshrike
Monteiro's hornbill
Monteiro's storm petrel
Montezuma oropendola
Montezuma quail
Montserrat oriole
†Moorea reed warbler
Moorea sandpiper
Moorland chat
Moorland francolin
Moreau's sunbird
Morelet's seedeater
Moreno's ground dove
Morotai white-eye
Mosque swallow
Moss-backed tanager
Mossy-nest swiftlet
Mottle-backed elaenia
Mottle-breasted honeyeater
Mottle-cheeked tyrannulet
Mottled berryhunter
Mottled duck
Mottled flowerpecker
Mottled owl
Mottled petrel
Mottled piculet
Mottled spinetail
Mottled swift
Mottled wood owl
Mount Cameroon speirops
Mount Cameroon spurfowl
Mount Kupe bushshrike
Mount Victoria babax
Mountain avocetbill
Mountain bamboo partridge
Mountain barbet
Mountain blackeye
Mountain bluebird
Mountain bulbul
Mountain buzzard
Mountain caracara
Mountain chickadee
Mountain chiffchaff
Mountain elaenia
Mountain firetail
Mountain fulvetta
Mountain greenbul
Mountain hawk-eagle
Mountain honeyeater
Mountain illadopsis
Mountain imperial pigeon
Mountain kingfisher
Mountain leaf warbler
Mountain masked apalis
Mountain mouse-warbler
Mountain myzomela
Mountain oriole
Mountain owlet-nightjar
Mountain parakeet
Mountain peacock-pheasant
Mountain peltops
Mountain pipit
Mountain plover
Mountain pygmy owl
Mountain quail
Mountain robin
Mountain robin-chat
Mountain saw-wing
Mountain scops owl
Mountain serin
Mountain serpent eagle
Mountain shrike
Mountain sooty boubou
Mountain starling
Mountain swiftlet
Mountain tailorbird
Mountain thornbill
Mountain thrush
Mountain trogon
Mountain velvetbreast
Mountain wagtail
Mountain wheatear
Mountain wren
Mountain wren-babbler
Mountain yellow warbler
Mourning collared dove
Mourning dove
Mourning sierra finch
Mourning warbler
Mourning wheatear
Mouse-colored antshrike
Mouse-colored thistletail
Mouse-colored tyrannulet
Mouse-coloured penduline tit
Mouse-coloured tapaculo
Moussier's redstart
Moustached antpitta
Moustached antwren
Moustached babbler
Moustached barbet
Moustached brushfinch
Moustached flowerpiercer
Moustached grass warbler
Moustached hawk-cuckoo
Moustached kingfisher
Moustached laughingthrush
Moustached puffbird
Moustached tinkerbird
Moustached treeswift
Moustached turca
Moustached warbler
Moustached woodcreeper
Moustached wren
Mrs. Gould's sunbird
Mrs. Hume's pheasant
Mugimaki flycatcher
Mulga parrot
Multicoloured tanager
Munchique wood wren
Murphy's petrel
Muscovy duck
Musician wren
Musk duck
Musk lorikeet
Mussau fantail
Mussau monarch
Mussau triller
Mute swan
Myrtle warbler
Nacunda nighthawk
Naga wren-babbler
Nahan's partridge
Naked-faced barbet
Naked-faced spiderhunter
Namaqua dove
Namaqua sandgrouse
Namaqua warbler
Namuli apalis
Nanday parakeet
Nankeen kestrel
Nankeen night heron
Napo sabrewing
Narcissus flycatcher
Narcondam hornbill
Naretha bluebonnet
Narina trogon
Nariño tapaculo
Narrow-billed antwren
Narrow-billed tody
Narrow-billed woodcreeper
Narrow-tailed emerald
Narrow-tailed starling
Nashville warbler
Natal spurfowl
Natewa silktail
Natterer's slaty antshrike
Naumann's thrush
Naung Mung scimitar babbler
Nauru reed warbler
Nava's wren
Nazca booby
Neblina metaltail
Neblina tapaculo
Nechisar nightjar
Necklaced barbet
Necklaced spinetail
Needle-billed hermit
Neergaard's sunbird
Negros bleeding-heart pigeon
Negros fruit dove
Negros leaf warbler
Negros scops owl
Negros striped babbler
Nelicourvi weaver
Nelson's sparrow
Neotropic cormorant
Neotropical palm swift
Nepal cupwing
Nepal fulvetta
Nepal house martin
Neumann's starling
Neumann's warbler
New Britain boobook
New Britain bronzewing
New Britain dwarf kingfisher
New Britain friarbird
New Britain goshawk
New Britain pitta
New Britain sparrowhawk
New Britain thicketbird
New Caledonian crow
New Caledonian cuckooshrike
New Caledonian friarbird
New Caledonian lorikeet
New Caledonian myzomela
New Caledonian nightjar
New Caledonian owlet-nightjar
New Caledonian parakeet
New Caledonian rail
New Caledonian thicketbird
New Caledonian whistler
New Georgia dwarf kingfisher
New Guinea bronzewing
New Guinea flightless rail
New Guinea friarbird
New Guinea scrubfowl
New Guinea thornbill
New Guinea woodcock
New Holland honeyeater
New Ireland boobook
New Ireland dwarf kingfisher
New Ireland friarbird
New Ireland myzomela
New Zealand bellbird
New Zealand bittern
New Zealand dotterel
New Zealand falcon
New Zealand fantail
New Zealand fernbird
New Zealand grebe
New Zealand kaka
New Zealand king shag
†New Zealand merganser
New Zealand quail
New Zealand rock wren
New Zealand scaup
New Zealand storm petrel
Newell's shearwater
Newton's parakeet
Newton's sunbird
Niam-Niam parrot
Nias hill myna
Niau kingfisher
Nicaraguan grackle
Nicaraguan seed finch
Niceforo's wren
Nicholson's pipit
Nicobar bulbul
Nicobar imperial pigeon
Nicobar jungle flycatcher
Nicobar megapode
Nicobar parakeet
Nicobar pigeon
Nicobar scops owl
Nicobar sparrowhawk
Night parrot
Nightingale Island finch
Nightingale reed warbler
Nihoa finch
Nile Valley sunbird
Nilgiri blue robin
Nilgiri flowerpecker
Nilgiri flycatcher
Nilgiri laughingthrush
Nilgiri pipit
Nilgiri thrush
Nilgiri wood pigeon
Nimba flycatcher
Nkulengu rail
Noble snipe
Nocturnal curassow
Noisy friarbird
Noisy miner
Noisy pitta
Noisy scrubbird
Nonggang babbler
Nordmann's greenshank
Norfolk gerygone
†Norfolk ground dove
Norfolk kaka
Norfolk parakeet
Norfolk robin
Noronha elaenia
Noronha vireo
North Island brown kiwi
North Island kōkako
†North Island piopio
North Island robin
North Island saddleback
North Island snipe
†North Island takahē
North Melanesian cuckooshrike
North Moluccan pitta
North Solomons dwarf kingfisher
Northern bald ibis
Northern barred woodcreeper
Northern beardless tyrannulet
Northern bentbill
Northern black flycatcher
Northern black korhaan
Northern bobwhite
Northern boobook
Northern brownbul
Northern brown-throated weaver
Northern cardinal
Northern carmine bee-eater
Northern cassowary
Northern catbird
Northern chestnut-tailed antbird
Northern crombec
Northern dark newtonia
Northern double-collared sunbird
Northern fantail
Northern fiscal
Northern flicker
Northern fulmar
Northern gannet
Northern giant petrel
Northern golden bulbul
Northern goshawk
Northern grey-headed sparrow
Northern grosbeak-canary
Northern harrier
Northern hawk-owl
Northern jacana
Northern lapwing
Northern Marquesan reed warbler
Northern masked weaver
Northern mealy amazon
Northern mockingbird
Northern mountain cacique
Northern nightingale-wren
Northern parula
Northern pied babbler
Northern pintail
Northern potoo
Northern puffback
Northern pygmy owl
Northern red bishop
Northern red-billed hornbill
Northern rockhopper penguin
Northern rosella
Northern rough-winged swallow
Northern royal albatross
Northern royal flycatcher
Northern saw-whet owl
Northern schiffornis
Northern screamer
Northern scrub flycatcher
Northern scrub robin
Northern shoveler
Northern shrike
Northern silvery kingfisher
Northern slaty antshrike
Northern tufted flycatcher
Northern variable pitohui
Northern waterthrush
Northern wheatear
Northern white-crowned shrike
Northern white-crowned tapaculo
Northern white-faced owl
Northern white-fringed antwren
Northern yellow white-eye
Nubian bustard
Nubian nightjar
Nubian woodpecker
Nuku Hiva monarch
Nullarbor quail-thrush
Numfor leaf warbler
Numfor paradise kingfisher
Nuthatch vanga
Nuttall's woodpecker
Nutting's flycatcher
Nyanza swift
†Oʻahu ʻakepa
†Oʻahu ʻakialoa
Oʻahu ʻalauahio
Oʻahu ʻamakihi
Oʻahu ʻelepaio
†Oʻahu nukupuʻu
†Oʻahu ʻōʻō
Oak titmouse
Oasis hummingbird
Oaxaca hummingbird
Oaxaca sparrow
Obbia lark
Oberholser's fruit dove
Oberländer's ground thrush
Obi paradise-crow
Obscure berrypecker
Obscure honeyeater
Oceanic flycatcher
Ocellated antbird
Ocellated crake
Ocellated piculet
Ocellated poorwill
Ocellated quail
Ocellated tapaculo
Ocellated thrasher
Ocellated turkey
Ocellated woodcreeper
Ochraceous attila
Ochraceous bulbul
Ochraceous pewee
Ochraceous piculet
Ochraceous wren
Ochraceous-breasted flycatcher
Ochre oriole
Ochre-backed woodpecker
Ochre-bellied boobook
Ochre-bellied dove
Ochre-bellied flycatcher
Ochre-breasted antpitta
Ochre-breasted brushfinch
Ochre-breasted catbird
Ochre-breasted foliage-gleaner
Ochre-breasted pipit
Ochre-breasted tanager
Ochre-browed thistletail
Ochre-cheeked spinetail
Ochre-collared monarch
Ochre-collared piculet
Ochre-faced tody-flycatcher
Ochre-flanked tapaculo
Ochre-fronted antpitta
Ochre-lored flatbill
Ochre-marked parakeet
Ochre-naped ground tyrant
Ochre-rumped antbird
Ochre-striped antpitta
Okarito kiwi
Okinawa rail
Okinawa woodpecker
Oleaginous hemispingus
Olivaceous elaenia
Olivaceous flatbill
Olivaceous flycatcher
Olivaceous greenlet
Olivaceous piculet
Olivaceous piha
Olivaceous siskin
Olivaceous thornbill
Olivaceous woodcreeper
Olive bee-eater
Olive bulbul
Olive bushshrike
Olive finch
Olive flyrobin
Olive honeyeater
Olive ibis
Olive long-tailed cuckoo
Olive manakin
Olive oropendola
Olive sparrow
Olive spinetail
Olive straightbill
Olive sunbird
Olive thrush
Olive tufted flycatcher
Olive warbler
Olive whistler
Olive woodpecker
Olive-backed euphonia
Olive-backed flowerpecker
Olive-backed foliage-gleaner
Olive-backed oriole
Olive-backed pipit
Olive-backed quail-dove
Olive-backed sunbird
Olive-backed tailorbird
Olive-backed tanager
Olive-backed woodcreeper
Olive-backed woodpecker
Olive-bellied sunbird
Olive-breasted greenbul
Olive-brown oriole
Olive-capped flowerpecker
Olive-capped warbler
Olive-chested flycatcher
Olive-colored white-eye
Olive-crowned crescentchest
Olive-crowned flowerpecker
Olive-crowned yellowthroat
Olive-faced flatbill
Olive-flanked ground robin
Olive-green camaroptera
Olive-green tanager
Olive-green tyrannulet
Olive-headed greenbul
Olive-headed lorikeet
Olive-headed weaver
Olive-sided flycatcher
Olive-spotted hummingbird
Olive-striped flycatcher
Olive-throated parakeet
Olive-tree warbler
Olive-winged bulbul
Olrog's cinclodes
Olrog's gull
Olson's petrel
Omani owl
One-colored becard
Opal-crowned manakin
Opal-crowned tanager
Opal-rumped tanager
Opalton grasswren
Orange bullfinch
Orange chat
Orange fruit dove
Orange ground thrush
Orange minivet
Orange oriole
Orange River francolin
Orange River white-eye
Orange weaver
Orange-backed troupial
Orange-backed woodpecker
Orange-banded flycatcher
Orange-bellied antwren
Orange-bellied euphonia
Orange-bellied flowerpecker
Orange-bellied fruit dove
Orange-bellied leafbird
Orange-bellied manakin
Orange-bellied parrot
Orange-billed babbler
Orange-billed lorikeet
Orange-billed nightingale-thrush
Orange-billed sparrow
Orange-breasted bunting
Orange-breasted bushshrike
Orange-breasted falcon
Orange-breasted fig parrot
Orange-breasted fruiteater
Orange-breasted green pigeon
Orange-breasted laughingthrush
Orange-breasted sunbird
Orange-breasted thornbird
Orange-breasted trogon
Orange-breasted waxbill
Orange-browed hemispingus
Orange-cheeked honeyeater
Orange-cheeked parrot
Orange-cheeked waxbill
Orange-chinned parakeet
Orange-collared manakin
Orange-crested flycatcher
Orange-crested manakin
Orange-crowned euphonia
Orange-crowned fairywren
Orange-crowned oriole
Orange-crowned warbler
Orange-eared tanager
Orange-eyed flatbill
Orange-eyed thornbird
Orange-footed scrubfowl
Orange-fronted barbet
Orange-fronted fruit dove
Orange-fronted hanging parrot
Orange-fronted parakeet
Orange-fronted plushcrown
Orange-fronted yellow finch
Orange-headed tanager
Orange-headed thrush
Orange-necked partridge
Orange-sided thrush
Orange-spotted bulbul
Orange-throated sunangel
Orange-throated tanager
Orange-tufted spiderhunter
Orange-tufted sunbird
Orange-winged amazon
Orange-winged pytilia
Orchard oriole
Oriental bay owl
Oriental cuckoo
Oriental darter
Oriental dollarbird
Oriental dwarf kingfisher
Oriental hobby
Oriental magpie
Oriental magpie-robin
Oriental pied hornbill
Oriental plover
Oriental pratincole
Oriental reed warbler
Oriental scops owl
Oriental skylark
Oriental stork
Oriental turtle dove
Oriente warbler
Orinoco goose
Orinoco piculet
Orinoco saltator
Orinoco softtail
Oriole blackbird
Oriole finch
Oriole warbler
Oriole whistler
Ornate flycatcher
Ornate fruit dove
Ornate hawk-eagle
Ornate lorikeet
Ornate melidectes
Ornate stipplethroat
Ornate tinamou
Ortolan bunting
Otago shag
Oustalet's sunbird
Oustalet's tyrannulet
Outcrop sabrewing
Ouvea parakeet
Ovambo sparrowhawk
Owston's tit
Pacific antwren
Pacific baza
Pacific black duck
Pacific elaenia
Pacific emerald dove
Pacific flatbill
Pacific golden plover
Pacific gull
Pacific hornero
Pacific imperial pigeon
Pacific kingfisher
Pacific koel
Pacific long-tailed cuckoo
Pacific loon
Pacific parakeet
Pacific parrotlet
Pacific pygmy owl
Pacific reef heron
Pacific robin
Pacific royal flycatcher
Pacific screech owl
Pacific swallow
Pacific swift
Pacific tuftedcheek
Pacific wren
Pacific-slope flycatcher
Paddyfield pipit
Paddyfield warbler
Pagan reed warbler
Paint-billed crake
Painted bunting
Painted bush quail
Painted buttonquail
Painted finch
Painted francolin
Painted honeyeater
Painted manakin
Painted parakeet
Painted quail-thrush
Painted sandgrouse
Painted spurfowl
Painted stork
Painted tiger parrot
Painted tody-flycatcher
Painted whitestart
Palani laughingthrush
Palau bush warbler
Palau cicadabird
Palau fantail
Palau flycatcher
Palau fruit dove
Palau ground dove
Palau nightjar
Palau owl
Palau swiftlet
Palawan blue flycatcher
Palawan bulbul
Palawan drongo
Palawan flowerpecker
Palawan flycatcher
Palawan frogmouth
Palawan hornbill
Palawan peacock-pheasant
Palawan scops owl
Palawan striped babbler
Palawan tit
Pale batis
Pale baywing
Pale blue flycatcher
Pale chanting goshawk
Pale cicadabird
Pale crag martin
Pale flycatcher
Pale martin
Pale mountain pigeon
Pale prinia
Pale rockfinch
Pale rosefinch
Pale spiderhunter
Pale thrush
Pale white-eye
Pale-bellied hermit
Pale-bellied mourner
Pale-bellied myna
Pale-bellied tapaculo
Pale-bellied tyrant-manakin
Pale-bellied white-eye
Pale-billed antpitta
Pale-billed flowerpecker
Pale-billed hornbill
Pale-billed parrotbill
Pale-billed scrubwren
Pale-billed sicklebill
Pale-billed woodpecker
Pale-blue monarch
Pale-breasted illadopsis
Pale-breasted spinetail
Pale-breasted thrush
Pale-browed tinamou
Pale-browed treehunter
Pale-capped pigeon
Pale-chinned blue flycatcher
Pale-crested woodpecker
Pale-crowned cisticola
Pale-edged flycatcher
Pale-eyed blackbird
Pale-eyed pygmy tyrant
Pale-eyed thrush
Pale-faced bare-eye
Pale-faced bulbul
Pale-footed bush warbler
Pale-footed swallow
Pale-fronted nigrita
Pale-headed brushfinch
Pale-headed jacamar
Pale-headed munia
Pale-headed rosella
Pale-headed woodpecker
Pale-legged hornero
Pale-legged leaf warbler
Pale-legged warbler
Pale-mandibled aracari
Pale-naped brushfinch
Pale-olive greenbul
Pale-rumped swift
Pale-shouldered cicadabird
Palestine sunbird
Pale-tailed barbthroat
Pale-tailed canastero
Pale-throated wren-babbler
Pale-tipped inezia
Pale-vented bush-hen
Pale-vented pigeon
Pale-vented thrush
Pale-winged starling
Pale-winged trumpeter
Pale-yellow robin
Pallas's fish eagle
Pallas's grasshopper warbler
Pallas's gull
Pallas's leaf warbler
Pallas's reed bunting
Pallas's rosefinch
Pallas's sandgrouse
Pallid cuckoo
Pallid dove
Pallid harrier
Pallid honeyguide
Pallid scops owl
Pallid spinetail
Pallid swift
Palm cockatoo
Palm crow
Palm lorikeet
Palm tanager
Palm warbler
Palm-nut vulture
Pampa finch
Pampas meadowlark
Pampas pipit
Panamanian flycatcher
Panamanian tyrannulet
Panay striped babbler
Pander's ground jay
Pangani longclaw
Pantepui thrush
Paperbark flycatcher
Papuan babbler
Papuan black myzomela
Papuan boobook
Papuan dwarf kingfisher
Papuan eagle
Papuan frogmouth
Papuan grassbird
Papuan harrier
Papuan hawk-owl
Papuan king parrot
Papuan logrunner
Papuan lorikeet
Papuan mountain pigeon
Papuan nightjar
Papuan parrotfinch
Papuan pitta
Papuan scrub robin
Papuan scrubwren
Papuan sittella
Papuan spine-tailed swift
Papuan treecreeper
Papuan whipbird
Papuan white-eye
Papyrus canary
Papyrus gonolek
Papyrus yellow warbler
Para foliage-gleaner
Para gnatcatcher
Paradise drongo
Paradise jacamar
Paradise parrot
Paradise riflebird
Paradise shelduck
Paradise tanager
Parakeet auklet
Paramillo tapaculo
Paramo ground tyrant
Paramo pipit
Paramo seedeater
Paramo tapaculo
Parasitic jaeger
Paria brushfinch
Paria whitestart
Parker's antbird
Parker's spinetail
Parodi's hemispingus
Parrot crossbill
Parrot-billed seedeater
Parrot-billed sparrow
Partridge pigeon
Passenger pigeon
Patagonian canastero
Patagonian forest earthcreeper
Patagonian mockingbird
Patagonian sierra finch
Patagonian tinamou
Patagonian tyrant
Patagonian yellow finch
Pavonine cuckoo
Pavonine quetzal
Peaceful dove
Peach-fronted parakeet
Peacock coquette
Pearl kite
Pearl-bellied white-eye
Pearl-breasted swallow
Pearled treerunner
Pearl-spotted owlet
Pearly antshrike
Pearly parakeet
Pearly-bellied seedeater
Pearly-breasted conebill
Pearly-breasted cuckoo
Pearly-eyed thrasher
Pearly-vented tody-tyrant
Pechora pipit
Pectoral antwren
Pectoral sandpiper
Pectoral sparrow
Pectoral-patch cisticola
Peg-billed finch
Pelagic cormorant
Peleng fantail
Peleng leaf warbler
Pel's fishing owl
Pelzeln's tody-tyrant
Pemba green pigeon
Pemba scops owl
Pemba sunbird
Pemba white-eye
Penan bulbul
Pennant-winged nightjar
Père David's owl
Père David's snowfinch
Père David's tit
Peregrine falcon
Perijá brushfinch
Perijá metaltail
Perijá tapaculo
Perijá thistletail
Pernambuco foliage-gleaner
Pernambuco pygmy owl
Perplexing scrubwren
Persian shearwater
Peruvian antpitta
Peruvian booby
Peruvian diving petrel
Peruvian martin
Peruvian meadowlark
Peruvian pelican
Peruvian piedtail
Peruvian pipit
Peruvian plantcutter
Peruvian racket-tail
Peruvian recurvebill
Peruvian seaside cinclodes
Peruvian sheartail
Peruvian sierra finch
Peruvian tern
Peruvian thick-knee
Peruvian treehunter
Peruvian tyrannulet
Peruvian warbling antbird
Peruvian wren
Pesquet's parrot
Petit's cuckooshrike
Pfrimer's parakeet
Pharaoh eagle-owl
Pheasant coucal
Pheasant cuckoo
Pheasant pigeon
Pheasant-tailed jacana
Philadelphia vireo
Philby's partridge
Philippa's crombec
Philippine bulbul
Philippine bush warbler
Philippine coucal
Philippine cuckoo-dove
Philippine drongo-cuckoo
Philippine duck
Philippine dwarf kingfisher
Philippine eagle
Philippine eagle-owl
Philippine fairy-bluebird
Philippine falconet
Philippine frogmouth
Philippine green pigeon
Philippine hanging parrot
Philippine hawk-cuckoo
Philippine hawk-eagle
Philippine honey buzzard
Philippine leaf warbler
Philippine leafbird
Philippine magpie-robin
Philippine megapode
Philippine nightjar
Philippine oriole
Philippine pied fantail
Philippine pitta
Philippine pygmy woodpecker
Philippine scops owl
Philippine serpent eagle
Philippine spine-tailed swift
Philippine swamphen
Philippine swiftlet
Philippine tailorbird
Philippine trogon
Phoenix petrel
Picazuro pigeon
Pictorella mannikin
Picui ground dove
Pied avocet
Pied bush chat
Pied butcherbird
Pied crow
Pied cuckoo-dove
Pied cuckooshrike
Pied currawong
Pied falconet
Pied goshawk
Pied harrier
Pied heron
Pied honeyeater
Pied imperial pigeon
Pied kingfisher
Pied monarch
Pied myna
Pied oystercatcher
Pied plover
Pied puffbird
Pied shrike-babbler
Pied starling
Pied stilt
Pied thrush
Pied triller
Pied water tyrant
Pied wheatear
Pied-billed grebe
Pied-crested tit-tyrant
Pied-winged swallow
Pigeon guillemot
Pileated flycatcher
Pileated parrot
Pileated woodpecker
Pincoya storm petrel
Pine bunting
Pine flycatcher
Pine grosbeak
Pine siskin
Pine warbler
Pink pigeon
Pink robin
Pink-backed pelican
Pink-bellied imperial pigeon
Pink-billed lark
Pink-billed parrotfinch
Pink-breasted lark
Pink-browed rosefinch
Pink-eared duck
Pink-footed goose
Pink-footed puffback
Pink-footed shearwater
Pink-headed duck
Pink-headed fruit dove
Pink-headed imperial pigeon
Pink-headed warbler
Pink-legged graveteiro
Pink-legged rail
Pink-necked green pigeon
Pink-rumped rosefinch
Pink-spotted fruit dove
Pink-throated becard
Pink-throated brilliant
Pink-throated twinspot
Pinnated bittern
Pinon's imperial pigeon
Pinsker's hawk-eagle
Pin-striped tit-babbler
Pin-tailed green pigeon
Pin-tailed manakin
Pin-tailed parrotfinch
Pin-tailed sandgrouse
Pin-tailed snipe
Pin-tailed whydah
Pinto's spinetail
Pinyon jay
Piping bellbird
Piping crow
Piping hornbill
Piping plover
Piratic flycatcher
Pirre bush tanager
Pirre hummingbird
Pirre warbler
Pitcairn reed warbler
Pitt shag
Pitta-like ground roller
Piura chat-tyrant
Piura hemispingus
Placid greenbul
Plain antvireo
Plain bush-hen
Plain chachalaca
Plain flowerpecker
Plain gerygone
Plain greenbul
Plain honeyeater
Plain inezia
Plain laughingthrush
Plain leaf warbler
Plain mountain finch
Plain nightjar
Plain parakeet
Plain pigeon
Plain prinia
Plain softtail
Plain sunbird
Plain swift
Plain thornbird
Plain white-eye
Plain xenops
Plain-backed antpitta
Plain-backed pipit
Plain-backed sparrow
Plain-backed sunbird
Plain-bellied emerald
Plain-breasted ground dove
Plain-breasted hawk
Plain-breasted piculet
Plain-brown woodcreeper
Plain-capped starthroat
Plain-colored seedeater
Plain-colored tanager
Plain-crested elaenia
Plain-crowned spinetail
Plain-flanked rail
Plain-mantled tit-spinetail
Plain-pouched hornbill
Plain-tailed nighthawk
Plain-tailed warbling finch
Plain-tailed wren
Plain-throated antwren
Plaintive cuckoo
Plain-winged antshrike
Plain-winged antwren
Plain-winged woodcreeper
Planalto foliage-gleaner
Planalto hermit
Planalto slaty antshrike
Planalto tapaculo
Planalto tyrannulet
Planalto woodcreeper
Plate-billed mountain toucan
Pleske's ground jay
Plumbeous antbird
Plumbeous antvireo
Plumbeous euphonia
Plumbeous forest falcon
Plumbeous hawk
Plumbeous ibis
Plumbeous kite
Plumbeous pigeon
Plumbeous rail
Plumbeous seedeater
Plumbeous sierra finch
Plumbeous tyrant
Plumbeous vireo
Plumbeous warbler
Plumbeous water redstart
Plumbeous-backed thrush
Plumbeous-crowned tyrannulet
Plumed guineafowl
Plumed whistling duck
Plume-toed swiftlet
Plum-crowned parrot
Plum-faced lorikeet
Plum-headed finch
Plum-headed parakeet
Plum-throated cotinga
Plush-crested jay
Pohnpei cicadabird
Pohnpei fantail
Pohnpei flycatcher
Pohnpei kingfisher
Pohnpei lorikeet
Pohnpei starling
Point-tailed palmcreeper
Pollen's vanga
Polynesian ground dove
Polynesian imperial pigeon
Polynesian starling
Polynesian storm petrel
Polynesian triller
Polynesian wattled honeyeater
Pomarine jaeger
Pompadour cotinga
Powerful owl
Powerful woodpecker
Prairie falcon
Prairie warbler
Predicted antwren
Preuss's cliff swallow
Preuss's weaver
Prevost's ground sparrow
Prigogine's double-collared sunbird
Prigogine's greenbul
Prigogine's nightjar
Princess parrot
Príncipe seedeater
Príncipe speirops
Principe starling
Príncipe sunbird
Príncipe thrush
Príncipe weaver
Príncipe white-eye
Pringle's puffback
Pririt batis
Prong-billed barbet
Protea canary
Prothonotary warbler
Providence petrel
Providencia vireo
Przevalski's finch
Przevalski's nuthatch
Przevalski's parrotbill
Przevalski's partridge
Przevalski's redstart
Puerto Rican amazon
Puerto Rican bullfinch
Puerto Rican emerald
Puerto Rican flycatcher
Puerto Rican lizard cuckoo
Puerto Rican nightjar
Puerto Rican oriole
Puerto Rican owl
Puerto Rican parakeet
Puerto Rican spindalis
Puerto Rican tanager
Puerto Rican tody
Puerto Rican vireo
Puerto Rican woodpecker
Puff-backed bulbul
Puff-backed honeyeater
Puff-throated babbler
Puff-throated bulbul
Pulitzer's longbill
Puna canastero
Puna ground tyrant
Puna ibis
Puna miner
Puna pipit
Puna plover
Puna snipe
Puna tapaculo
Puna teal
Puna thistletail
Puna tinamou
Puna yellow finch
Purple cochoa
Purple finch
Purple gallinule
Purple grenadier
Purple heron
Purple honeycreeper
Purple indigobird
Purple martin
Purple needletail
Purple quail-dove
Purple roller
Purple sandpiper
Purple starling
Purple sunbird
Purple-backed fairywren
Purple-backed sunbeam
Purple-backed thornbill
Purple-banded sunbird
Purple-bearded bee-eater
Purple-bellied lory
Purple-bibbed whitetip
Purple-breasted cotinga
Purple-breasted sunbird
Purple-capped fruit dove
Purple-chested hummingbird
Purple-collared woodstar
Purple-crested turaco
Purple-crowned fairy
Purple-crowned fairywren
Purple-crowned lorikeet
Purple-crowned plovercrest
Purple-gaped honeyeater
Purple-headed starling
Purple-naped lory
Purple-naped sunbird
Purple-rumped sunbird
Purple-tailed imperial pigeon
Purple-throated carib
Purple-throated cotinga
Purple-throated cuckooshrike
Purple-throated euphonia
Purple-throated fruitcrow
Purple-throated mountaingem
Purple-throated sunangel
Purple-throated sunbird
Purple-throated woodstar
Purple-winged ground dove
Purple-winged roller
Purplish jacamar
Purplish jay
Purplish-backed jay
Purplish-backed quail-dove
Purplish-mantled tanager
Purus jacamar
Puvel's illadopsis
Pycroft's petrel
Pygmy antwren
Pygmy batis
Pygmy bushtit
Pygmy cormorant
Pygmy cuckooshrike
Pygmy cupwing
Pygmy eagle
Pygmy falcon
Pygmy flowerpecker
Pygmy flycatcher
Pygmy hanging parrot
Pygmy longbill
Pygmy lorikeet
Pygmy nightjar
Pygmy nuthatch
Pygmy palm swift
Pygmy sunbird
Pygmy swiftlet
Pygmy white-eye
Quailfinch indigobird
Quebracho crested tinamou
Rachel's malimbe
Racket-tailed coquette
Racket-tailed roller
Racket-tailed treepie
Radde's accentor
Radde's warbler
Radjah shelduck
Raffles's malkoha
Raggiana bird-of-paradise
Raiatea parakeet
Raimondi's yellow finch
Rain quail
Rainbow bee-eater
Rainbow lorikeet
Rainbow pitta
Rainbow starfrontlet
Rainbow-bearded thornbill
Rainforest scops owl
Raja Ampat pitohui
Rajah scops owl
Rand's warbler
Ranongga white-eye
Rapa fruit dove
Rapa shearwater
Rarotonga monarch
Rarotonga starling
Raso lark
Ratchet-tailed treepie
Rattling cisticola
Razor-billed curassow
Recurve-billed bushbird
Red avadavat
Red bird-of-paradise
Red collared dove
Red crossbill
Red fody
Red fox sparrow
Red goshawk
Red junglefowl
Red kite
Red knot
Red lark
Red lory
Red myzomela
Red owl
Red phalarope
Red pileated finch
Red rail
Red satinbird
Red Sea cliff swallow
Red shoveler
Red siskin
Red spurfowl
Red tanager
Red warbler
Red wattlebird
Red-and-black grosbeak
Red-and-black thrush
Red-and-blue lory
Red-and-green macaw
Red-and-white antpitta
Red-and-white crake
Red-and-white spinetail
Red-and-yellow barbet
Red-backed buttonquail
Red-backed fairywren
Red-backed flameback
Red-backed kingfisher
Red-backed mannikin
Red-backed mousebird
Red-backed shrike
Red-backed sierra finch
Red-backed thrush
Red-banded flowerpecker
Red-banded fruiteater
Red-bearded bee-eater
Red-bellied fruit dove
Red-bellied grackle
Red-bellied macaw
Red-bellied malimbe
Red-bellied paradise flycatcher
Red-bellied parrot
Red-bellied woodpecker
Red-billed blue magpie
Red-billed brushturkey
Red-billed buffalo weaver
Red-billed chough
Red-billed curassow
Red-billed dwarf hornbill
Red-billed emerald
Red-billed firefinch
Red-billed ground cuckoo
Red-billed helmetshrike
Red-billed leiothrix
Red-billed malkoha
Red-billed oxpecker
Red-billed parrot
Red-billed partridge
Red-billed pied tanager
Red-billed pigeon
Red-billed pytilia
Red-billed quelea
Red-billed scimitar babbler
Red-billed scythebill
Red-billed spurfowl
Red-billed starling
Red-billed streamertail
Red-billed teal
Red-billed tropicbird
Red-billed tyrannulet
Red-billed woodcreeper
Red-breasted chat
Red-breasted coua
Red-breasted flycatcher
Red-breasted goose
Red-breasted meadowlark
Red-breasted merganser
Red-breasted nuthatch
Red-breasted paradise kingfisher
Red-breasted parakeet
Red-breasted partridge
Red-breasted pygmy parrot
Red-breasted sapsucker
Red-breasted swallow
Red-breasted wheatear
Red-browed amazon
Red-browed finch
Red-browed pardalote
Red-browed treecreeper
Red-capped cardinal
Red-capped coua
Red-capped crombec
Red-capped flowerpecker
Red-capped forest warbler
Red-capped lark
Red-capped manakin
Red-capped myzomela
Red-capped parrot
Red-capped plover
Red-capped robin
Red-capped robin-chat
Red-cheeked cordon-bleu
Red-cheeked parrot
Red-cheeked wattle-eye
Red-chested buttonquail
Red-chested cuckoo
Red-chested flufftail
Red-chested goshawk
Red-chested owlet
Red-chested sunbird
Red-chested swallow
Red-chinned lorikeet
Red-cockaded woodpecker
Red-collared babbler
Red-collared lorikeet
Red-collared myzomela
Red-collared widowbird
Red-collared woodpecker
Red-cowled cardinal
Red-crested cardinal
Red-crested cotinga
Red-crested korhaan
Red-crested pochard
Red-crested turaco
Red-crowned amazon
Red-crowned ant tanager
Red-crowned barbet
Red-crowned crane
Red-crowned malimbe
Red-crowned parakeet
Red-crowned woodpecker
Reddish egret
Reddish hermit
Reddish scops owl
Reddish-winged bare-eye
Red-eared firetail
Red-eared fruit dove
Red-eared parrotfinch
Red-eyed dove
Red-eyed puffback
Red-eyed vireo
Red-faced barbet
Red-faced cisticola
Red-faced cormorant
Red-faced crimsonwing
Red-faced crombec
Red-faced guan
Red-faced liocichla
Red-faced malkoha
Red-faced mousebird
Red-faced parrot
Red-faced spinetail
Red-faced warbler
Red-faced woodland warbler
Red-fan parrot
Red-flanked bluetail
Red-flanked lorikeet
Red-footed booby
Red-footed falcon
Red-fronted antpecker
Red-fronted barbet
Red-fronted coot
Red-fronted coua
Red-fronted lorikeet
Red-fronted macaw
Red-fronted parrot
Red-fronted parrotlet
Red-fronted prinia
Red-fronted rosefinch
Red-fronted serin
Red-fronted tinkerbird
Red-gartered coot
Red-headed barbet
Red-headed bluebill
Red-headed bullfinch
Red-headed bunting
Red-headed finch
Red-headed flameback
Red-headed lovebird
Red-headed malimbe
Red-headed manakin
Red-headed myzomela
Red-headed parrotfinch
Red-headed quelea
Red-headed tanager
Red-headed trogon
Red-headed vulture
Red-headed weaver
Red-headed woodpecker
Red-hooded tanager
Red-keeled flowerpecker
Red-kneed dotterel
Red-knobbed coot
Red-knobbed imperial pigeon
Red-legged cormorant
Red-legged crake
Red-legged honeycreeper
Red-legged kittiwake
Red-legged partridge
Red-legged seriema
Red-legged thrush
Red-legged tinamou
Red-lored amazon
Red-lored whistler
Red-mantled rosefinch
Red-masked parakeet
Red-moustached fruit dove
Red-naped bushshrike
Red-naped fruit dove
Red-naped ibis
Red-naped sapsucker
Red-naped trogon
Red-necked amazon
Red-necked aracari
Red-necked avocet
Red-necked buzzard
Red-necked crake
Red-necked falcon
Red-necked grebe
Red-necked nightjar
Red-necked phalarope
Red-necked spurfowl
Red-necked stint
Red-necked tanager
Red-necked woodpecker
Red-pate cisticola
Red-ruffed fruitcrow
Red-rumped bush tyrant
Red-rumped cacique
Red-rumped parrot
Red-rumped swallow
Red-rumped tinkerbird
Red-rumped wheatear
Red-rumped woodpecker
Red-shouldered blackbird
Red-shouldered cuckooshrike
Red-shouldered hawk
Red-shouldered macaw
Red-shouldered spinetail
Red-shouldered tanager
Red-shouldered vanga
Red-spectacled amazon
Red-stained woodpecker
Red-tailed amazon
Red-tailed ant thrush
Red-tailed black cockatoo
Red-tailed bristlebill
Red-tailed comet
Red-tailed greenbul
Red-tailed hawk
Red-tailed laughingthrush
Red-tailed leaflove
Red-tailed minla
Red-tailed newtonia
Red-tailed shrike
Red-tailed tropicbird
Red-tailed vanga
Red-tailed wheatear
Red-thighed sparrowhawk
Red-throated alethe
Red-throated ant tanager
Red-throated barbet
Red-throated bee-eater
Red-throated caracara
Red-throated cliff swallow
Red-throated loon
Red-throated lorikeet
Red-throated parakeet
Red-throated parrotfinch
Red-throated piping guan
Red-throated pipit
Red-throated sunbird
Red-throated thrush
Red-throated tit
Red-throated twinspot
Red-throated wryneck
Red-vented barbet
Red-vented bulbul
Red-vented cockatoo
Red-vented malimbe
Red-vested myzomela
Red-wattled lapwing
Red-whiskered bulbul
Red-winged blackbird
Red-winged fairywren
Red-winged francolin
Red-winged grey warbler
Red-winged lark
Red-winged laughingthrush
Red-winged parrot
Red-winged prinia
Red-winged pytilia
Red-winged starling
Red-winged tinamou
Red-winged wood rail
Reed cormorant
Reed parrotbill
Reeves's pheasant
Regal sunbird
Regent bowerbird
Regent honeyeater
Regent parrot
Regent whistler
Reichard's seedeater
Reichenbach's sunbird
Reichenow's batis
Reichenow's seedeater
Reischek's parakeet
Reiser's tyrannulet
Relict gull
Rennell fantail
Rennell parrot
Rennell shrikebill
Rennell starling
Rennell whistler
Rennell white-eye
Resplendent quetzal
Restinga tyrannulet
Restless flycatcher
Retz's helmetshrike
Réunion bulbul
Réunion cuckooshrike
Réunion grey white-eye
Réunion harrier
Réunion ibis
†Réunion kestrel
†Réunion night heron
Réunion olive white-eye
†Réunion owl
†Réunion rail
†Réunion sheldgoose
Réunion stonechat
Rhinoceros auklet
Rhinoceros hornbill
Ribbon-tailed astrapia
Richard's pipit
Ridgetop swiftlet
Ridgway's hawk
Ridgway's rail
Rimatara reed warbler
Ring ouzel
Ring-billed gull
Ringed antpipit
Ringed kingfisher
Ringed teal
Ringed warbling finch
Ringed woodpecker
Ring-necked dove
Ring-necked duck
Ring-necked francolin
Ring-tailed pigeon
Rinjani scops owl
Rio Branco antbird
Rio de Janeiro antbird
Rio de Janeiro antwren
Rio Madeira stipplethroat
Rio Negro gnatcatcher
Río Orinoco spinetail
Rio Suno antwren
Riparian antbird
River lapwing
River prinia
River tern
River tyrannulet
River warbler
Riverbank warbler
Riverside tyrant
Riverside wren
Rivoli's hummingbird
Roadside hawk
Roberts's warbler
Robin accentor
†Robust white-eye
Robust woodpecker
Rock bunting
Rock bush quail
Rock dove
Rock earthcreeper
Rock firefinch
Rock kestrel
Rock martin
Rock parrot
Rock partridge
Rock pratincole
Rock ptarmigan
Rock sandpiper
Rock shag
Rock sparrow
Rock tapaculo
Rock wren
Rockefeller's sunbird
Rock-loving cisticola
Rodrigues fody
Rodrigues night heron
Rodrigues owl
Rodrigues parrot
Rodrigues pigeon
Rodrigues rail
Rodrigues solitaire
†Rodrigues starling
Rodrigues warbler
Roll's partridge
Romblon hawk-owl
Rondônia bushbird
Rondonia warbling antbird
Rondonia woodcreeper
Roraiman antbird
Roraiman antwren
Roraiman barbtail
Roraiman flycatcher
Roraiman nightjar
Roraiman warbler
Rose robin
Roseate spoonbill
Roseate tern
Rose-bellied bunting
Rose-breasted chat
Rose-breasted grosbeak
Rose-collared piha
Rose-crowned fruit dove
Rose-crowned parakeet
Rose-faced parrot
Rose-fronted parakeet
Rose-ringed parakeet
Rose-throated becard
Rose-throated tanager
Ross's goose
Ross's gull
Ross's turaco
Rosy bee-eater
Rosy minivet
Rosy pipit
Rosy starling
Rosy thrush-tanager
Rosy-billed pochard
Rosy-faced lovebird
Rosy-patched bushshrike
Rosy-throated longclaw
Rota white-eye
Rote boobook
Rote leaf warbler
Rote myzomela
Rothschild's swift
Rotuma myzomela
Rouget's rail
Rough-crested malkoha
Rough-legged buzzard
Rough-legged tyrannulet
Round-tailed manakin
Roviana rail
Royal cinclodes
Royal parrotfinch
Royal penguin
Royal spoonbill
Royal sunangel
Royal tern
Ruaha chat
Rubeho akalat
Rubeho forest partridge
Rubeho warbler
Ruby-cheeked sunbird
Ruby-crowned kinglet
Ruby-crowned tanager
Ruby-throated bulbul
Ruby-throated hummingbird
Ruby-throated myzomela
Ruby-topaz hummingbird
Rück's blue flycatcher
Rudd's apalis
Rudd's lark
Ruddy crake
Ruddy cuckoo-dove
Ruddy duck
Ruddy foliage-gleaner
Ruddy ground dove
Ruddy kingfisher
Ruddy pigeon
Ruddy quail-dove
Ruddy shelduck
Ruddy spinetail
Ruddy tody-flycatcher
Ruddy treerunner
Ruddy turnstone
Ruddy woodcreeper
Ruddy-breasted crake
Ruddy-breasted seedeater
Ruddy-capped nightingale-thrush
Ruddy-headed goose
Ruddy-tailed flycatcher
Rufescent antshrike
Rufescent darkeye
Rufescent imperial pigeon
Rufescent prinia
Rufescent screech owl
Rufescent tiger heron
Ruffed grouse
Rufous antpitta
Rufous babbler
Rufous bristlebird
Rufous casiornis
Rufous chatterer
Rufous cisticola
Rufous coucal
Rufous crab hawk
Rufous fantail
Rufous fieldwren
Rufous fishing owl
Rufous flycatcher
Rufous gnateater
Rufous grasswren
Rufous hawk-cuckoo
Rufous hornbill
Rufous hornero
Rufous hummingbird
Rufous monarch
Rufous motmot
Rufous mourner
Rufous nightjar
Rufous owl
Rufous paradise flycatcher
Rufous piculet
Rufous piha
Rufous potoo
Rufous sabrewing
Rufous scrubbird
Rufous shrikethrush
Rufous sibia
Rufous songlark
Rufous spinetail
Rufous treecreeper
Rufous treepie
Rufous twistwing
Rufous vanga
Rufous whistler
Rufous woodpecker
Rufous wren
Rufous-and-white wren
Rufous-backed antvireo
Rufous-backed fantail
Rufous-backed honeyeater
Rufous-backed Inca finch
Rufous-backed sibia
Rufous-backed stipplethroat
Rufous-backed thrush
Rufous-backed wren
Rufous-banded honeyeater
Rufous-banded miner
Rufous-banded owl
Rufous-bellied antwren
Rufous-bellied bush tyrant
Rufous-bellied chachalaca
Rufous-bellied eagle
Rufous-bellied euphonia
Rufous-bellied helmetshrike
Rufous-bellied heron
Rufous-bellied kookaburra
Rufous-bellied mountain tanager
Rufous-bellied nighthawk
Rufous-bellied niltava
Rufous-bellied seedsnipe
Rufous-bellied swallow
Rufous-bellied thrush
Rufous-bellied tit
Rufous-bellied triller
Rufous-bellied woodpecker
Rufous-booted racket-tail
Rufous-breasted accentor
Rufous-breasted antpitta
Rufous-breasted antthrush
Rufous-breasted bush robin
Rufous-breasted chat-tyrant
Rufous-breasted flycatcher
Rufous-breasted hermit
Rufous-breasted leaftosser
Rufous-breasted piculet
Rufous-breasted sabrewing
Rufous-breasted sparrowhawk
Rufous-breasted spinetail
Rufous-breasted warbling finch
Rufous-breasted wood quail
Rufous-breasted wren
Rufous-browed conebill
Rufous-browed flycatcher
Rufous-browed hemispingus
Rufous-browed peppershrike
Rufous-browed tyrannulet
Rufous-browed wren
Rufous-brown solitaire
Rufous-capped antshrike
Rufous-capped antthrush
Rufous-capped babbler
Rufous-capped brushfinch
Rufous-capped lark
Rufous-capped motmot
Rufous-capped nunlet
Rufous-capped spinetail
Rufous-capped thornbill
Rufous-capped warbler
Rufous-cheeked laughingthrush
Rufous-cheeked nightjar
Rufous-cheeked tanager
Rufous-chested flycatcher
Rufous-chested plover
Rufous-chested tanager
Rufous-chinned laughingthrush
Rufous-collared kingfisher
Rufous-collared sparrow
Rufous-collared thrush
Rufous-crested coquette
Rufous-crested tanager
Rufous-crowned antpitta
Rufous-crowned babbler
Rufous-crowned elaenia
Rufous-crowned emu-wren
Rufous-crowned eremomela
Rufous-crowned greenlet
Rufous-crowned laughingthrush
Rufous-crowned sparrow
Rufous-crowned tody-flycatcher
Rufous-eared brushfinch
Rufous-eared warbler
Rufous-faced antbird
Rufous-faced antpitta
Rufous-faced crake
Rufous-faced warbler
Rufous-fronted antthrush
Rufous-fronted babbler
Rufous-fronted bushtit
Rufous-fronted laughingthrush
Rufous-fronted parakeet
Rufous-fronted prinia
Rufous-fronted tailorbird
Rufous-fronted thornbird
Rufous-fronted wood quail
Rufous-gaped hillstar
Rufous-gorgeted flycatcher
Rufous-headed chachalaca
Rufous-headed ground roller
Rufous-headed parrotbill
Rufous-headed pygmy tyrant
Rufous-headed robin
Rufous-headed tailorbird
Rufous-headed tanager
Rufous-headed woodpecker
Rufous-legged owl
Rufous-lored tyrannulet
Rufous-naped bellbird
Rufous-naped greenlet
Rufous-naped ground tyrant
Rufous-naped lark
Rufous-naped tit
Rufous-necked foliage-gleaner
Rufous-necked hornbill
Rufous-necked laughingthrush
Rufous-necked puffbird
Rufous-necked snowfinch
Rufous-necked sparrowhawk
Rufous-necked wood rail
Rufous-rumped antwren
Rufous-rumped foliage-gleaner
Rufous-rumped lark
Rufous-rumped seedeater
Rufous-shafted woodstar
Rufous-sided broadbill
Rufous-sided crake
Rufous-sided gerygone
Rufous-sided honeyeater
Rufous-sided pygmy tyrant
Rufous-sided warbling finch
Rufous-tailed antbird
Rufous-tailed antthrush
Rufous-tailed attila
Rufous-tailed babbler
Rufous-tailed fantail
Rufous-tailed flatbill
Rufous-tailed flycatcher
Rufous-tailed foliage-gleaner
Rufous-tailed hawk
Rufous-tailed hummingbird
Rufous-tailed jacamar
Rufous-tailed jungle flycatcher
Rufous-tailed lark
Rufous-tailed palm thrush
Rufous-tailed plantcutter
Rufous-tailed robin
Rufous-tailed scrub robin
Rufous-tailed shama
Rufous-tailed stipplethroat
Rufous-tailed tailorbird
Rufous-tailed tyrant
Rufous-tailed weaver
Rufous-tailed xenops
Rufous-thighed hawk
Rufous-thighed kite
Rufous-throated antbird
Rufous-throated bronze cuckoo
Rufous-throated dipper
Rufous-throated flycatcher
Rufous-throated fulvetta
Rufous-throated honeyeater
Rufous-throated partridge
Rufous-throated sapphire
Rufous-throated solitaire
Rufous-throated tanager
Rufous-throated wren-babbler
Rufous-vented chachalaca
Rufous-vented grass babbler
Rufous-vented ground cuckoo
Rufous-vented laughingthrush
Rufous-vented niltava
Rufous-vented paradise flycatcher
Rufous-vented tapaculo
Rufous-vented tit
Rufous-vented whitetip
Rufous-vented yuhina
Rufous-webbed brilliant
Rufous-webbed bush tyrant
Rufous-winged antshrike
Rufous-winged antwren
Rufous-winged buzzard
Rufous-winged cisticola
Rufous-winged fulvetta
Rufous-winged ground cuckoo
Rufous-winged illadopsis
Rufous-winged philentoma
Rufous-winged sparrow
Rufous-winged sunbird
Rufous-winged tanager
Rufous-winged tyrannulet
Rufous-winged woodpecker
Running coua
Rüppell's black chat
Rüppell's korhaan
Rüppell's parrot
Rüppell's robin-chat
Rüppell's starling
Rüppell's vulture
Rüppell's warbler
Rüppell's weaver
Ruspoli's turaco
Russet antshrike
Russet bush warbler
Russet nightingale-thrush
Russet sparrow
Russet-backed jungle flycatcher
Russet-backed oropendola
Russet-bellied spinetail
Russet-capped tesia
Russet-crowned crake
Russet-crowned motmot
Russet-crowned quail-dove
Russet-crowned warbler
Russet-mantled softtail
Russet-naped wood rail
Russet-tailed thrush
Russet-throated puffbird
Russet-winged schiffornis
Russet-winged spadebill
Rust-and-yellow tanager
Rustic bunting
Rusty blackbird
Rusty bush lark
Rusty flowerpiercer
Rusty laughingthrush
Rusty mouse-warbler
Rusty pitohui
Rusty sparrow
Rusty thicketbird
Rusty tinamou
Rusty whistler
Rusty-backed antwren
Rusty-backed monjita
Rusty-backed spinetail
Rusty-barred owl
Rusty-bellied brushfinch
Rusty-bellied shortwing
Rusty-belted tapaculo
Rusty-breasted antpitta
Rusty-breasted cuckoo
Rusty-breasted nunlet
Rusty-breasted whistler
Rusty-breasted wren-babbler
Rusty-browed warbling finch
Rusty-capped fulvetta
Rusty-capped kingfisher
Rusty-cheeked scimitar babbler
Rusty-collared seedeater
Rusty-crowned babbler
Rusty-crowned ground sparrow
Rusty-crowned tit-spinetail
Rusty-faced parrot
Rusty-flanked crake
Rusty-flanked treecreeper
Rusty-fronted barwing
Rusty-fronted canastero
Rusty-fronted tody-flycatcher
Rusty-headed spinetail
Rusty-margined flycatcher
Rusty-margined guan
Rusty-naped pitta
Rusty-necked piculet
Rusty-tailed flycatcher
Rusty-throated wren-babbler
Rusty-tinged antpitta
Rusty-vented canastero
Rusty-winged barbtail
Rusty-winged starling
Rwenzori apalis
Rwenzori batis
Rwenzori double-collared sunbird
Rwenzori hill babbler
Rwenzori turaco
Ryukyu minivet
Ryukyu robin
Ryūkyū scops owl
Ryukyu wood pigeon
Sabine's gull
Sabine's puffback
Sabine's spinetail
Sabota lark
Sacred kingfisher
Sad flycatcher
Saddle-billed stork
Saffron finch
Saffron siskin
Saffron toucanet
Saffron-billed sparrow
Saffron-cowled blackbird
Saffron-crested tyrant-manakin
Saffron-crowned tanager
Saffron-headed parrot
Sage thrasher
Sagebrush sparrow
Sahel bush sparrow
Sahel paradise whydah
†Saint Helena crake
†Saint Helena cuckoo
†Saint Helena hoopoe
†Saint Helena petrel
Saint Helena plover
†Saint Helena rail
Saint Lucia amazon
Saint Lucia black finch
Saint Lucia oriole
Saint Lucia warbler
Saint Vincent amazon
Saipan reed warbler
Sakalava rail
Sakalava weaver
Saker falcon
Sakhalin grasshopper warbler
Sakhalin leaf warbler
Salim Ali's swift
Salinas monjita
Salmon-crested cockatoo
Saltmarsh sparrow
Salvadori's antwren
Salvadori's eremomela
Salvadori's fig parrot
Salvadori's nightjar
Salvadori's pheasant
Salvadori's seedeater
Salvadori's teal
Salvin's albatross
Salvin's curassow
Salvin's prion
Samar hornbill
Samoan fantail
Samoan flycatcher
Samoan starling
Samoan triller
Samoan whistler
Samoan white-eye
Samoan woodhen
San Andres vireo
San Blas jay
†San Cristóbal flycatcher
San Cristóbal mockingbird
Sand lark
Sand martin
Sand partridge
Sand-coloured nighthawk
Sandhill crane
Sandstone shrikethrush
Sandwich tern
Sandy gallito
Sandy scops owl
Sanford's sea eagle
Sanford's white-eye
Sangihe hanging parrot
Sangihe pitta
Sangihe scops owl
Sangihe shrikethrush
Sangihe white-eye
Sangkar white-eye
Santa Cruz ground dove
Santa Cruz shrikebill
Santa Cruz white-eye
Santa Marta antbird
Santa Marta antpitta
Santa Marta blossomcrown
Santa Marta brushfinch
Santa Marta bush tyrant
Santa Marta foliage-gleaner
Santa Marta mountain tanager
Santa Marta parakeet
Santa Marta sabrewing
Santa Marta screech owl
Santa Marta tapaculo
Santa Marta warbler
Santa Marta woodstar
Santa Marta wren
Santarem parakeet
Sao Francisco black tyrant
São Francisco sparrow
São Paulo tyrannulet
São Tomé fiscal
São Tomé green pigeon
São Tomé grosbeak
São Tomé ibis
São Tomé olive pigeon
São Tomé oriole
São Tomé paradise flycatcher
São Tomé prinia
São Tomé scops owl
São Tomé shorttail
São Tomé spinetail
São Tomé thrush
São Tomé weaver
São Tomé white-eye
Sapphire flycatcher
Sapphire quail-dove
Sapphire-bellied hummingbird
Sapphire-rumped parrotlet
Sapphire-spangled emerald
Sapphire-throated hummingbird
Sapphire-vented puffleg
Sardinian warbler
Sarus crane
Sassi's olive greenbul
Satanic nightjar
Satin bowerbird
Satin flycatcher
Satin swiftlet
Saturnine antshrike
Satyr tragopan
Saunders's gull
Saunders's tern
Savanna hawk
Savanna nightjar
Savannah sparrow
Savile's bustard
Savi's warbler
Saw-billed hermit
Saxaul sparrow
Sayaca tanager
Say's phoebe
Scale-crested pygmy tyrant
Scaled antbird
Scaled antpitta
Scaled chachalaca
Scaled dove
Scaled flowerpiercer
Scaled fruiteater
Scaled ground cuckoo
Scaled metaltail
Scaled piculet
Scaled pigeon
Scaled quail
Scaled spinetail
Scaled woodcreeper
Scale-feathered malkoha
Scale-throated earthcreeper
Scale-throated hermit
Scallop-breasted antpitta
Scalloped antbird
Scalloped woodcreeper
Scaly babbler
Scaly chatterer
Scaly ground roller
Scaly laughingthrush
Scaly spurfowl
Scaly thrush
Scaly-bellied woodpecker
Scaly-breasted bulbul
Scaly-breasted cupwing
Scaly-breasted honeyeater
Scaly-breasted hummingbird
Scaly-breasted illadopsis
Scaly-breasted kingfisher
Scaly-breasted lorikeet
Scaly-breasted munia
Scaly-breasted thrasher
Scaly-breasted woodpecker
Scaly-crowned babbler
Scaly-crowned honeyeater
Scaly-feathered weaver
Scaly-headed parrot
Scaly-naped amazon
Scaly-naped pigeon
Scaly-sided merganser
Scaly-throated foliage-gleaner
Scaly-throated honeyguide
Scaly-throated leaftosser
Scarce swift
Scarlet finch
Scarlet flycatcher
Scarlet ibis
Scarlet macaw
Scarlet minivet
Scarlet myzomela
Scarlet robin
Scarlet tanager
Scarlet-and-white tanager
Scarlet-backed flowerpecker
Scarlet-backed woodpecker
Scarlet-banded barbet
Scarlet-bellied mountain tanager
Scarlet-breasted dacnis
Scarlet-breasted flowerpecker
Scarlet-breasted fruit dove
Scarlet-breasted fruiteater
Scarlet-browed tanager
Scarlet-chested parrot
Scarlet-chested sunbird
Scarlet-collared flowerpecker
Scarlet-crowned barbet
Scarlet-faced liocichla
Scarlet-fronted parakeet
Scarlet-headed blackbird
Scarlet-headed flowerpecker
Scarlet-hooded barbet
Scarlet-horned manakin
Scarlet-rumped cacique
Scarlet-rumped tanager
Scarlet-rumped trogon
Scarlet-shouldered parrotlet
Scarlet-thighed dacnis
Scarlet-throated tanager
Scarlet-tufted sunbird
Schalow's turaco
Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon
Schlegel's asity
Schlegel's francolin
Schneider's pitta
Schwartz's antthrush
Scimitar-billed woodcreeper
Scimitar-winged piha
Scintillant hummingbird
Scissor-tailed flycatcher
Scissor-tailed hummingbird
Scissor-tailed kite
Scissor-tailed nightjar
Sclater's antwren
Sclater's crowned pigeon
Sclater's lark
Sclater's monal
Sclater's myzomela
Sclater's nightingale-thrush
Sclater's tyrannulet
Sclater's whistler
Sclater's wren
Scopoli's shearwater
Scottish crossbill
Scott's oriole
Screaming cowbird
Screaming piha
Scribble-tailed canastero
Scripps's murrelet
Scrub blackbird
Scrub euphonia
Scrub greenlet
Scrub honeyeater
Scrub tanager
Seaside sparrow
Sedge warbler
Sedge wren
See-see partridge
Selva cacique
Semicollared flycatcher
Semicollared hawk
Semicollared puffbird
Semipalmated plover
Semipalmated sandpiper
Semiplumbeous hawk
Semper's warbler
Senegal batis
Senegal coucal
Senegal eremomela
Senegal lapwing
Senegal parrot
Senegal thick-knee
Sennar penduline tit
Sentinel rock thrush
Sepia-brown wren
Sepia-capped flycatcher
Sepik-Ramu shrikethrush
Seram boobook
Seram bush warbler
Seram friarbird
Seram golden bulbul
Seram honeyeater
Seram imperial pigeon
Seram masked owl
Seram mountain pigeon
Seram swiftlet
Seram thrush
Seram white-eye
Serendib scops owl
Serra antwren
Serra do Mar tyrannulet
Serra do Mar tyrant-manakin
Serra finch
Seven-colored tanager
Seychelles black parrot
Seychelles blue pigeon
Seychelles bulbul
Seychelles fody
Seychelles kestrel
Seychelles magpie-robin
Seychelles paradise flycatcher
Seychelles parakeet
Seychelles scops owl
Seychelles sunbird
Seychelles swiftlet
Seychelles warbler
Seychelles white-eye
Shade bush warbler
Shaft-tailed whydah
Sharp-beaked ground finch
Sharp-billed canastero
Sharp-billed treehunter
Sharpe's akalat
Sharpe's apalis
Sharpe's drongo
Sharpe's greenbul
Sharpe's longclaw
Sharpe's rosefinch
Sharpe's starling
Sharp-shinned hawk
Sharp-tailed grass tyrant
Sharp-tailed grouse
Sharp-tailed ibis
Sharp-tailed sandpiper
Sharp-tailed starling
Sharp-tailed streamcreeper
Shear-tailed grey tyrant
Shelley's crimsonwing
Shelley's eagle-owl
Shelley's francolin
Shelley's greenbul
Shelley's oliveback
Shelley's sparrow
Shelley's starling
Shelley's sunbird
Shining bronze cuckoo
Shining drongo
Shining flycatcher
Shining honeycreeper
Shining sunbeam
Shining sunbird
Shining-blue kingfisher
Shining-green hummingbird
Shiny cowbird
Shiny whistling thrush
Shore plover
Short-bearded honeyeater
Short-billed canastero
Short-billed dowitcher
Short-billed honeycreeper
Short-billed leaftosser
Short-billed miner
Short-billed minivet
Short-billed pigeon
Short-billed pipit
Short-clawed lark
Short-crested coquette
Short-crested flycatcher
Short-crested monarch
Short-eared owl
Short-legged ground roller
Short-tailed albatross
Short-tailed antthrush
Short-tailed babbler
Short-tailed emerald
Short-tailed field tyrant
Short-tailed finch
Short-tailed grasswren
Short-tailed hawk
Short-tailed lark
Short-tailed nighthawk
Short-tailed paradigalla
Short-tailed parrot
Short-tailed parrotbill
Short-tailed pipit
Short-tailed pygmy tyrant
Short-tailed scimitar babbler
Short-tailed shearwater
Short-tailed starling
Short-tailed swift
Short-tailed woodstar
Short-toed coucal
Short-toed rock thrush
Short-toed snake eagle
Short-toed treecreeper
Short-winged cisticola
Shovel-billed kookaburra
Shrike-like tanager
Shy albatross
Shy heathwren
Siamese fireback
Siamese partridge
Siau pitta
Siau scops owl
Siberian accentor
Siberian blue robin
Siberian crane
Siberian grouse
Siberian jay
Siberian nuthatch
Siberian rubythroat
Siberian stonechat
Siberian thrush
Sibilant sirystes
Sichuan bush warbler
Sichuan jay
Sichuan leaf warbler
Sichuan partridge
Sichuan thrush
Sichuan tit
Sichuan treecreeper
Sickle-billed vanga
Sickle-winged chat
Sickle-winged guan
Sickle-winged nightjar
Sick's swift
Sierra Leone prinia
Sierra Madre ground warbler
Sierra Madre sparrow
Sierra Nevada brushfinch
Sierran elaenia
Sikkim treecreeper
Sikkim wedge-billed babbler
Silky-tailed nightjar
Sillem's mountain finch
Silver gull
Silver oriole
Silver pheasant
Silver teal
Silver-backed butcherbird
Silver-backed needletail
Silver-backed tanager
Silver-beaked tanager
Silver-breasted broadbill
Silver-capped fruit dove
Silver-crowned friarbird
Silver-eared honeyeater
Silver-eared laughingthrush
Silver-eared mesia
Silvered antbird
Silver-rumped spinetail
Silver-throated bushtit
Silver-throated tanager
Silver-tipped imperial pigeon
Silvery grebe
Silvery pigeon
Silvery-cheeked antshrike
Silvery-cheeked hornbill
Silvery-flanked antwren
Silvery-fronted tapaculo
Silvery-throated jay
Silvery-throated spinetail
Simeulue parrot
Simeulue scops owl
Simple greenbul
Sinai rosefinch
Sinaloa crow
Sinaloa martin
Sinaloa wren
Sincorá antwren
Sind sparrow
Sind woodpecker
Singing bush lark
Singing cisticola
Singing honeyeater
Singing quail
Singing starling
Sinú parakeet
Sira barbet
Sira curassow
Sira tanager
Sirkeer malkoha
Sjöstedt's barred owlet
Sjöstedt's greenbul
Sladen's barbet
Slate-colored antbird
Slate-colored boubou
Slate-colored fox sparrow
Slate-colored hawk
Slate-colored solitaire
Slate-coloured grosbeak
Slate-coloured seedeater
Slate-throated gnatcatcher
Slate-throated whitestart
Slaty antwren
Slaty becard
Slaty bristlefront
Slaty brushfinch
Slaty bunting
Slaty cuckooshrike
Slaty egret
Slaty elaenia
Slaty finch
Slaty flowerpiercer
Slaty gnateater
Slaty monarch
Slaty robin
Slaty spinetail
Slaty tanager
Slaty vireo
Slaty-backed chat-tyrant
Slaty-backed flycatcher
Slaty-backed forest falcon
Slaty-backed forktail
Slaty-backed gull
Slaty-backed hemispingus
Slaty-backed jungle flycatcher
Slaty-backed nightingale-thrush
Slaty-backed thornbill
Slaty-backed thrush
Slaty-bellied tesia
Slaty-blue flycatcher
Slaty-breasted rail
Slaty-breasted tinamou
Slaty-breasted wood rail
Slaty-capped flycatcher
Slaty-capped shrike-vireo
Slaty-crowned antpitta
Slaty-headed longbill
Slaty-headed parakeet
Slaty-headed tody-flycatcher
Slaty-legged crake
Slaty-mantled goshawk
Slaty-tailed trogon
Slaty-winged foliage-gleaner
Slender antbird
Slender sheartail
Slender-billed babbler
Slender-billed crow
Slender-billed curlew
Slender-billed finch
Slender-billed flufftail
†Slender-billed grackle
Slender-billed greenbul
Slender-billed gull
Slender-billed inezia
Slender-billed kite
Slender-billed miner
Slender-billed oriole
Slender-billed parakeet
Slender-billed prion
Slender-billed scimitar babbler
Slender-billed starling
Slender-billed thornbill
Slender-billed vulture
Slender-billed weaver
Slender-billed white-eye
Slender-billed xenops
Slender-footed tyrannulet
Slender-tailed nightjar
Slender-tailed woodstar
Small ground finch
Small Lifou white-eye
Small minivet
Small niltava
Small pratincole
Small tree finch
Small-billed elaenia
Small-billed tinamou
Small-headed elaenia
Smith's longspur
Smoke-colored pewee
Smoky bush tyrant
Smoky robin
Smoky warbler
Smoky-brown woodpecker
Smoky-fronted tody-flycatcher
Smooth-billed ani
Snail kite
Snares penguin
Snares snipe
Snethlage's antpitta
Snethlage's tody-tyrant
Snoring rail
Snow bunting
Snow goose
Snow Mountain quail
Snow Mountains robin
Snow partridge
Snow petrel
Snow pigeon
Snow-capped manakin
Snowy cotinga
Snowy egret
Snowy owl
Snowy plover
Snowy sheathbill
Snowy-bellied hummingbird
Snowy-browed flycatcher
Snowy-cheeked laughingthrush
Snowy-crowned robin-chat
Snowy-crowned tern
Snowy-throated babbler
Snowy-throated kingbird
Sociable lapwing
Sociable weaver
Social flycatcher
Society kingfisher
Socorro dove
Socorro mockingbird
Socorro parakeet
Socorro wren
Socotra bunting
Socotra buzzard
Socotra cisticola
Socotra cormorant
Socotra golden-winged grosbeak
Socotra scops owl
Socotra sparrow
Socotra starling
Socotra sunbird
Socotra warbler
Socotra white-eye
Soft-plumaged petrel
Sokoke pipit
Sokoke scops owl
Solitary cacique
Solitary eagle
Solitary sandpiper
Solitary snipe
Solitary tinamou
Solomons boobook
Solomons cockatoo
Solomons cuckooshrike
Solomons frogmouth
Solomons monarch
Solomons nightjar
Solomons robin
Solomons white-eye
Somali bee-eater
Somali bulbul
Somali bunting
Somali courser
Somali crombec
Somali crow
Somali fiscal
Somali golden-winged grosbeak
Somali lark
Somali ostrich
Somali pigeon
Somali short-toed lark
Somali sparrow
Somali starling
Somali thrush
Somali wheatear
Sombre greenbul
Sombre hummingbird
Sombre kingfisher
Sombre nightjar
Sombre pigeon
Sombre rock chat
Sombre tit
Song parrot
Song sparrow
Song thrush
Song wren
Sooretama slaty antshrike
Sooty albatross
Sooty ant tanager
Sooty antbird
Sooty babbler
Sooty barbet
Sooty barbthroat
Sooty bushtit
Sooty chat
Sooty falcon
Sooty flycatcher
Sooty fox sparrow
Sooty grassquit
Sooty grouse
Sooty gull
Sooty honeyeater
Sooty myzomela
Sooty oystercatcher
Sooty shearwater
Sooty shrikethrush
Sooty swift
Sooty tern
Sooty thicket fantail
Sooty thrush
Sooty tyrannulet
Sooty woodpecker
Sooty-capped babbler
Sooty-capped bush tanager
Sooty-capped hermit
Sooty-capped puffbird
Sooty-crowned flycatcher
Sooty-faced finch
Sooty-fronted spinetail
Sooty-headed bulbul
Sooty-headed tyrannulet
Sooty-headed wren
Souimanga sunbird
South African cliff swallow
South African shelduck
South American painted-snipe
South American snipe
South American tern
South Georgia diving petrel
South Georgia pipit
South Georgia shag
South Island kōkako
South Island oystercatcher
†South Island piopio
South Island robin
South Island saddleback
South Island snipe
South Island takahē
South Melanesian cuckooshrike
South Moluccan pitta
South Pare white-eye
South polar skua
Southern antpipit
Southern bald ibis
Southern banded snake eagle
Southern beardless tyrannulet
Southern bentbill
Southern black flycatcher
Southern black korhaan
Southern black tit
Southern boubou
Southern bristle tyrant
Southern brown kiwi
Southern brown-throated weaver
Southern carmine bee-eater
Southern cassowary
Southern chestnut-tailed antbird
Southern citril
Southern dark newtonia
Southern double-collared sunbird
Southern emu-wren
Southern fiscal
Southern fulmar
Southern giant petrel
Southern grey-headed sparrow
Southern grosbeak-canary
Southern ground hornbill
Southern hill myna
Southern hyliota
Southern lapwing
Southern Marquesan reed warbler
Southern martin
Southern masked weaver
Southern mealy amazon
Southern mountain cacique
Southern nightingale-wren
Southern pied babbler
Southern pochard
Southern red bishop
Southern red-billed hornbill
Southern rockhopper penguin
Southern rough-winged swallow
Southern royal albatross
Southern screamer
Southern scrub flycatcher
Southern scrub robin
Southern shrikebill
Southern silvery kingfisher
Southern tchagra
Southern variable pitohui
Southern white-crowned shrike
Southern whiteface
Southern white-faced owl
Southern white-fringed antwren
Southern yellow white-eye
Southern yellow-billed hornbill
Southern yellowthroat
Souza's shrike
Spangle-cheeked tanager
Spangled coquette
Spangled cotinga
Spangled drongo
Spangled honeyeater
Spangled kookaburra
Spanish imperial eagle
Spanish sparrow
Sparkling violetear
Sparkling-tailed woodstar
Speckle-breasted antpitta
Speckle-breasted woodpecker
Speckle-breasted wren
Speckle-chested piculet
Speckled antshrike
Speckled boobook
Speckled chachalaca
Speckled hummingbird
Speckled mourner
Speckled mousebird
Speckled piculet
Speckled pigeon
Speckled rail
Speckled reed warbler
Speckled spinetail
Speckled tanager
Speckled tinkerbird
Speckled warbler
Speckled wood pigeon
Speckle-fronted weaver
Speckle-throated woodpecker
Spectacled barwing
Spectacled bristle tyrant
Spectacled bulbul
†Spectacled cormorant
Spectacled eider
Spectacled finch
Spectacled flowerpecker
Spectacled fulvetta
Spectacled guillemot
Spectacled imperial pigeon
Spectacled monarch
Spectacled owl
Spectacled parrotbill
Spectacled parrotlet
Spectacled petrel
Spectacled prickletail
Spectacled spiderhunter
Spectacled tern
Spectacled tetraka
Spectacled thrush
Spectacled tyrannulet
Spectacled tyrant
Spectacled warbler
Spectacled weaver
Spectacled whitestart
Speke's weaver
Spice imperial pigeon
Spike-heeled lark
Spillmann's tapaculo
Spinifex pigeon
Spiny babbler
Spiny-cheeked honeyeater
Spix's guan
Spix's macaw
Spix's spinetail
Spix's warbling antbird
Spix's woodcreeper
Splendid astrapia
Splendid fairywren
Splendid starling
Splendid sunbird
Spoon-billed sandpiper
Spot-backed antbird
Spot-backed antshrike
Spot-backed antwren
Spot-bellied bobwhite
Spot-bellied eagle-owl
Spot-billed ground tyrant
Spot-billed pelican
Spot-billed toucanet
Spot-breasted antvireo
Spot-breasted heleia
Spot-breasted ibis
Spot-breasted lapwing
Spot-breasted laughingthrush
Spot-breasted oriole
Spot-breasted parrotbill
Spot-breasted scimitar babbler
Spot-breasted thornbird
Spot-breasted woodpecker
Spot-breasted wren
Spot-crowned antvireo
Spot-crowned barbet
Spot-crowned euphonia
Spot-crowned woodcreeper
Spot-flanked barbet
Spot-flanked gallinule
Spot-fronted swift
Spotless crake
Spotless starling
Spot-necked babbler
Spot-necked bulbul
Spot-tailed antwren
Spot-tailed nightjar
Spot-tailed sparrowhawk
Spotted antbird
Spotted antpitta
Spotted bamboowren
Spotted barbtail
Spotted berrypecker
Spotted bowerbird
Spotted bush warbler
Spotted buttonquail
Spotted catbird
Spotted crake
Spotted crocias
Spotted dove
Spotted eagle-owl
Spotted elachura
Spotted fantail
Spotted flycatcher
Spotted forktail
Spotted green pigeon
Spotted greenbul
Spotted ground thrush
Spotted harrier
Spotted honeyeater
Spotted honeyguide
Spotted imperial pigeon
Spotted jewel-babbler
Spotted kestrel
Spotted laughingthrush
Spotted nightjar
Spotted nothura
Spotted nutcracker
Spotted owl
Spotted owlet
Spotted palm thrush
Spotted pardalote
Spotted piculet
Spotted puffbird
Spotted quail-thrush
Spotted rail
Spotted redshank
Spotted sandgrouse
Spotted sandpiper
Spotted scrubwren
Spotted shag
Spotted tanager
Spotted thick-knee
Spotted thrush-babbler
Spotted tody-flycatcher
Spotted towhee
Spotted whistling duck
Spotted wood kingfisher
Spotted wood owl
Spotted wood quail
Spotted woodcreeper
Spotted wren
Spot-throated babbler
Spot-throated flameback
Spot-throated hummingbird
Spot-throated woodcreeper
Spot-winged antbird
Spot-winged antshrike
Spot-winged falconet
Spot-winged grosbeak
Spot-winged monarch
Spot-winged parrotlet
Spot-winged pigeon
Spot-winged rosefinch
Spot-winged starling
Spot-winged thrush
Spot-winged wood quail
Sprague's pipit
Spruce grouse
Spur-winged goose
Spur-winged lapwing
Squacco heron
Squamate antbird
Square-tailed bulbul
Square-tailed drongo-cuckoo
Square-tailed kite
Square-tailed nightjar
Square-tailed saw-wing
Squatter pigeon
Squirrel cuckoo
Sri Lanka bay owl
Sri Lanka blue magpie
Sri Lanka bush warbler
Sri Lanka drongo
Sri Lanka frogmouth
Sri Lanka green pigeon
Sri Lanka grey hornbill
Sri Lanka hanging parrot
Sri Lanka hill myna
Sri Lanka scimitar babbler
Sri Lanka spurfowl
Sri Lanka swallow
Sri Lanka thrush
Sri Lanka whistling thrush
Sri Lanka white-eye
Sri Lanka wood pigeon
Sri Lanka woodshrike
Sri Lankan junglefowl
Standardwing bird-of-paradise
Standard-winged nightjar
Star finch
Star-chested treerunner
Stark's lark
Starred wood quail
Starry owlet-nightjar
Star-spotted nightjar
Star-throated antwren
Steel-blue flycatcher
Steel-blue whydah
Steely-vented hummingbird
Steere's liocichla
Steinbach's canastero
Stejneger's petrel
Stejneger's scoter
Stejneger's stonechat
Steller's eider
Steller's jay
Steller's sea eagle
Stephanie's astrapia
Stephan's emerald dove
Stephen's lorikeet
Steppe eagle
Stierling's woodpecker
Stierling's wren-warbler
Stiles's tapaculo
Stilt sandpiper
Stock dove
Stolid flycatcher
Stone partridge
Stork-billed kingfisher
Storm's stork
Stout cisticola
Stout-billed cinclodes
Stout-billed cuckooshrike
Straight-billed earthcreeper
Straight-billed hermit
Straight-billed reedhaunter
Straight-billed woodcreeper
Straneck's tyrannulet
Strange weaver
Strange-tailed tyrant
Straw-backed tanager
Straw-headed bulbul
Straw-necked ibis
Straw-tailed whydah
Streak-backed antshrike
Streak-backed canastero
Streak-backed oriole
Streak-backed tit-spinetail
Streak-breasted bulbul
Streak-breasted fantail
Streak-breasted honeyeater
Streak-breasted jungle flycatcher
Streak-breasted scimitar babbler
Streak-breasted treehunter
Streak-breasted woodpecker
Streak-capped antwren
Streak-capped spinetail
Streak-capped treehunter
Streak-chested antpitta
Streak-crowned antvireo
Streak-eared bulbul
Streaked barwing
Streaked berrypecker
Streaked bowerbird
Streaked bulbul
Streaked fantail
Streaked flycatcher
Streaked laughingthrush
Streaked rosefinch
Streaked saltator
Streaked scrub warbler
Streaked shearwater
Streaked spiderhunter
Streaked tuftedcheek
Streaked weaver
Streaked wren-babbler
Streaked xenops
Streak-fronted thornbird
Streak-headed antbird
Streak-headed honeyeater
Streak-headed mannikin
Streak-headed white-eye
Streak-headed woodcreeper
Streak-necked flycatcher
Streak-throated barwing
Streak-throated bush tyrant
Streak-throated canastero
Streak-throated hermit
Streak-throated swallow
Streak-throated woodpecker
Streaky seedeater
Streaky-breasted flufftail
Streaky-breasted spiderhunter
Streaky-headed seedeater
Streamer-tailed tyrant
Stresemann's bristlefront
Stresemann's bushcrow
Striated antbird
Striated antthrush
Striated babbler
Striated bulbul
Striated caracara
Striated earthcreeper
Striated fieldwren
Striated grassbird
Striated grasswren
Striated heron
Striated laughingthrush
Striated lorikeet
Striated pardalote
Striated softtail
Striated starling
Striated swallow
Striated thornbill
Striated wren-babbler
Striated yuhina
Strickland's woodpecker
Striolated bunting
Striolated manakin
Striolated tit-spinetail
Stripe-backed antbird
Stripe-backed bittern
Stripe-backed wren
Stripe-billed aracari
Stripe-breasted rhabdornis
Stripe-breasted spinetail
Stripe-breasted starthroat
Stripe-breasted tit
Stripe-breasted woodpecker
Stripe-breasted wren
Stripe-capped sparrow
Stripe-cheeked greenbul
Stripe-cheeked woodpecker
Stripe-chested antwren
Stripe-crowned sparrow
Stripe-crowned spinetail
Striped crake
Striped cuckoo
Striped flowerpecker
Striped flufftail
Striped honeyeater
Striped kingfisher
Striped laughingthrush
Striped owl
Striped pipit
Striped sparrow
Striped treehunter
Striped woodcreeper
Striped woodpecker
Striped wren-babbler
Stripe-faced greenbul
Stripe-faced wood quail
Stripe-headed antpitta
Stripe-headed rhabdornis
Stripe-headed sparrow
Stripe-necked tody-tyrant
Stripe-tailed hummingbird
Stripe-tailed yellow finch
Stripe-throated bulbul
Stripe-throated hermit
Stripe-throated jery
Stripe-throated wren
Stripe-throated yuhina
Strong-billed honeyeater
Strong-billed woodcreeper
Stubble quail
Stub-tailed antbird
Stub-tailed spadebill
Stuhlmann's starling
Styan's bulbul
Styan's grasshopper warbler
Stygian owl
Subantarctic shearwater
Subantarctic snipe
Subdesert brush warbler
Subdesert mesite
Subtropical cacique
Subtropical doradito
Subtropical pygmy owl
Sucre antpitta
Sudan golden sparrow
Suiriri flycatcher
Sula cicadabird
Sula cuckoo-dove
Sula dwarf kingfisher
Sula fruit dove
Sula hanging parrot
Sula jungle flycatcher
Sula megapode
Sula pitta
Sula scops owl
Sulawesi babbler
Sulawesi blue flycatcher
Sulawesi bush warbler
Sulawesi cicadabird
Sulawesi cuckoo
Sulawesi drongo
Sulawesi dwarf kingfisher
Sulawesi fantail
Sulawesi goshawk
Sulawesi ground dove
Sulawesi hawk-eagle
Sulawesi hornbill
Sulawesi leaf warbler
Sulawesi masked owl
Sulawesi myna
Sulawesi myzomela
Sulawesi nightjar
Sulawesi pitta
Sulawesi pygmy woodpecker
Sulawesi scops owl
Sulawesi serpent eagle
Sulawesi streaked flycatcher
Sulawesi swiftlet
Sulawesi thrush
Sulawesi woodcock
Sulphur-bearded reedhaunter
Sulphur-bellied bulbul
Sulphur-bellied flycatcher
Sulphur-bellied tyrannulet
Sulphur-bellied tyrant-manakin
Sulphur-bellied warbler
Sulphur-billed nuthatch
Sulphur-breasted myzomela
Sulphur-breasted parakeet
Sulphur-breasted warbler
Sulphur-crested cockatoo
Sulphur-rumped myiobius
Sulphur-rumped tanager
Sulphur-throated finch
Sulphur-vented whistler
Sulphur-winged parakeet
Sulphury flycatcher
Sultan tit
Sultan's cuckoo-dove
Sulu bleeding-heart
Sulu hawk-owl
Sulu hornbill
Sulu pygmy woodpecker
Sumatran babbler
Sumatran blue robin
Sumatran cochoa
Sumatran drongo
Sumatran frogmouth
Sumatran green pigeon
Sumatran ground cuckoo
Sumatran laughingthrush
Sumatran leafbird
Sumatran partridge
Sumatran treepie
Sumatran trogon
Sumatran wren-babbler
Sumba boobook
Sumba brown flycatcher
Sumba buttonquail
Sumba flycatcher
Sumba green pigeon
Sumba hornbill
Sumba myzomela
Sumichrast's wren
Summer tanager
Sun lark
Sun parakeet
Sunda blue flycatcher
Sunda bulbul
Sunda bush warbler
Sunda collared dove
Sunda coucal
Sunda cuckoo
Sunda cuckooshrike
Sunda forktail
Sunda frogmouth
Sunda laughingthrush
Sunda minivet
Sunda owlet
Sunda pygmy woodpecker
Sunda robin
Sunda scops owl
Sunda teal
Sunda thrush
Sunda warbler
Sunset lorikeet
Superb fairywren
Superb fruit dove
Superb lyrebird
Superb parrot
Superb pitta
Superb starling
Superb sunbird
Superciliaried hemispingus
Superciliated wren
Surf scoter
Surucua trogon
Swahili sparrow
Swainson's flycatcher
Swainson's hawk
Swainson's sparrow
Swainson's spurfowl
Swainson's thrush
Swainson's warbler
Swallow tanager
Swallow-tailed bee-eater
Swallow-tailed cotinga
Swallow-tailed gull
Swallow-tailed hummingbird
Swallow-tailed kite
Swallow-tailed nightjar
Swallow-winged puffbird
Swamp boubou
Swamp flycatcher
Swamp francolin
Swamp grass babbler
Swamp harrier
Swamp nightjar
Swamp palm bulbul
Swamp sparrow
Swan goose
Swee waxbill
Swierstra's spurfowl
Swift parrot
Swinhoe's minivet
Swinhoe's pheasant
Swinhoe's prinia
Swinhoe's rail
Swinhoe's snipe
Swinhoe's storm petrel
Swinhoe's white-eye
Sword-billed hummingbird
Swynnerton's robin
Sykes's lark
Sykes's nightjar
Sykes's warbler
Syrian serin
Syrian woodpecker
Szechenyi's monal-partridge
Tabar pitta
Tablas drongo
Tablas fantail
Tacarcuna bush tanager
Tacarcuna tapaculo
Tacarcuna warbler
Tacarcuna wood quail
Tacazze sunbird
Táchira antpitta
Taczanowski's ground tyrant
Taczanowski's tinamou
Tagula butcherbird
Tagula honeyeater
Tagula shrikethrush
Tagula white-eye
Tahiti crake
Tahiti monarch
Tahiti petrel
Tahiti rail
Tahiti reed warbler
Tahiti sandpiper
Tahiti swiftlet
Taiga bean goose
Taiga flycatcher
Taita apalis
Taita falcon
Taita fiscal
Taita thrush
Taita white-eye
Taiwan bamboo partridge
Taiwan barbet
Taiwan barwing
Taiwan blue magpie
Taiwan bush warbler
Taiwan cupwing
Taiwan fulvetta
Taiwan hwamei
Taiwan partridge
Taiwan rosefinch
Taiwan scimitar babbler
Taiwan shortwing
Taiwan whistling thrush
Taiwan yuhina
Talamanca hummingbird
Talaud bush-hen
Talaud kingfisher
Talaud rail
Taliabu fantail
Taliabu grasshopper warbler
Taliabu leaf warbler
Taliabu masked owl
Taliabu myzomela
Tamarugo conebill
Tamaulipas crow
Tamaulipas pygmy owl
Tambourine dove
Tana River cisticola
Tanager finch
Tanahjampea blue flycatcher
Tan-capped catbird
Tanimbar boobook
Tanimbar bush warbler
Tanimbar corella
Tanimbar cuckoo-dove